Next Door Killer: Chapter 1

I looked out my window at the house next to mine. It was a beautiful house. It was two stories, like mine, the front door was white and made out of wood, and the roof came to a point. The house was a dark brown and had white wooden framed windows on both sides of the door. By the door was a step and the grass was the brightest green I have ever seen. There was a hedge in between our houses, it had little green leaves and little pink flowers that faded to white at the tips. No one has lived in that house for three months, the old neighbors moved to Arizona, they got tired of the neighborhood.
I closed my eyes ad let the heat of the sun spread all over my body. My time of peace was immediately came to an end when I heard the sound of tires screeching to a halt. I open my eyes and see a bi white moving van parked by the house. I see an old rusty and light blue truck parked behind the van. Who is that? I thought.
I tried to get a good look at the person, but it was no use. A knock at my door made me jump. " Monica!" my mom yelled. I look at my door and sigh "What?" I ask, sounding a little to harsh. I walk up to the door.
First off, open this door," my mom demanded. I let out another sigh and open the door. Sure enough, there is my mother with a big plastic grin on her face.
"What?" I repeated, sounding annoyed.
"We have a new neighbor who just move in next door." She said sounding very excited.
"I know," I said, "I was just looking out my window and saw the moving van by the house."
"Well you, me, and your father are going to give him a proper greeting."
"Wait what?" I hate it when my mom gets me involved in something I don't want to do. She treats me like a child.
She sighs "I said-"
"I heard what you said!" I interrupted her not meaning to yell.
"Don't rise your voice at me young lady." She warned. I scowled and crossed my arms, I can feel my anger boiling inside me.
"Mom relax," I said, trying to sound calm, "I didn't mean to yell."
She forced a laugh, "Yeah, that's what you always say."
I open my mouth to yell at her but my dad walks up the steps, making me close my mouth.
" You girls ready?" He asked and my mom nods, "Ok then, lets go." The two of them head down stair and I followed.
-To be continued-
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