I Was Sharing Experiences About My Life

I wonder about people who read some of the experiences people have had and don't realize that perhaps the experiences may be something shared from early in their life? The word experience means I've been through some things,it doesn't mean I am the same today as I was in the past.  Experience is what makes our life interesting to others, but it does not mean we particularily are still in that same moment.

I have matured along the way, what tickled my fancy then doesn't necessarly tickle my fancy now.

I've settled down quite a bit. I've gottend involved in things that help others and I see a therapist once a week to talk about choices imade in my youth that are not need in my adult life.

I shared because sharing is good for everyone, if you read all of my experiences you would see a life unfolding, a person going through the ups and downs, the happy moments and the sad moments.

I know people read experiences randomly and the mind picks up on certan nuances which make them make a decision to become a fan or get involved in someones cirlce of friends. I generally block people who do that, I am a wiser person because of my experiences. I have certain things that tickle my fancy but not all my experiences provide a pleasure for me in this part of my life. 

Micayla Micayla
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How is therapy I am scared to go and talk to someone about my past but I haven't given them a chance.

You are someone with very strong boundaries about who you should let into your circle and who you should keep out. It takes a great deal of understanding of yourself. Experiences don't make us who we are. It is how we grow from that experience that defines us. It is well and good that you should keep strong boundaries. Women especially ought to do so. Boundaries are the safeguard to our emotional and spiritual well being.

Giley, were connected in more ways than one. I let people in because they fit into my family plans and they accept me for who I am today.<br />
Just because I write doesn't mean that I am open to everything. Right now I'm dreading the weather more (pardon the four letter word) snow.<br />
<br />
(I almost has a bad spell of weather in the coment I was leaving)

I am one of thoese people, who have read everything that you have written. i also saw the transformation of you as I had read your stories. Like that flower that started from just a seed, you have come a long way. !!! I too know what you are talking about. And I also have a lot of respect for you, and would NEVER wish to hurt you while answering you either on our mainings to each other or commonting on your stories...I also know how that feels.......... Love giley