The Two 2gether


my parents were the very strict kind that raised me to grow up
never even thinking about sex before marriage. fortunately, i quickly
grew up and became somewhat of a sexual rebel,the liking 4 spankings.
my first time was one hell of a night.
there was this guy i've been working with for some time. he's
kind of on the short side, but his amazing dark hair, eyes, and unbelievably
sexy smile make up for it.
he would constantly be on my thoughts.. distracting me with every
little touch or playful maneuver.
i thought he wasn't interested me, and i was a little too shy
to take our "professional" relationship to the next level quite yet.
then came the day after halloween. i was driving home, still
recovering somewhat from last nights wild partying when i saw him walking
down the road, hitch hiking a ride (he got his license suspended because
the cops around her are complete ********)
So i pulled my little car over and offered him a ride. He was so relieved,
he asked me what he could ever do to repay me. It was about 10PM and
I was starved after working a 6hr shift right through dinner.
so we went to the closest petrol station and grabbed some coffee and rolls.
there we ran into one of his friends.. they chatted for a while outside while
he smoked a joint. By this time i was so horny i didn't know
what to do. his friend kept hitting on me and then i was suprised to
see him getting somewhat jealous, making him back off.
we jumped back into the car and i drove him home.
he invited me in to "meet his dog." he showed me his room
which was so ******* cool. we sat down on his bed discussing
music and dogs .
then it just kind of happened. he bent over and kissed me. The first
time our lips met I was totally blown away. he was so soft
and passionate, tender yet forceful in the way he kissed me.
he started to explore my mouth with his tongue as I lay down
with him over me. our kisses became more and more fierce and i pulled
off his shirt, kissing down his chest. he removed mine as
well. when i took off my bra and felt his bare chest against my hard breasts
i went crazy with desire. we ******** each other naked
and switched postions. I began to give him oral sex and then
he reciprocated. he pulled a condom out and i urged him to put it on,
as he asked me if i was ok with this.
he ****** me first missionary style, and it hurt a little.
but i will never forget the first glorious moment when he entered
me. the feeling of his 6"" **** filling my ready *****, inch by inch
caused my first ******. I couldn't believe I could be so sensitive.
He just looked at me was it ok with you hun liked that just pure sex
god yes i said i been waiting 4 years 4 it .He then asked if he could ask a question
couse hun i said my number 1 man i laughed.Why the bruising on your *** ,i blushed and said i still get punished by my father.
He looked at me grapped my arm and some how i was across his knees my **** just floating in the air i was so hot straight away knowing he was looking at me also knowing he was still in me by his ***. nice very nice he said then i felt a crack as his hand met my cheek then the other and more and more till i was kicking and screamming and in the end crying then he stopped rubbing my *** gently then gently putting me on all 4's he enterd me slowly till he was pressed right up to my glowing *** feeling the warmth he just once again went faster and with out a care pumped in and out of me till he cam as i cam straight after while he was still releasing in me.
Yep that was the 1st time sex and spanking came 2 gether my age dont laugh 18
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who cares at what age ur hot

mills and boon need to get you on the writing team! woooooo hot!