I Found Them The Other Day

I was going through an old box of mine, bored nothing else to do. When i found a huge envelope, all that it said on it was LIFE in my cursive print. And it all just came rushing back at me. all those memories from when i was younger. I read all the letters in that envelope again and again. I couldn't stop. Some were from when i was 11 all the way from when i was 14 and in rehab. its all so surreal to see how close i came to suicide back then. When now some of my issues re even worse. and i wonder if it would have been better if i just would have sent those letters and finished the job. But then again, one never knows.
Artemis17 Artemis17
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

In some ways they have. but in some ways they make me wish i would have just did it way back.

like it

I'm glad you read those letters again. I hope they showed you how much you've grown, how much stronger you are, and how better you are because of the things you went through.