Actions Not Words

A sentiment of love radiates above.

No telemetry or guidance;

No Euclidean geometry or prudence.

Radiating ever since…

From above, the effect answers to the cause, and comes back below, commence.

Commencing, yet not revealing, its original source

If one can will for love, then they cannot will for its course.

The seed holds the schematics, entangled DNA.

Yet not a single tree’s the same, it is not per chance it happens this way.

Experience paints the petals, as the try to clutch onto the sun

Growing-Changing, ebbing-flowing, until they become one

Love: borne of a seed, predestined for another

Cast and watered, uttered every day

Seldom finds its way,

Love born of a seed, inclined to be smothered

Borders defined, before borders created

In its timeless artless essence, it has become outdated

A closing scene, premeditated: to be everything you though it would

To have her in your arms, the way you thought you should

But the second you longed, you never could

Just stoking the fire, burning needless wood

Where intention and reality merge, an act sublime, divine occurs

Above and Below flow into one

Thought becomes action, and action thought,

If the path is noble, then the path will be sought

If not, to rot, and wither away, to fuel the fires, and feed the flowers

That blossom, in lieu, of where former thoughts have come to rest

Spinning the axle, and missing a chain.

With just one link missing, nothing is the same

Pedal once; pedal faster, maybe a little harder

No matter, one will never reach safe harbor

But one could try to leave, and try to leave all day

But peddling in the same place is right where one would stay

Just like longing for love, it will never happen that way

…actions not words, as some do say

zousu zousu
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2010