Her Scent

I awake to her scent
It floats through the room
My eyes see her by window
The morning sun shining
Illuminating her sillouett
Through her sheer nightie
She sees my manhood
Hard and eager to please her
She walks over to the bed
Looking down at me her eyes
Sparkling in the morning light
She slowly sinks down to her knees
Her tongue begins to lick me
She slowly works her way up
Making love to me with her tongue
Then around the rim and back down
Sensations soar through me
Back to the top teasing me
She stops then opens her lips
Slowly taking my manhood
Into her warm wet mouth
She makes my world spin
My passion and desires roar
I feel her wetness running down
Her tongue swirls around
Her lips like a ring of fire
Ignite my soul as I feel my juices
Burning through me
She knows as her lips engulf me
From the top of my head to the
Soles of my feet flood and
Explodes into her waiting lips
Every atom of my being
She engulfs every drop of me
I feel like I am soaring
Into another dimension my
Then softly floating back down
I feel her lay next to me
She kisses me
I love her.
Pmacphoto Pmacphoto
70+, M
3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

very nice

shhhhh you werent supposed to tell anyone ~smiles~ ....very nice

Wonderful poem Pmac....sensative, erotic and loving. Thanks!