Next Door Killer: Chapter 4

Hesitantly I take the pictures out of the box and I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up. One of the pictures was of a woman's body sprawled out on a bed, her hands and feet tied up. She had multiple stab wounds in her stomach and face, blood gushing out. I flipped to the next picture and it was the same woman again. Except Drake was in it! He was by the body making a Rock and Roll sign with his hand, and his tongue sticking out. I sit there stunned, then I put the pictures back. Out of the corner of my eye I spot a video camera in the box. I take it out, open the small screen on the side and pressed play:
It was the woman! She is all tied up on that bed, screaming, trying to break free. "Drake! Let me go!" She yelled in between sobs. I hear Drake make a short laugh, then he came into view, and slaps her so hard across the face that the smacking noise made an echo in the room.
"I told you to shut up *****!" his voice boomed. She makes silent cries, her dark hair covering her face. Drake walks away, off screen, all I hear is the silent cries and a metallic clinks. A few minutes later Drake comes back into view, holding a knife at his side. She sees the knife and the screams start up again, she is trying to break free. He walks up to her, holds her head down and makes a cut across the cheek, her terrified screams changed to painful ones. He makes more cuts across her face, making is completely bloody. As he raises the knife above his head she cries.
"No!" she cries.
" Til' death do us part." he says in a low raspy voice. He plunges the knife into her stomach, making her cough up blood. He pulls it out and stabs her again, and again, and again. Then all of a sudden the screaming stops, her arms plop on the bed, no longer moving. Her bloody face turned to the camera, her eyes lifeless and mouth partly opened. Drake wipes the finger prints off the knife and throws it next to her. Drake walks up to the camera and the screen turns black...
Oh my... I cannot believe this! I cannot believe what I just saw! I lean back against the cemented wall, trying to gather my thoughts, but before I can I hear foot steps coming down the stairs. I snap out of my daze and close the box, the camera still in my hand. I have to show this to the police. I put the camera in my backpack and putting my backpack over my shoulder. Drake comes down with a tray and two glasses of orange juice on it. I have to get out of here...

-What will happen next?! Find out in the next chapter! :)-
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Apr 4, 2013