Story From The Past, Part 3

Yet another one today to enjoy.

I would play hooky from I can be here when you get the special message I've left you letting you know to come home. I tell you how I'm only wearing my favorite lip gloss and I'm waiting for you to **** me You quickly come home and see me laying on couch rubbing my already wet *****...You quickly undress yourself and start to slide yourself insideme and I'd feel your excitement growing quickly against me, and you'd feel me getting hot and throbbing right back. At first we just stare into each others eyes, and then i drop my head to your shoulder....soon you feel my tongue from your collar bone to your ear. I whisper, **** me baby....**** me hard; and you growl. After that, we wouldn't even make it to the bed.....we have to make a quick stop in the kitchen, where you toss me on the counter top; I prop one of my legs onto your shoulder.... We grab at each other so fiercely bc we're driving each other crazy with passion, when I finally get you inside of me I scream out in relief. From there, we go very slow at first, wanting to take in every possible feeling and pleasure....until it becomes torturous! I close close to ******* and you get even harder at the sensation of how warm and wet I am you calm us down and we go into the shower together to cool down a little and make things last longer. We behave ourselves at first, but it's not to long till I have all of you inside of between my lips, in my warm mouth, and the tip of you in my become uncontrollable and grab all of my hair roughly. Guideing my head back and forth, faster and faster.....suddenly you pull me up, still by my hair and turn me around, bending me over....within a second, you're back in me, one hand still holding my hair and the other; guiding my hips. I'm so turned on, you can feel me ******* again against you within moments; which make it hard for you to hold back anymore. I start to feel yours at the same time. The overflow of warmth feels so good that we are both screaming.....afterwards, you don't want out of me and neither do we pause, my head against the cool tiles and both of your arms wrapped around my waist as you softly kiss my back. We take in the moment and then wash each other silently in such happiness that we share so much emotion for one another......
CRD1983 CRD1983
26-30, M
Jan 17, 2013