After being in the sun for a while I felt the need for a drink. Standing at the kitchen window as I pour us each something cool and refreshing, I can still see you. You are stretched out on your towel next to the pool. Your skin is still slick with tiny droplets of water after your recent dip to cool off and the more I look at you, the more tempted to touch I get. I have never had any indication from you that you might be interested in another woman but the temptation has just got too much and I can no longer resist the pull you have.
I finish pouring our drinks and fill an extra glass up with ice. You turn your face towards me as I settle myself back on my towel next to you but you keep your eyes closed. Tiny tendrils of damp hair cling to your face, framing it and making you look even more beautiful.
Dipping my hand into the glass of ice, I pull out a single cube. Very gently I run it down the smooth line of your spine. You gasp as you feel the cold contrasting against your hot skin but you don't tell me to stop.
There is only one barrier in my way... your bikini bottoms. You have already untied the top so you don't get tan lines and the ice makes one sensual slide from the base of your neck all the way to the top of your bikini bottoms. Unable to resist any longer, I follow the trail of the ice with my fingers. Your skin is warm and satiny beneath my touch and I realize touching you could become addictive very easily.
I know you are a little hesitant. I can feel it in the tense muscles of your back and see it in the set of your shoulders. Very gently I continue my way down your back and as I move further down you start to relax. The ice cube has melted by now and has left a tiny puddle of water sitting in the small of your back. Leaning forward I lick it up with my tongue. You taste of coconut oil and something else that is uniquely you.......
A small gasp escapes from your lips as you feel the slide of my tongue against your skin. I hold still for a second, not wanting to frighten you but your only reaction is to lift yourself higher, closer to my mouth. It is almost as if you are inviting me to taste you again.
As my tongue flicks over the warm skin of your back my fingers continue their downward discovery. Moving below the side ties of your bikini bottoms I trace the sweet line of your *** and then lower. Sliding my hand down the outside of one amazing thigh. Watching your face as my hand and tongue explore you, I can see the intense look of concentration on your face. Your eyes are still closed and your cheeks are looking a little flushed. I too am feeling hot. My nipples have tightened into hard little beads and I can feel how moist and hot I am. My fingers are just itching to discover your most intimate parts but I don't want to rush this, I need you to enjoy it as much as I am.
I need to touch with both hands and move to kneel beside you. One hand runs up the back of each thigh and stop just short of your ***. I am more than a little surprised when you open your legs slightly wider but I hesitate.
"Are you sure?" I whisper as my tongue traces circles up your spine.
Your response is physical rather than verbal, your legs parting even wider, offering yourself to me.
"If you want this, show me!". My voice hushed and more than a little husky.
Moving your arms from beneath your head where they have been up until this point, you slide your fingers underneath the ties of your bikini, lift up slightly and push them down your legs. In total awe, all I can do is stare.
You are even more stunning than I could have imagined and wet enough that even from where I am sitting I can see you glisten.
"Roll over for me, I need to see all of you.....", holding my breath as you move.
My heart starts to race and my breathing gets fast and shallow as I see all of you for the first time. Your breasts are high and tight, the nipples dark and already tight with arousal. I trace first one then the other with my fingertips. Your back arches slightly and I take one hard tip into my hot, slick mouth, my own nipples tingling as I flick my tongue back and forth. Moving to your other one, I suck it deep, loving the taste and feel of you in my mouth.
Slowly I trail hot wet kisses up your chest and along your neck.
"Tell me what you want babe"
"Touch me...." you whisper ".....please!"
Not waiting for a second invitation, I move my hands back down, tracing your curves and contours. The feel of your skin is driving me wild, making my whole body ache with anticipation. Finally my fingers reach your clean shaved ***** and very slowly slide between the soft folds. I cant believe how wet you are. I love the way your whole body jumps as my finger just glides against your sensitive ****. It is already hard and crying out for attention. Slowly, to make it last for both of us, I run my fingers back and forth along your slit covering them in your moisture before sliding one inside. Your body immediately clenches tight around my hand and I start to stroke you on the the inside, curling my finger against your g-spot that is already inflamed.
Without even touching myself, I can feel my own ****** starting to build deep inside. Just touching you has been enough to push me close to the edge. I know that if I taste you I will fly apart in just seconds.
Sliding my whole body lower, I trail wet kisses down your belly, dipping my tongue into the hollow of your belly button before moving on to your **** that I cant wait to taste. With the most gentle touch I circle your **** with my tongue, teasing us both and building the anticipation. Two fingers inside you now, stretching you, filling you. One last circle of your **** before I cover it completely with my hot slick tongue, working it back and forth... sucking and licking.
I can see your fingers clenched into tight fists, gripping the fabric of your towel. The muscles inside you mirroring your hands, tense and straining against my fingers pushed deep inside you now as my tongue on your **** pushes you higher. I know you are close, I can feel the fluttering beginnings of your ****** along my fingers.
A moan escapes you as you push your hips up tight against my mouth, your back arches and your legs go impossibly tense as you reach the crest. I feel the flood of moisture as you ***..... tiny shards of pleasure racing along your nerve endings as your ***** spasms against my fingers. Feeling and tasting you *** is enough to push me over the edge too and I *** hard and fast. My tongue is the only part of me that still seems able to move and I drag every last sensation out to it's fullest for you, the aftershocks that follow your ****** still running along the length of my fingers.
Finally able to move again, I leave you with one last kiss and slowly move back up your body to roll on my side next to you. My fingers are still inside you and neither of us seem inclined to move them.
Lying together in the warm sun, bodies hot and flushed with passion, we slowly drift back to earth together.

(This story was written for a friend as a belated birthday present... hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!)
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Reading one woman enjoying another for me always ends up being a validation of my appreciation of women. Thank God! You understand why they're so beautiful.

i read it again...loved it again! :D

Miss Sass, you just keep getting better and better. This is your best yet! Bravo! birthday is...;)<br />
<br />
You have a great heart for giving such a wonderful bday present...And a very good imagination...<br />
<br />
A beautiful story of desire...