In the middle of a vast desert, a ruby lay glistening.

She was crying. She had fallen from a princess's velvet jewelery pouch when the caravan was raided. Miraculously, no one had noticed her lying on the ground and now she was all alone in the burning desert. She could never shine on the princess's fair chest now. No one could praise her size, shape and radiance. The dry yellow sand, the sky and the burning sun were her only companions in the wilderness.

She kept sobbing. She didn't deserve to be here, she thought. She remembered how she was found and groomed and crafted by the jeweler. How she had been presented to the princess and how she had smiled when the princess had cried with glee to see her. She remembered how once a maiden who was the princess's companion had tried to steal her and was caught. She had seen the crying maiden being banished to the dungeons.

And the ruby had smiled placidly at that. She knew she was costlier than the lowly maiden. From that day on, the princess had kept her in the pouch she always carried with her.

But not anymore.

She didn't remember how much time had passed until she noticed that the sand around her had gone cold. It was night. She shivered as the temperature dropped further. She didn't like this, she thought. She was almost invisible now, just a dark stone on the ground.

Days kept passing and she got used to the desert. She liked the day. She liked the heat, the light which made the sand glitter. She liked how the sunlight filtered through her and the sand beneath her glowed. She loved this. She loved to make things glow red, just like her.

She always noticed how the sun was always brilliantly shining. Those days, it never went mild, even while sinking.

She was intrigued by this beautiful stranger, so far off, so bright, so intense. She loved his warmth envelop her, the sand, everything. She felt like she was a part of him. The more she felt this, the more she glowed.

She didn't miss the palace now. She almost laughed when she remembered the lust in the human eyes when they saw her. She didn't like being enclosed. She didn't like the darkness. She was so glad she had found the sun now.

She realized that she had fallen in love with the sun. The glow around her was growing even more. In the night, she always lay awake, waiting for the sun to come out. She didn't like parting with him. The sun had realized this. He always felt the lonely gem shine as she saw him. She was the only one in the whole desert who waited for him and liked his heat. He focused his rays on her and she glowed red.

One day, when the sun was about to leave, the ruby couldn't stop herself and cried

"I cannot bear this anymore, O sun. Part not with me. Take me with you"

The sun apologized, saying he was bound to leave and come back everyday.

The ruby cried

" Then burn me with your heat, Kill me so I do not have to see you go"

The sun lowered even more and said

"Alas, I cannot do that too. I am not allowed to burn anyone. I have to go. I hate being away too. But I live in the sky and cannot be with you."

The ruby prayed. She prayed for her life to end. She wanted to be raised to the sky and be a part of the sun. She prayed with all her heart as she felt the sun glowing her even more to say goodbye.

Her wish was fulfilled. That night, a huge sand storm came. Wind roared, dunes shifted and tonnes of sand covered the praying, crying ruby.

Now each day, when the sun is about to leave, the memory of the ruby awakens. The sun slowly turns red and makes everything glow with the colour of her beloved Ruby.

Somewhere beneath the sand the ruby smiles

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wel than keep daydreaming.we realy love what u write!

Hey Ihmw :) It just came to me at once.. and that wasn't even a sunny day lol<br />
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Thanks AP. Its special to me too :)<br />
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No jp i didn't know that! :)<br />

wow!that was a realy touching the ending!

Thank you :)

this is very good. i loved the imagination and the use of the ruby as the character. i thought it was VERY clever the way you portrayed the whole story of love in about a page of writing and you looked at it from a different angle. im amazed this is REALLY good please continue to write! very creative 100/10

Thanks everyone

Hi freefallwall<br />
yes was good - clever - well written.<br />

Thank u for tellin me bout ur made me beautiful

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Thanks fun<br />
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I am sitting here crying like a young child FFW. This is a beautiful love story. Sometimes people have to leave us behind whether they want to or not. It is not their decision to go but simply it is their destiny. It does not change us from longing to be with them however. Great imagery in this story.

:) Thanks Mystic