Story From The Past, Part 1

I wrote this one awhile back. Me and my wife were not married yet, but we were crazy about each other. One day we started writing erotic stories for each other to enjoy. It grew and now I have a collection I want to share. I hope you enjoy.

I lay back on the couch relaxing watching TV. You walk into the room from taking a nap, wearing one of my t-shirts and some panties. You walk over to me from behind the couch and kiss the top of my head softly. I look back up to you and smile. I pull you to me and kiss you passionately. I feel you take a deep breath wanting more. You pull away and walk around and sit beside me. I wrap my arms around you and pull you close. You look me in the eyes and kiss me again, wrapping your arms tightly around me. You then bite me softly on the neck and lay your head on my lap. I smile and start to run my fingers through your hair.. the freedom of being able to do what we want makes us smile. I begin to stare off as I feel you kiss my thigh. I feel myself growing in my shorts, and quickly, so do you.. You let it run against your lips and kiss it softly through the shorts. I start to breathe harder, getting more and more turned on by you teasing me. I pull up the shirt you have on, exposing your boy shorts, I slap your *** and you let out a soft moan. You grow tired of teasing me quickly, you tug at my shorts to try and get them off. When they do come off you sit me back down quickly and take me in your mouth. I throw my head back in satisfaction of how you take me in. You take it in as deep as you can, moaning and letting me know how turned on you are. I grab your *** and slap it again. You grab my **** and begin to stroke it while you suck me off.. I slip your panties down and put my finger inside you tight wet *****. You can't help put pull my **** out of your mouth and moan in pleasure. You lean up and kiss me while I slip another finger inside you. You take your shirt off then mine. You sit directly on top of me and rub your soft breast in my face. I squeeze them gently, and kiss and lick them all over. You look at me and beg me to put my **** inside you. You raise your *** up to give me room to let myself in. I grab my **** and slap it against your now soaked *****. You lean and suck on my neck while you moan at how good it feels. You then then order me to give my **** to you. I slowly slip the head of it in. You look deep into my eyes. As you start to lower yourself onto me, you kiss me softly. When you get all of me in you, you slowly start to grind you hips into mine, feeling every inch me inside you. I reach around your back and caress down your back to your ***. Then I give your *** another slap. This time you go crazy and start to ride me. I reach a back up and grab your shoulders And lift you up and slam you down hard on me. You tell me to give you more. I grab your hair and hold you down so you can't ride me anymore. I suck on each nipple of you **** and lick up your neck. I lift you up again and slam you down on me again. You moan again for more. I lift you up and lay you down on the floor. I lay myself on top of you and move in and out of you slowly. You look up at me and whisper you love me, I look into your eyes and tell you that I love you. You wrap your arms around me and take every moment in. I start to speed up and thrust into you harder. You open your legs more to allow deeper penetration. You tell me to come inside you. I get turned on by it and **** you harder. I start to feel you come close to ****** and it pulls me closer as well. You pull me close and let me know you about about to come. I feel myself about to let go as well. We moan as we climax together. All we can do is lay there and hold each other after it. I lay beside you, holding you close. Kissing the back of your head softly. You smile and curl up under me, as we take the moment to forget about the rest of the world.
CRD1983 CRD1983
26-30, M
Jan 16, 2013