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was a warm September afternoon. I was home from work and would be for a while. Being nine months pregnant makes it hard to go to work or do much else for that matter. I was a week over due and miserable. The doctor told me to have sex to help bring on the labor but my husband was not into having sex with anyone whose belly was bigger than his (it was a close call). I wanted this kid out and was willing to do any thing to make it happen. I could not even get sleep in the house because it was full of workers trying to get the nursery ready for the baby. In typical fashion they were weeks behind schedule. I wanted to be mad at them but then I thought of another way to make them pay. I went up to the nursery in my night shirt and nothing else. The nightshirt came to just below my *** and it hugged tight around my ample **** and belly. I also let my long sandy-blond hair hang down as I knew Caesar, one of the workers like it that way. Entering the room I could smell fresh paint mixed with the sweat of 4 men. They were all hard at work and barely noticed when I walked in, although that changed when I turned my back to them and reached up on a shelf for a stuffed animal. Of course this showed my *** off to the men. Luis and Edwin stopped working right away and began to nudge the others. Now that I had their attention I figured I would seal the deal. I bent over to a low draw and pretended to put away the animal. I then reached my hand between my legs and slowly began to rub my swollen and wet ***** lips as I let out a low moan. It only took a moment for Hector to get the nerve up to walk up behind me and take over for my hand. His hand was colder and rougher but I did not mind. I hadn’t had sex in months and needed a good *******. Man was I about to get what I was asking for. Growing hotter by the minute I rested my body on the dresser and bent over for Hector, allowing him to stick a few fingers into my dripping *****. He worked them in and out as he spoke to the others in Spanish so I had no idea what was being said. As the other walked over to us stripping off their clothes Hector grabbed me by my hair and spun me around. He looked at me, smiled, kissed me (his breathe smelled of beer) and told me in broken English to get down and suck his ****. I did what I was told and got on my knees coming face to face with his 7 inch ****. It had a strong manly musk on it that turned me on even more. I rolled my tongue around the tip then swallowed the whole 7 inches. The 3 others Edwin, Luis and Caesar were now next to Hector with their dicks all pointed towards my mouth. I was like a baby trying to get milk from the ***. I was alternating sucking those dicks, trying to make sure all were happy. I was in the middle of my first ****** when I heard the boys arguing. While I didn’t know what they were saying I surmised that each felt the other was hogging the prize. I took Edwin’s **** out of my mouth and was about to speak up when Edwin started to shoot his load. The first stream hit me on my cheek and hair but Edwin quickly grabbed my head and shoved his pulsating **** back into my mouth shooting his remaining salty load down my throat. Licking Edwin’s **** clean, I turned my attention to the other three. I stood up and asked which one would like to **** me. All three quickly volunteered, but Caesar being the leader got the job. He brought me by the arm over to the ottoman in the room and told me to get on all fours. I got into position and he wasted no time in climbing behind me and shoving his **** to the hilt. I gasped and they all laughed and talked it up in Spanish. I knelt there enjoying the feel of his huge balls smacking against my swollen ***** lips. I started this all to induce my labor but cursed myself that I had not done it sooner. I have never been so turned on in my life. I was the **** toy of these 4 men and I loved every minute. Caesar unfortunately did not last long, and after shooting his load, pulled out of my *****. I turned to them and said, “Can’t you ******* finish a job?” Well that seemed to do it. Luis got behind me with his thick 8 inches and began to pound me harder than I have ever gotten it before. I was gasping, mouth hanging open when Hector came in front of me and shoved his **** into my mouth. I’ve never been sandwiched before and I started ******* over and over again for what felt like ten minutes. Initially I tried to suck off Hector in typical BJ fashion but after a few choking episodes I learned to just relax my mouth and let him **** it the way Luis was ******* my *****. Edwin was soon back and was pinching my **** making some comment about a cow that I couldn’t make out. It was about then that I felt Luis pull out of my ***** and replace his **** with what felt like the handle of a screw driver. After wetting it he took it out and returned his **** to my sopping *****. He then took the screw driver and stuck it in my ***. I must have jumped a foot, because they all started laughing. I wanted to smack it away but I had too much weight on my hands and couldn’t move. Luis ****** my ***** harder and harder while pumping the screw driver in and out faster and faster. That day I fell in love with anal sex and I have Luis to thank. Luis finally came in buckets into my hot *****, but he stayed in there rocking my *** and moving the screw driver in and out. Hector finished shortly after Luis grabbing my head and shooting his load down my throat. He then pulled his **** out grabbed my hair and wiped his **** clean. I smiled thanked all of then and headed for the shower. While soaping off the sweat and *** of 4 men, my water broke. My husband rushed home to get me, slapped the workers on the back for the great job and rushed me to the hospital. While my husband never found out about the other job these men did for me, I did get to bring my new son home to a beautiful new nursery and a group of men more than willing to do any work necessary for his mother.
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I was asked to comment, so I will. Not much for group and rough sex. I understand the deep need, but preffer gentler encounters.