A Memory Of Fog

A memory forged in foggy clouds

Of condensation and eternal forgetfulness

The brain doth deceive

Is it your soul or your eyes you believe?

Eyes: eternally searching for something that isn’t there

If rocks could talk they would only speak of their wear

Or attest to the unseen reality that is theirs

Yet we live, and breathe, and transcend to do it all over again

Returning to:

An ancient image embedded so deeply,

It has been forgotten.

A truth so wide spread,

It has eclipsed consciousness.

A feeling of dread and despair

Of sorrow and sacrifice

You want to be free, but can you pay the price?

The world around you continues to exist

But you’re looking for an exit

You do not care

You cannot truly see what is there

You cannot truly say what is fair

You are remnants of a solar flare

That has crossed the universe and since dispersed

For better or for worse, believe, dare.

For your soul was crafted with care to mend the equilibrium

That we have ruptured


Infinity lies between my finger and eye but all I can see is air

What I see is what isn’t there

The brain doth deceive

My eyes, I don’t believe.

They only act as a sieve

Filtering out reality

Causing calamity


A universal truth

zousu zousu
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2010