I love to wonder what may have been before: what idyllic circumstances may have brought upon this experience.

If everything has a common variable inherent to each indefinable experience, what would it be? Science, rather physics, has now come to the same conclusion Gautama Buddha had realized, all is energy, all is vibration. The only universal constant is change. How perfect of a common denominator this may seem to be. Matter is but a masquerade of molecules pretending to be what it isn't; a solid derived from the senses. But what is this solid then? One may say that it is the outcome of the equation from the input of the senses and has therefore justly deserved the tangible definition as an absolute in our reality.

However, seen as either a vacuous abyss of particles or a solid they both remain interchangeable as energy: no more, no less. Although this may seem to fit perfectly into the concept that the universe is a sea of energy in constant flux, and is therefore the most obvious common denominator, something is missing.

To what scale do we gauge our mutual perception of this shared realty? It is impossible to hone our senses and then state, "only I see red as it truly is, of the whole earth only I can taste basil in its entirety." Even if it may be true, it cannot be related to others and likewise cannot be verified (can anything?). The senses are relative and far from reliable.

This reality we call earth had been forged by the common denominator of multiple perspectives, each contributing to the whole. Each perspective, thought, and experience has shaped this reality we have familiarized ourselves with. Much like how energy will oscillate, ebb and flow, until a common balance of energy has been achieved. LS=RS. However, when dealing with the senses, they are immeasurable, unlike our conceptual notion of energy.

The only common ground is the fact that we can communicate, and most of the time feel as if we understood or have been. We do not communicate energy, we communicate experience. A desk is no more or less a desk based on the amount of joules it contains nor its mass. It is a desk because experience, mutual experience, has made it so.

So then, is it not true that "energy" is energy because experience, mutual experience, has made it so?

How much of an all encompassing common denominator can energy truly be?

We are all sharing this human experience: the barriers are conditioning inherent to our society and the senses we believe to be individually exclusive, you are no more or less I than the first stranger you see tomorrow. The limits we impose upon ourselves exist only within our minds; anticipatory reality based on previous experience, more often than not, not direct.




The common denominator is what we are experiencing right now…

I love to wonder what is to come; what idyllic experiences may have brought me to this circumstance?

zousu zousu
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2010