I Love You

It was very dark. I crossed the road without looking...I was thinking about something else. I did not see the car which was speeding towards me.. The driver could not stop...maybe he was drunk. I felt a sharp pain and then suddenly everything was gone. Darkness went over me.. I heard remotely that the car which hit me was gone... I was lying alone on the street. I knew that I was dying. It hurt...But I was not thinking about dead..I was thinking about him. Why was not he with me? He promised that he will always be with me..he lied. I heard voices. I tried to listen to them, to catch only one word...to stay in consciousness a bit more..but I could not. Suddenly everything was quiet.I oppened my eyes. It was not hurting anymore... I saw a light..bright light. It was pulling me..I walked towards it. I did not care what will happen. Then I heard someone''s voice. Someone was shouting my name. I turned...HE was there.He was calling my name and crying.
"Josh,do not cry,I am here"-shouted I but he did not hear me..I saw my own body lying on the ground,whole bloody.. It was full of people,who were so unknown to me..There was only one known face..only one known eyes...HIS. The only thing that I was thinking about was that he was there<33 He did not lied me. I wanted to hug him,to see him smiling...And then he touched me..This touch brougth me from somekind of a dream..nightmare..I heard hundreds worried voices..I could feel again...I oppened my eyes and I saw his face bending over me.His beautiful blue eyes met mine and he hugged me..I could not feel my body..everything was hurting,but I was happy. He was here and nothing else matters.. I knew he loves me and I loved him too.. I could feel his warm hug. he bent over my ear and he said: "I love you Em and I will never leave you.. Be strong..because of me." I had a little shiver and In my mind I promissed that I will live..I was sure. He brought me to life. Love won over dead. I heard the ambulance coming. Somebody pulled me and put me in it. Someone took my hand. I knew who is this...Josh. He was the only one for me. Nobody has his deep blue eyes..Nobody
has his warn smile..Nobody can replace him because he is perfect to me.<3 I knew that he will never leave me. I knew he loves me..I knew that when I am able to talk he will make me laugh. Love and remember,nobody can give it away.. I love and I am happy:))
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A great story. I love it.

Thank you :)

It was a really nice story. Especially at the end.

Thank you really much :)

I hope you will like my story. Please comment if you want:)) I write that from my heart:) I wanna hear your opinion.Thank you<3