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Its 2am, sleep has forsaken me for the time being. With headphones in ear i distract myself from the inevitable debilitating disease that is our current society. It has been foretold and the prophets have either been slain or took their own lives rather than facing the ailments that plague nation states. The forecast was clear, the required actions even more so, yet here we are. The undying living dead monotonously shuffling feet, **** kicking our  way to work, to school, or in the glamorous case of the epitomized weekend a slightly faster trudge down the path of inebriation and numbing comfort that we seek. The very circumstances, the sterile rituals, which propel us unto an everlasting form of escapism, from our selves, from our jobs, from our culture have become commonplace and merely accepted as conventions. It is the norm, to be unsatisfied, this is nothing new, but the ability to accept it, well rather ignore it, is unprecedented in our time. Tonight i felt no need to indulge in the undulating sensations of spirits and ganja, but the desire, to paint, to create, to do, was gone as well, while it was present a few mere hours ago. Instead i watched a documentary. I am not exalted from this uniting and dividing force which prevalently encompasses the current Now we reside within. Before writing this, i decided to go for a walk; it almost seems like a prison route of the familiar haunts, not much has changed. Being drawn to the highschool scoreboard i make my way across the field. I, departing, wondered if anything exciting would happen. As i approached the pillar of the board was inspected, and revealed a reminiscent image, a wheat pasted poster from crimethinc criticizing the war on terror. Some people choose not to conform, and throw wrenches into the gears of the machine, systems theory personified, perfected. The image struck my recollection of the same poster at a nearby park which had since been torn down, perhaps in its absence it makes even more of a statement. In its place, within a day, a new poster emerged, “do not think or express, it will be repressed, thank you for your cooperation, the management”.  Har har the sarcasm and double think. We have been holding ourselves captive for too long restraining our innermost desires for the sake of conformity, comfort, acceptance of peers. Group think governs awareness and distracts us from ourselves. We are in a feedback loop. Now what do we do. Do posters really awaken slumbering minds walking their dogs with bags to pick up the **** and purel to calm their anxieties? I really don’t tend to be a pessimist, but it seems we have become too passive, too docile. The systems we have created too daunting, to far reaching, for change to be manufactured within their confines, new ones must emerge.

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i'm glad you enjoyed it : )

Great thinking! I was captivated by your words. -k