Dinner Date Thursday

The meal was pretty good but Andy made it known that he heard i had a bit of a reputation and he was going to his word **** me like never before and for me to say no now if i didnt want it also his bro was coming round later to help.Isaid as long as im not marked and its no strings feed me well and i shred some weight afterwards giggling.
So Andy and I went to his room after dinner. When we got there he told me Mark would be home in awhile. I unzipped the top of my dress so it fell to the flooor and just left my thong bra hold ups heels and put his hand inside. I leaned back against the wall because I knew what he was doing. He started to play with my ***** and started to kiss my neck, telling me that he loves when I wear my thongs. He started to put his fingers in me and commented that when he puts his fingers in me nowi get so wet . I pulled his **** out of his pants and started to stroke it up and down, feeling it get hard in my hands. I told him I love how big his **** is and I love to feeling it in every part of me. He whispered in my ear to suck his **** and I got down on my knees and did. Taking him further and further into my mouth and I got so wet licking and sucking on him. He grabbed me and started kissing all over my **** while he was undoing my bra. He took me over to the bed and bent me over it removed my soaking thong. He slide his **** into my ***** so easily and he started to finger my ***, telling me he was getting me ready. He started to **** me harder and harder, with his **** and his fingers until he had all four in me. He asked if I really wanted to do this and I told him yes. He asked if I was ready to have a **** in my ***** and one in my *** and I begged him please. I want to be ****** like the ***** I am. That's all it took for him. He came so deep in my *****... Running out of me, down my thighs. His room mate still wasn't back by then, so I laid down on the bed, *** running out of me. He laid down next to me. I got down between his legs and started to clean his ****. Licking all his *** off feeling his **** get harder and harder under my tongue... I licked down to his balls and started to suck on each one of them. I looked up at him and started to lick lower and lower, until my tongue was right on his ***. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and he was moaning. I started to lick around his *** and put my tongue in just a little. He started to moan harder. I licked back up to his **** and he was pulsing so hard. I got up and straddled him, sliding so easily onto his **** because of all his *** in me and I started to slowly **** him. I didn't want him to *** again, because I didn't know if he'd be able to **** me one more time that night. I leaned back and let him see his **** in my *****, all the *** running out of me and onto him. I leaned forward and started to kiss him. His hands all over me, fingering my *** again. I told him he'd better **** me good when Mark gets here. I told him that they had better **** me hard like the ***** that I am, and Andy stuck all 4 fingers in me again, all the way. I yelped a little and then started to push back on his fingers. I told him to get behind me and **** me with his fingers until his friend got there. He did, but he got so into it with me. He started to put fingers from his other hand in me. you should have seen me. *** in the air, getting treated like a *****... Mark finally walked in, seeing me like that. I don't think he knew what to think because he just stared for a minute. Andy stopped and I rolled over onto my back. I sat up on the bed and he took off his jacket and sais is the way it looks to me are you sure.i just nodded looking at him with puppy eyes. He sat down on the chair next to the bed and we started talking, Andy got under the blankets a little. While those 2 were talking I got down on the floor and crawled to the chair. I got on my knees in front of him and looked up and him and bit my lip. I looked down at his **** and I could tell it was a little hard. I reached up and started to undo his pants and I could tell it was getting harder just by me doing that. When I pulled it out, he was rock hard. He wasn't as big as Andy, but he'd do I looked up at him and stuck my tongue out and licked the tip of it. You wouldn't believe what a ***** I was being. I knew I wouldn't see these two again and just said **** it. I took his **** into my mouth and started sucking nice and hard and long. I felt his hand on the back of my head and started sucking harder and faster. I stopped sucking and told him that I had to have his **** in me. He took the rest of his clothes off and I leaned back on the desk. His **** went inside of me easily and I did feel it, but not like I wanted to. I told him to stop. I turned around and pushed my *** out to him and told him to **** my *** for me. He kind of stopped for a minute and then grabbed my *** and I felt his **** slide into my ***, it didn't really hurt because of Andy. After he stroked once or twice, he started to get into it. ******* me nice and long, taking it slow. He'd run his hands up and down my back, reaching up to play with my ****. I looked at Andy and he was stroking his ****. He got up and stood by me and I took his **** into my mouth. I couldn't suck it very long because I wanted to feel them both in me. I told Mark to stop for a minute and pushed Andy back to the bed. I had him lay with his legs over the edge and I straddled him, so Mark could get up behind me. I took Andy's **** into me and leaned forward a little so Mark could get up behind me. When I felt both of their ***** in me, I just laid there for a minute wondering why the hell I didn't do this earlier. Mark started thrusting and so did Andy, I could feel their ***** hitting each other inside of me. I started to rock back and forth and up and down, taking them all into me. I was grunting and groaning, begging them to **** me harder. I was a total ******* ***** last night. Mark started to **** me harder and harder, grabbing my hips and pulling me into him while Andy was licking and sucking and pinching and pulling my nipples. I tightened my ***** and my ***, and Andy started thrusting harder and harder and I figured he was going to ***. I leaned down and he grabbed my face and started to kiss me so hard and deep. He grabbed my *** and pulled me down onto him. He came in me, but when Mark would thrust, I could feel him push it out of me. When Andy was done, he laid back and just let Mark **** the hell out of me. He was stroking my *** nice and good. Andy just kept looking at me, mouthing to me **** and asking me how I liked his friends **** in my ***. I started to push back on Mark more, and I could feel Andy's **** slip out of me. I was ******* Mark while leaning over Andy. *** was running down me and out of me and I was stretched as far as I could have been that night. Mark thrust deep into me one more time and grabbed my hips and held me onto him. I could feel his **** pump as he was ******* inside of me. He must not have done anything for awhile because I think it took him longer to *** than it took Andy the first time. When he was done, I just laid there for a minute on top of Andy and Mark went and got a towel to clean me up a little. I got up and cleaned myself up the best I could and got dressed. I talked with them for a minute and I got a kiss from both of them and Andy walked me back my room. Are you sure no string i looked at him still galaced but resisted and said sorry yes and once only nite.
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superb writing

Sweet. I would love to introduce you to a two **** ***** stretch. I love a woman who ***** like a *****. I have nothing but respect for your ***** ******* style.

Wow what a hot story. You must have been quite the sight that night. Did you really leave your heels and hold ups on the entire time?

ur 1 hot ****

very sexy story from a very sexy lady

Thanks for sharing all the great details. You told it so beautifully. Also, The prego pics are awesome

Very hot story.

omg<br />
ı *** when ı am readıng two tımes<br />
wht a hot days<br />
ı love all detaıl<br />
ı love how u make hard hım agaın and agaın<br />
wooww<br />
ı wısh ı am lucky ı want u clean me wıth ur tongue too

mmmm, you r a fun one

well Helen i must admit i like that story. I have often told the wife i wouldn't mind if she involved a friend lol x x