Dani's Adventures Continue...


Dani woke up with a smile on her face as she remembered her date the night before, she could actually still smell traces of the blond girl on her face, she definitely could feel the effects on her wonderful woman spot……she felt good about herself and for the briefest of times was sexually satisfied……that lasted about ½ of a nano-second. She was smiling to herself as she got in the shower and laughed as she immediately began to play…..she thought to herself…..”I better drink lots of water; the way I’ve been dripping I must be completely dehydrated!” After a quick shower with a quick ****** thinking about the prior night’s activities……the phone rang…….she didn’t answer, waited, then saw there was a message…she listened and smiled as she heard Alan’s voice (her date the night before), the message was simple he said “Good morning hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did, if you want to play again, meet me at 127 W. Concord at 8:00 p.m……this will not be a dinner date and if you can’t make it, maybe next time!”……..that was it. She thought I’m not sure about this….then she felt her little water fall between her legs and she knew she was going!........She spent all day trying to decide how to dress, what to wear, what was going to happen…..finally she said “screw it, I’ll just go and see what happens”….. She left the house at 7:30 to give herself time to find the place…..she realized the address was an upscale neighborhood, but that it would not be another mansion as the night before……she arrived at a very large, elegant, house with a circle drive with many cars parked in area next to the house….she pulled and they had valet parking…”nice” she thought. She walked in the living room and was shocked to see only a man with a tray of champagne filled flutes. He offered her one and said simply in a monotone voice…..”ma'am please have a drink the party is out by the pool……….however (he didn’t miss a beat), to enter you must disrobe, you may place your clothes and belonging in one the areas to my left” he continued “if you cannot comply I must escort you from the premises”…………Dani froze for a second…..she had to make a decision to 1.) Disrobe to enter a party she had no idea who was present and 2.) She had to take her clothes off in front of Alfred (Batman’s assistant ha).. .she hesitated…. her face was flushed, her heart was racing and her pu*ssy was flowing like Niagara Falls!.............she nodded to Alfred, quickly stepped out of her clothes placed them in the container with her purse, when Albert said “shoes too, please”……..Dani smiled and took off her pumps and thought “why did I waste all that time worrying about what to wear!” Alfred pointed to a hallway that went to the back of the house…..she started toward the door, her heart racing, mind sharp and on edge…..and then she could hear the party, sort of low murmur…..not loud, but she could a little laughter, both men and women voices….she could not tell how many people…….she got the door, hesitated, swallowed hard and then walked through………immediate silence….you could hear crickets!.....there Dani stood at the edge of a backyard party. By a pool with a hot tub……BBQ area, tables with umbrellas’, torches lighting the area, All eyes were on her and Dani froze as she realized that she and only 2 other women were naked……there were at least 6-7 other men and 4-5 other women…..all in regular summer type attire……the other 2 women were like her, very pretty, very well built, in fact Dani recognized the blond girl from last night. Dani’s heart was racing, she was frozen with fear and was humiliated, standing by the pool in front of 20 people completely naked, yet she felt an amazing tingle in her crotch, almost an ache. She was fighting an urge to run, when she heard Alan say…….”hey group, let’s all welcome our lastest plaything of the evening, I introduce you to Dani…please make her feel welcome” at that the crowd all gave a very polite nod and the cursory “golf clap”…….then as quick as she had been the center of attention….they went back to their conversations…..Dani just stood there, for what seemed like a year, but was actually only seconds……..Alan came over and shook her hand and said “I’m so excited you came…sorry about the entrance but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise” he didn’t let Dani speak as he continued..” you already know Jina from last night and if you will look over there, the other nude woman is Anna” Dani saw a young woman about 28, that looked like a model out of playboy magazine, she was standing with Jina and both naked girls were drinking their champagne, standing away from the crowd……….Alan continued “unless you turn around and leave right now, we are about to begin, you are a party favor, not because I don’t respect you or think that you are a bad person, I just think you will like this…if not I will certainly make it up to you” He smiled and continued “you, Jina, and Anna are about to take care of this entire party……you do not have to do anything you don’t want to with anyone you don’t want to….but here is the key, the only way to avoid something is to say wizard of oz, at which point you will be taken back into the house and seen home” Alan smiled and said “so if you use the kings X card, your party is over, no hard feelings, but nonetheless over, so I ask that if you are somewhat uncomfortable doing something consider if it is a deal breaker” Dani nodded that she understood and Alan said “I promise you will not be harmed, nor will you be asked to do anything utterly disgusting” and before Dani could respond he said “Good let’s get started”……..Dani was blushing head to toe, standing naked and……..dripping Alan spoke up……”may I have your attention” everyone became quiet, and he said ‘Let the party commence”…….at this point Dani was moved next to Jina and Anna, she smiled at the other girls…...she was nervous, they were not………” A man said “everyone please check your ticket…..all those with number 1’s you may start with Jina…….number 2’s Anna here and you lucky devils number 3’s, our new toy, Dani” He continued “but before we get started the girls will be doing a little warm up” At this point Jina and Anna came over and Dani was surprised at how natural everything felt, Jina put both hands on Dani’s cheek and then gave an incredibly long, sexy, wet kiss…..Dani felt herself begin to melt, she felt Anna slide her hand to her now dripping slit…and then a finger……this started a sequence of events that quickly led Dani to in the position of laying on her back…..Jina was straddling her face, with Jina facing away from Dani, Anna was down between Dani’s spread eagled legs and starting to nibble, bite, suck on Dani’s throbbing pu%ssy....Dani, without thinking began grinding her mound into Anna hot and wet mouth….she looked up and couldn’t resist sliding her finger into Jina extremely wet, shaven little box, as she was sliding her fingers in, she began licking and kissing Jina in the same manner that Anna was doing to her……Jina responded by bending over and sucking on Dani’s hard nipples…..in a matter of moments they were entangled in a mass of writhing bodies, licking, sucking, fingering, each having in the beginning of an orga&sm…..Dani was almost there, and she could tell it was going to rock her, when she stiffened, before she could react she felt a hard, small vibrator being slid into her backside…..she did not want this, but remembered what Alan has said….she relaxed and felt Anna sliding the vibrator in and out of her backside…..she then felt Anna’s mouth on her cl*it and Jina sucking on her nipples, the vibration in her a$$ sent her over the edge, she started moaning and sucking on Jina’s pu$$y so hard she was afraid she was going to swallow her whole…..the spasm went over her entire body, causing her to tremble……then they were all still, quiet……all laying a pile, Dani was smiling when she heard……”Wow what a way to start the games!”……..before she could react she was picked and led over to a round bed next to the pool, she looked up and saw 3 men, different ages, shapes, sizes..and two women, one very attractive and about Dani’s age, the other a little older (47-48), very pretty, but Dani could tell she was a little different…….the younger attractive girl got on the bed with Dani and began stroking her hair and kissing her, Dani thought this was very nice, when the older lady said “Get on your stomach”…..Dani complied before she realized, it was strange, but incredible erotic to be so submissive….Dani was pulled to the edges so that her a$$ was just on the edge her feet on the ground..basically exposing her pu$$y and A$$......she was smiling when she felt the sting of a leather crop go across her a$$......she was shocked, it a hurt a little, but she did not expect this and started to raise up, one of the men grabbed her shoulders and held her, the other man got on the bed in front of her and forced his extremely fat **** into Dani’s mouth,,,,Dani complied and began sucking his ****, there were about 8-10 more slaps on her *** with the riding crop, she could tell her *** was red and it was warm….it stung a little, but Dani’s pus$y was literally flowing again..she concentrated on the mans **** and then felt the younger girl ease beneath her and start licking her dripping hole…..then she felt something large and hard trying to enter her backside…she turned and saw the older woman wearing a huge vibrating strap-on…..she was pouring lube on it and in the process of jamming it in Dani’s a$$, Dani fought against this, it was starting to hurt she was trying to the **** out of her mouth, she was trying to say “wizard of oz” She was done…..but the man began pounding he **** into Dani’ mouth, he had her head in his hands and was not letting go…she could feel him about to ***…the younger girl was literally going to town on Dani’s pu$$y, which was betraying Dani by dripping and Dani instinctively began grinding her mound against the young girls face, The older woman made a final thrust and she had the strap-on all the way in Dani’s a$s…..Dani felt the flash of pain, but then she was shocked at the sensation as she began to feel the strong vibrations as the older woman began to pump this monster in and out of Dani…….Dani felt herself giving in to the feeling and felt the beginnings of another huge orga$m….she could not believe how good it felt to have a mouth on her dripping slit, a vibrating coc*k in her backside and then the she felt her hair being pulled and pulled hard, the other two men were ******* themselves off and one of them was using her hair as he had wrapped it around his co*ck and was yanking it with each stroke…..Dani was so shocked at how erotic it felt to have her hair pulled……..the man in her mouth started spurting a huge amount of cu*m……Dani hungrily began gulping it down as the other man was pumping his load onto the Dani’s back…..she could feel the hot spurts of liquid……..the man using her hair, pumped his into her hair and after almost pulling her hair out…..he used her hair to wipe his co*ck clean……The thought of him using her hair and her being this submissive in combination with the throbbing in her backside and the attention the other girl was giving her **** caused Dani to engage in one of the strongest orga$ms of her life…she began shaking and then she wasn’t sure, but she may have passed out for a brief second……when she regained herself, the older woman had pulled out of her backside and the other girl had stopped. The 5 people who had just basically taken Dani as their toy were standing around her smiling…the older woman said……”maybe in a little while you would like to wear my toy, both me and Donald like to enjoy it”…….Dani smiled and thought,,,,,,”how in the hell am I going to make it through the night”……but once again she felt her lower body begin to tingle and drip………..   More if requested…….

I wrote this for Dani, I hope that you are not offended, I know many people like many things, I try to find something for the person I'm writing for, not necessarly my likes/dislikes, I hope you enjoy, if not I would certainly welcome suggestions on how to improve.........

The Adventures Continue



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I will write you in the next week, fair enough?, if you want I will email it to you and then you can post if you want, if you dont' like it, then you can discard, but I think you will like it.

Thankyou, I write stories for people for what they like, I'm so glad that you liked it.......I hope to read more of your posts soon....

Great story. Love the comments too.<br />
Seems like fairytalemist really enjoyed herself too!!

Dani...............I'm speechless.......that is one of the most erotic/hottest things I've ever read....you continue to amaze......I will bet that your email here on EP literally gets blown up by all the fans you will have........I thank you again and I truly appreciate your comments and I want to make sure that we get more stories about your new "purple tickle stick"............I'm actually stuttering now........this is just too............hell I don't have the vocabulary to describe........OH MY.

hey Cap...as you already know I bought my first vibrator yesterday. I wanted to tell you about my night last night. first I took a very long bubble bath because I really enjoy them. When i finished I was all warm and cozy feeling, so I wrapped myself in a towel and went to my room. I dropped the towel beside my bed and laid down completely nude and exposed. I kept thinking about the story you wrote for me, the idea of walking into a party, completely nude, while everyone else was dressed really turned me on. My ***** was already wet and open from the shower,the anticipation and the daydreaming. At first, I just rubbed it gently up and down my lips. It was exciting, the shades were open and the camera was ready and I kept thinking about posting the picture when I was finished. Was I brave enough? . My nipples were as hard as rocks. So, taking a deep breath, I slid the tip of the vibrator to the opening of my ***** and started to ease it in. I was so wet it easily slid up inside me. it felt so good, and my hole gradually started stretching to accommodate the whole shaft. Eventually it bottomed out, and when it did all I could feel were there rotating beads in the center and the two little tips massaging my ****. I got lost in the feeling, ******* myself on my bed. I didn't worry if anyone was watching, I just wanted to feel really good. I picked my hips up from the bed and started thrusting the vibrator in and out very fast, and ever time the two tips came in contact with my **** I jumped, I knew I was getting closer and closer. Then I started pinching my nipples with my free hand. Gently tugging them away from my body...then not so gently. The harder I pinched and twisted them the closer I got...and then finally I started to ***. Oh my god...Cap....it felt so good. I was actually thinking about you then. All the compliments and support and how nice you've been to me. I think one ****** ran into the next and the next...I think I came about 6 times. Then I slid under the covers and slept nude all night long...it just all felt so damn good. <br />
<br />
I posted the picture in my album..I hope you enjoy it.

fairytalemist, put me in the credits...LOL Have a beautiful day!

2 thoughts...<br />
I think I'd like Jina and Anna to be justatigress and california rocks. <br />
<br />
how did you know how I react to having my hair pulled? I don't recall telling you that cap.<br />
<br />
I can't get enough of this story. when do we get more???

You are an excellent writer, I take my hat off to you!

Thank you fairytale!, it's your story so if you like then I'm happy..........I hope others like it too, but you were the targer audience! Thanks for the nice comments!

ok...cap you are killing me. I'm so horny right now, and I'm drenched right through my clothes! and I'm at work! I need to read this again....and again...I can't believe, *whew* I don't even know what to type. <br />
<br />
(((Huge Kiss))))