Story From The Past, Part 2

Yet another story from me and my wife's past. This one she wrote. Enjoy.

You come home from a hard days work to see me cooking in a black silky gown that barely covers my ***. I'd hear you come in the door and purposely bend over so you notice I'm not wearing any underwear. You quickly run over to me and wrap your arms around me. I'd smile and feel you start to kiss down my neck and shoulders running your fingers over my arms, giving me goosebumps. I close my eyes and feel you rub your now hard **** on my *** to let me know you want me. I lift up my gown and you unzip your pants, letting yourself free. I reach behind me and grab your **** in my hand and start stroking you slowly feeling you throb in my hand. Teasing you while you play with my ****. I bend over further so you can slide yourself inside me. I feel you go deeper and deeper with each thrust, and each thrust making me grow more and more wild over you. You stop long enough to turn me around and kiss me so passionately I feel my knees go weak. You pick me up and set me on the counter spreading my legs to see how wet you make me. You drop my gown so it sits around my waist, paying extra attention to my erect nipples with your tongue, licking, sucking, and nibbling on them. I just push you further down. I want you to taste me, devour me. I feel you slide your tongue up my thigh, teasing me. I push your face in my ***** bc I can't wait any longer. I feel you slide your tongue inside me. You run your hands all over me feeling my body shake with intense pleasure. I start to grind myself into your face and moan as I *** all over your face. You come back to my face and I kiss you wildly sucking some of my juices off of your lips. I want to feel you inside me so bad now. You slide yourself inside me and grab my hair, pulling my head back to kiss my neck. I hear you moaning and I know you're getting close to *******. I start to grind my hips harder to help bring you to ******. I want to feel you inside me. You grab my hips and pull me to you one last time and I know with your groans that you just came inside me. You lay your head on my shoulder to catch your breath as I kiss your forehead. I love every bit of you. I jump down off the counter and feel quite satisfied. I just look up and smile at you.
CRD1983 CRD1983
26-30, M
Jan 16, 2013