The Forgotten Birthday

The high tech radio alarm that belonged to Tracy’s gadget fanatic husband started to play. Tracy rolled over in bed in a sleepy daze over to give her husband a cuddle. Her sleepy hand searching for him in the folds of the duvet, but found nothing. Startled awake she remembered that he had a “sales meeting” somewhere “up north” and needed to stay overnight. It wasn’t really a problem, Tracy knew when he started his new job five years ago it would mean a lot more travelling, but why on her birthday? She missed that special little birthday kiss and cuddle, that’s if he’d remembered this year. He’d probably call later and tell her where he’s hidden her present. Not that it would be anything to exciting or romantic she thought but at least it would be a present “Just something to unwrap”. She could hear the television on down stairs so the children were up. Tracy lay there listening to an unknown band on the radio play their new song “What difference a day makes” while her mind wandered through her day, again. Shower, breakfast, children ready for school, make up, get dressed, walk children to school, car, drive to work. “Work” she thought, loved the PA job but not her boss she was a PA for. She wanted and needed a more challenging job where she had a lot more job satisfaction but the hours suited the school run. But today was a special day not only her birthday but her first company conference. She lay there thinking, were the rumors true, nobody would talk outright about what went on, but the PA Tracy replaced dropped some very big hints and had advised her that there was a unwritten agreement that no one talked about what happened and peoples silence only added to the mystery. Her mind going through the route she’d have to go to get to her conference, time would be tight but with advanced planning she’d make it on time, just. Anyway all she had to introduce a few speakers, then sit and listen to waffle about what was “projected” to happen within the company.
After showering Tracy stood in front of her make up mirror as she expertly applied her face, not that it need much make up, just enough. She stood and let her dressing gown fall to the floor and started to dress in matching black bra and knickers and a black blouse and red skirt the company colors she’d been advised to wear. She walked to the wardrobe and pulled out the shoes to finish of the outfit as the door closed the Tracy glanced at her self in the full length mirror. Turning half around viewing with a critical eye over her shoulder as her hand touching where she looked “Not bad for two children” she muttered “A little bit here and there but the dieting has paid off” Tracy like many women never fully happy with there bodies, standing square with the mirror “and now for the reward” she announced to no one in particular as she undone the top button of her blouse and studied the effect of now you can nearly see to much and now you can’t quite see enough. Tracy had decided slowly over the months not to do any chasing but if someone chased her and it felt right and……..If……also….well…..a hundred and one different arguments had been swirling around, then she’d very well might be tempted. Tracy checked the time “Let’s go kids” she shouted. Yes it was plenty early enough for the 400 meter walk to school but timing was critical if she was to meet him! It started to drizzle as Tracy locked the door as her children ran off to catch up with their friends on the way to school. Tracy walked with a purpose, eyes scanning the side road on the left. She located her target and adjusted her pace accordingly. “Morning” they both acknowledge as they meet “Not very nice today” he queried. Idle chit chat followed as they walked to the school front gate. They waved good bye to the respective charges. Tracy had come to know this man quite well on their little walks to school he was always happy and always a good word for her always inquiring about her life, her health; her welfare but as they turned to go home Tracy felt a rush of excitement as he spoke again “You’re looking exceptional nice today something special on?” he quizzed He’d always noticed the slightly different hair style or if she made an extra effort which she’d had to admit to herself she’d started to do for him. Over the last few months the conversation had turned quite flirty. They talked about the merits of a short skirt and what was the “ideal” length, but only on the slow walk home which made the mundane school run a bit more exciting. All too soon they were at the side road junction where he said his farewells and they parted. Tracy quickened her walk and looked back as she past the next lamp post, as always he to be looking back at her waving a final farewell before he vanished behind the hedge. In deep thought, walking back to her car, one day I’ll ask him back for a coffee, her eyes narrowed she saw herself showing him to the lounge, hanging their damp coats up to dry, put the kettle and back to the lounge while it boiled. They’d meet at the lounge door, without a word but a knowing smile she’d feel his hand in hers as he lead her upstairs.

Rummaging in her hand bag for the car keys a photo of her husband smiling at her from inside. She paused from the search. It was an old photo from their early days; she smiled back with fond memories. Things had been different then; he had more time for her. He was a mechanic but left to go into IT fixing computers and had been trying to get into sales for the last couple of years. Tracy pulled the keys out and unlocked her old car. Threw her hand bag and coat on the passenger seat and placed herself behind the wheel. Key in the ignition and turned once, all lights come on, turned once more to start. Clump all lights go out but the engine would not start would not even turn over. Tracy repeated the procedure four or five times but the out come was the same. A tear started to roll down her cheek if only her husband was here he’d get it going, but if he was here and not at a sales meeting then she would of left earlier. She wiped the tear away as she remembered her husband had made her join the “home start boys”, a nation wide company “just in case you break down” he said “ the car is getting older but we can’t afford another one yet, when this new sales job takes off maybe” her hubbies much used quote. Tracy found her membership card in the deepest recess of her hand bag picked up her mobile and dialed the number. It was answered within three rings “Home start boys how can we help” asked a polite female voice. Tracy explained the situation to the sympathetic voice. “No problems madam we have a mechanic who’s just left his last job” the voice assured “His name is Shaun he will be with you in about twenty minutes I’m sure he’ll sort you out”. Tracy thanked the lady put her phone back into her hand bag as she stared at the rain drops running down the screen.

Yes she thought things had been different in the early days. They didn’t have a lot of money but they had each other. Presents for birthday were small but affectionate but at least he’d remembered then and there was always that special lovemaking on a birthday. He used to bring flowers home sometimes she always teased him that he was feeling guilty of something in reality he’d done a cash job at work and took the time to buy them just for her. It would be nice now she thought now we have more money if he sent me some at work with a little romantic note not like the last one he sent three years ago “Cost a fortune, knickers off tonight”. She didn’t have any joy that night it was what she called “for him sex”. It never used to concern her because he would always make sure it was evened out. But it later years there seemed to be more for him and less for her as their sex lives seemed to be arranged around the football or some other important sporting event on the telly. “Oh well” muttered, “I’ll have another word with hubby when he got home about quality sex for both”. This time he might listen and take appropriate action. Gentle massages, a least a bit of foreplay, kisses and cuddles and not always in bed last thing at night as if it was an after thought or if his chosen team had lost. A smile broke on her face as she recalled nearly being caught by his mum one Sunday morning Tracy mind wandered back to some off the places they made love, before the children of course, over the table, on the stairs, in most of the rooms and at any time of the day and that moment one night when lust took over and a shop door way offered a little shelter for spontaneous passion.

A van pulled up behind her car. In her mirror Tracy could see two flashing lights on top whirling away. As a young man opened his door put on his high viz yellow coat and walked over to her door “morning madam I've come to get you going” as he flashed his identity card at her through the window. Tracy opened the window to check the card he gave her a few moments. “Can you try to start it madam”. Tracy turned the key and nothing happened. “Hmmmm can you open the bonnet please”. He walked around the front of the car and waited his hand read to move the safety catch. Tracy knew where the lever was to open the bonnet as she’d help her husband many times before fixing various cars. She lent forward to reach the handle but from the seat it was impossible to reach she’d have to get out and kneel and reach in. Shaun could see Tracy struggling and went to help not wanting to see her get wet in the rain. “Sorry madam. I forgot that bonnet lever can’t be reached from the seat on this model let me”. He didn’t wait for a reply just opened the door but he paused a bit and was there a blush? Tracy couldn’t be sure. Tracy remembered the extra undone button and she was still leaning over and was probably exposing a bit of cleavage. “This won’t take long madam” He stammered as he bent down and reached to pull the lever. Tracy lent back in the seat how sweet she thought I can still make a young man blush. Shaun’s hand found the lever and pulled the bonnet jumped up to its safety stop. Shaun smiled while looking over the bonnet and quickly removed hand and closed the door. What Shaun hadn’t realized was his watch strap had caught the hem of Tracy knee length skirt making the back off his hand rub along her thigh as his arm pulled it up exposing more of a leg than she really wanted too. Quickly in panic, before he noticed Tracy smoothed her skirt down, but a little shiver went up her spine and her heart beat a little faster as a few naughty thoughts flashed through her mind.

Shaun slid a hand under the bonnet and released the safety catch. He propped the bonnet on its stay and ducked his head underneath. Tracy could hear a “tut” and a “well I never” as Shaun expertly wiggled a few wires. “I need some tools” he announced to no one in particular and walked to his van to fetch some. Tracy watched him walk past the side window and muttered to her self “happy birthday my dear”, If her husband had forgotten her birthday then she certainly wouldn’t she thought. Who would know after all? Only Shaun and herself and she planned to tell no one, but could she cope with the guilt and lose of honor? It would be a one off. I’ve never been unfaithful before, knowingly, anyway as she thought about a time when in the first year of there marriage when Bob joked that she must be settling bills “kind” because he couldn’t see how she made there money stretch so far. It was easy really, Tracy cancelled her membership of the tennis club which had been a major part off her life before Bob and went without the little luxuries in life, that unnecessary facial or pampering in a parlor had stopped just so they could survive financially. Not that he noticed these sacrifices of course. One evening when hubby was due home, she left a note just inside the unlocked back door. “Be quick husband home soon, I’m in dining room hope it clears the dept” the note teased. She left her knickers in the hall on the floor arranged herself bent forward over the table with skirt lifted over her hips. She couldn’t see who would come into the room, but she heard the back door open and a rustle off a note being read. The foot steps echoed in the hall and entered the dining room. Tracy made a mental note to tell him again to take his working boots off before entering the house. She heard a belt and a zip being undone and trousers being dropped. Hands had gone onto her hips as he entered her. It felt different than her husband, a bit rougher, but she put it down to the scenario she’d set up. It was going to be a “for him” session she knew that as she never had an ****** from this position before. He’d soon finished. Tracy tried to stand up but a hand was gentle placed on her back stopping her. She heard the trousers being pulled up and a belt being done up then the foot steps left the room and the back door slammed closed. Tracy stood up and straightened her skirt. That was one hubby owes me she thought, half an hour later her husband returned with a bunch of flowers “Sorry I’m late” he apologized “Bit off over time” as he took off his shoes with out being asked. To this day Tracy was still not sure if it was him or not as he’d never spoke about it and of course she couldn’t really ask just in case it wasn’t him. But maybe now was the time to make certain and make up for all those lost little luxuries thought Tracy. Shaun face appeared over the top off the bonnet “Try now”. Tracy turned the key, lights went on and engine spluttered into life. Shaun revved the engine from outside and closed the bonnet; put his tools away walked back to Tracy’s door.

Tracy opened the window and stopped the engine. “I need to see your membership card madam” he announced. Tracy handed over her battered card. The smile fell off Shaun’s face “your card, it’s out of date. I forgot I should off check it before I started work, it’s my first day” He explained. “It means that I have to pay all cost”. “Isn’t there anything I can do to help” enquired Tracy as thoughts ran wild. “You could renew your membership now then I’ll be off the hook”.Tracy felt disappointed not really the answer she was fishing for but then why this man would want her, she’d been silly, a fantasy that’s all. “OK Shaun where do I sign” she sighed. “Sorry but you have to register on line. We have this new computer system in the van, if it holds together. It won’t take more than a few minutes”.He walked off to the side door off the van and opened it and went inside and switched on some lights. Tracy waited a bit trying to decide what to do, she has a conference to go to, but she be late now anyway or help Shaun. Slowly she closed her window picked up her hand bag and secured the car. Tracy walked quickly to the van to keep dry as she put a foot on the step a musty oily aroma filled the air. She smelt it before, long time ago, now where? Her memory searching for the place and time as the other foot cleared the path. The van rocked a bit, where? Fully inside the aroma now stronger than ever, where? Of course Tracy thought it’s Bob when he was a mechanic. Tracy was surprised as feelings stirred deep inside her, had she just found what was missing from her sex live? Memorable session with Bob came flooding back. Yes she thought most of them had been aroma linked. Shaun was asking questions that Tracy answered automatically not really listening. She sat down on a big red tool box savoring the moment, but as she did the van rocked a little bit more and with slope of the road the side door gentle rolled closed “CLICK”.

The click brought Tracy back to reality. Shaun was typing her answers in to the computer. Every now and again a button would jump off the keyboard which Shaun carefully replaced. Then the monitor would blink and go through a rainbow of colors which seemed to be fixed by a gentle tap on the top right corner. Shaun pressed enter. “Just sending the info” he announced as he picked up the button from the floor “Sorry madam, cheap system. The boss says the man who sold it had brilliant ideas about how the system should work, but not a clue about quality of the hardware. She wants it all replaced.” Tracy took in her surroundings a van with shelves filled with car parts. She remembered when they first moved house. Bob had borrowed the garages van to carry the furniture. It was then while he was unloading it that she jokingly said “we’ve never done it in a van have we?” “Soon put a stop to that” replied Bob as he closed the door and made love to her, an unexpected moment of passion, not planned, never thought about, just the spontaneous raw power of lust in the quickie that seemed to end too soon but proved satisfying to both. “Here we are” announced Shaun as the printer whizzed into life his hand automatically catching the front panel before it hit the floor. “Just sign here then you can go”. He handed her a pen still with a big smile on his face. However the smile vanished as he noticed the closed door for the first time “Oh” He panicked. “What’s the matter” Tracy inquired “The door, it’s got high security locks that can only be opened with a key from the outside” Shaun replied as he pulled the keys from his pocket. “Never mind I’m sure I can force the lock from the inside” as he reached for a screw driver from his top pocket. He knelt down in front of the door and proceeded to expertly examine it muttering quietly to himself. After a few minutes Tracy asked “How’s it going?” “Not well” He admitted “I’m trying to do something that this lock has been designed to resist” he still fiddled with the lock. “Can you call for help?” enquired Tracy. “Yes, But I’d prefer not to as I will get into big trouble for this”. “I have a conference to go too and I’m already late because of the car” explained Tracy.Shaun stopped work as he remembered he new bosses final words that morning “customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves in and they must come first”. He picked up his mobile phone and rang the boss. Shaun calmly explained the situation then held the phone away from his ear as a voice exploded through the ear piece. It went on for a few minutes with Shaun saying the occasional “oh” “but” “OK”. Then all went quite as he put the phone down.“Well?” asked Tracy

“You are not going to like this madam but we have a problem.” He paused; waiting for a scream but Tracy just looked on, eyes brows rose questioning him. “They’ve had a break in at the office” he continued “The safe, where the spare keys are, been tampered with. The police scenes of crime squad have to check out the area. They reckon that a lock smith might have to crack the safe. The lock smith is busy and can’t get it the safe or us at the moment” He stood in front of her head bow in shame like a naughty boy. “I’ll carry on trying to open it from the inside”. He turned and knelt down and attacked the lock more vigorously with the screwdriver. The aroma in the van started to make demands on Tracy’s body “So Shaun are we going to be here very long?” asked Tracy. “I don’t know madam. But I should think a couple of hours” whispered Shaun. Tracy sat and stared at the back of Shaun as the aroma in the van played havoc with her senses. She undone a button of her blouse revealing a glimpse of a lacy bra forming a perfect cleavage her mind sorting out the arguments for and against it’s my birthday, he’s forgot, know one will know, I’m married with children, he’ll not want me, I’ll make a fool of myself, but I’ll never see him again, bet he’s good, never have a chance like this again, haven’t had decent sex for ages, no I’ve made some vows must stick to them hubby will come through in the end. He’s stressed at work and has affected his performance at home and in bed, we all get stressed we just have to know how to relax and sex can help. Tracy jumped back to reality as her phone sang out the ring tone of her husband. She reached out and fished it out of her bag; he’d remembered at last she thought. “Hello dear” she answered “I’m…..” but Bob ignored her and talked over her “Bad news meeting going on longer than expected will be another night see you some time tomorrow. Have to dash meeting starts soon” then as an after thought “You OK?” Tracy hand wipe a gentle tear away from her cheek “Yes dear” she replied but she knew that he had not heard he had moved the phone away from his ear to hang up and Tracy could hear people laughing and glasses been clinked just before the line went dead. So, she thought as she put the phone in her bag, He has forgotten, he’s not at a meeting but drinking with his mates in some pub while she was struggling at home. Another button fell open between her fingers and her skirt shortened and legs crossed at the knee to reveal a shapely thigh. There she sat all innocent and coy, on the box at a slight angle showing just enough to allow Shaun’s imagination run wild, but leave no doubt in his mind.

“How’s it going?” she enquired to the back of his head as her shoe slipped of her heel and swung on toes. “Fine, I think I might get it soon”. Tracy smiled and thought never a truer word had been spoken. Suddenly Shaun lurched forward as the screwdriver slipped and his head banged on the door. He stood up rubbing his head, a broken screwdriver in his other hand. “Sorry madam” he apologized as he slowly turned round “But I can’t open the lock” as he face her “and I’ve bbbroken mmmy ssscrwedriver aaand mmmy hhhhead hhhurts” he stammered as blushed at the heavenly sight before him. ”Let me take a look at your head it might need some attention, don’t worry I’m a trained first aider” Tracy lied seeing a way to get closer. She stood up and stopped his hand from rubbing his head “Let me see” He bowed his head down. Tracy looked at his forehead “Emm no blood, just a very small bruise nothing to worry about, just needs kissing better” before Shaun could move or reply Tracy kissed the bruise knowing full well that he would be looking down her open blouse at her cleavage. “There do you feel better now” before he could answer she place another kiss on his cheek “thought you had a little scratch there as well”. Tracy’s hand lifted his chip up “How you feeling?” Shaun’s lips moved but no sound was heard as their lips met in a tender first kiss. Tracy’s arms around Shaun’s neck, his hands on her waist while their kissing grew more passionate as they become more confident in each other. His hands gentle exploring the subtle curves of her body seemingly asking can I go here, dare I go there, as there lips played and teased each other. Tracy could scarcely feel a hand moving up the side of her as the material of her blouse being gentle smoothed against her. It stopped at her bra and with a hesitant uncertainly followed the strap around. Is if to give permission Tracy stopped kissing and leaned back arms still around Shaun. For the first time her in married life a hand other than her husbands touched her breast as it followed her bra line to the buttons on her blouse. While enjoying the sensation of an eager young man as another button fell open to his touch, the feeling of guilt started to play on her. Bob really didn’t deserve this he was a good man in so many ways. Another button feel. He just needed to pay her more attention more of the time. She didn’t mind her playing golf but why every Sunday? Why the pub every Wednesday night? She knew his excuses “I’m making contacts and doing business”. She needed more spontaneity in all parts of her life. The last button fell to Shaun eager fingers. Shaun placed a finger at the side of her neck pushing the edge of her blouse over as his finger tingled its way down following her profile through the valley of her cleavage across her tummy to the waist band of her skirt.

Tracy arms dropped and pushed Shaun away “Sorry Shaun” as she wrapped her blouse around herself “I’m really very sorry for leading you on, I’m married and it’s my birthday and he’s forgotten and it’s raining and I’m late for my conference and and ……” announced Tracy staring at the floor looking for any excuse as she sat back on the box. Shaun stood there finger still at waist band height the long awkward silence finally broken by Tracy’s phone ringing a message alert tone. She smiled “My husband probably just remembered” trying to justify her actions as she fumbled with her phone quickly pressing all the wrong buttons. As she read the message the smile fell and as tears rolled down her cheek. The phone switched off and thrown back into her bag in haste, she stood up and pulled her blouse from her skirt and let it slip from her shoulders on to the box and wrapped her arms around Shaun “Now where were we? ah yes” as her lips found his again. Shaun not responding “That text I’m confused what did it say?” he asked muffled by Tracy’s lips. Tracy paused from trying to kiss him gave a big sigh “Football tonight channel 5, record at 7.30 DON’T FORGET, important match”. She couldn’t believe it, no “thank you”, no “happy birthday”, yet again sport on TV controlling her life even with Bob away. “I don’t understand” replied Shaun. “You don’t have to, just understand this” as Tracy took hold on his wrists and placed his hands on her breasts. He didn’t move still unsure as he felt her boobs lifting in time with her breath. Sensing Shaun’s uncertainly she circled his hands against herself, nipples erect wanting more, as Tracy closed her eyes as a little moan escaped.

Shaun could feel through the bra her erect nipples, his hand movements still controlled. Tracy eyes still closed as pure pleasure smiled on her face. He started to ignore the suggested moves from her as fingers became mobile, playing, exploring, touching her upper body. Tracy’s grasp on his wrist tightened to hold him at her ecstasy giving points as her body uncontrollable quivered as he touched her in just the right places. Tracy let go as the pleasure grow too great for her to stand unsupported. They embraced each other his hands running along her back pausing each time teasingly at her bra clip, undo or not?. Kisses being showered upon her shoulders, a hand slipped over the waist band of her skirt and fumbling to undo the zip allowing the skirt to slip off her hips on to the floor. Tracy stood in front of a stranger only in bra and knickers feeling a bit ashamed of what could, would be about to happen. Shaun started to kiss Tracy’s neck while she started to open the zip on Shaun’s boiler suit “What am I doing?” thought Tracy as he kissed his way across her shoulders working lower to the valley of her cleavage with each pass, his zip half way down, “This has to stop” as doubts once again argued through her mind. He’ll understand I can’t go through with this. Mind made up Tracy parted from Shaun whispering “Sorry” over and over she sat back on box and buried her face in her hands.

This was more than a lack of decent sex Tracy knew it went far deeper then that. This is about feeling wanted, being loved. Being thought of more than a cook and housemaid or being treated like a robot that can be programmed for automatic sex after he’d watched some sport then switched off when he had his way. Confused thoughts raced through her head. If only Bob knew how she was feeling but then he should he’d been told him enough times. We would have a heart to heart talk then for the next week or so things would be reasonable ok then it would slowly creep back to how it was. First he might say “be there in a minute to help” then when I finished the washing up or football half time he come through and excuse himself “Oh you’ve done” or “sorry good match”. I would forgive because he’d been helping out more but then it seemed it was the thin edge of the wedge. Other bad habits dripped back into his routine the clothes left on the floor was it really that difficult to put them in the basket next to where he dropped them on the floor? After their talk the sex would be good not great but it would soon be controlled by sport on the telly. No having an affair was a short term solution, a quick fix. I need to give Bob an ultimatum treat me better or….. That was the problem or what. The sound of a long zip being undone and a boiler suit pulled off Shaun’s body. A tear dripped into her hand as she peeped through her fingers all she could see were Shaun’s naked feet coming out off his overalls. What a mess, what to do? Tracy gathered her thoughts quickly I need to get out of this situation. I’m locked in a van wearing only my bra and knickers with a naked man I’ve never seen before. A plan soon evolved in her mind to sort this problem out.

Tracy jumped up quick and looked Shaun straight in the eye. Part one of the plan worked this way she didn’t see his naked body but could talk to him face to face. Time to start part two “Shaun I’m married. It’s Birthday. He’s forgotten. I don’t do this sort of thing. I’m sorry if I lead you on.” she blurted out as her eyes not able to hold his gaze drop, a bit in shame, and viewed his muscular torso very nice she thought “but this can’t go any further” as she studied his well defined body her eyes lowering “hope you can forgive me and understand that….” Her voice faded away as Tracy became aware of the straining in Shaun’s underwear “….. That, that…..” Tracy knew that poor lighting could play tricks on the eye and fool the mind to make things seem different than they actually were “…we shouldn’t….” she reached out a tentative hand to verify the hard facts. Part two of the plan now started to fail as Tracy looked up as she touched him “we shouldn’t what?” he asked as he shuddered a bit while her hand ran along him. “Never mind” she whispered her hands going to her back to undo her bra “we shouldn’t waste anymore time”. Shaun took her in his arms and held her hands behind her back preventing her from undoing her bra “Not so fast” as he started to turn her round “I’ve other plans”.

Tracy stood, hands gripped a low shelf, head rolled forward as she felt these strangers’ hands massaged her neck and shoulders, the built up tension of the last few days flowing away through his fingers tips as he worked his way little by little along her neck and shoulders, unhurriedly working his way down her back every muscle and nerve soothed to perfection. His hand lifted her hair so he could kiss the nape of her neck, his lips meticulous, soft and gentle, not missing a millimeter of her body as he worked across her shoulders and gradually down her back. Tracy felt the strap pull tight as his fingers fumbled with the clip then the bra slipped down her arms he dropped it on the floor as his hands circled her and cupped her breast in his hands playing with her nipples between his finger and thumb. Tracy could feel gentle kisses on her neck and shoulders as her body started to tingling absorbing the forgotten pleasures of an attentive lover. Sensing Tracy needed more trickled a hand down her side and paused at knickers, unsure, moving side to side along the elastic waiting for a sign, dare he go lower, was he moving to fast, is this what she really wanted. A little finger tentatively slid under the elastic as he continued to massage her boobs. Tracy felt her knickers pull tighter as his second finger slide in, wanting, needing more but dare she let it go any further. Her body needing, wanting, now demanding more, no conscious decision made as her body took over from the nagging doubts in her mind her feet moved apart. Tracy hands grabbed a high shelf to steady her self as Shaun’s hand went fully inside her knickers, his arms now needed for support as legs started to give way as his inquisitive fingers started to play between her legs. Tracy body responded well as an ****** built up deep inside as Tracy mind wandered aimlessly around the highlights of past fantasies taking full advantage of a man whose only concern seemed to be her ultimate pleasure. Tracy felt under no pressure to perform, only to enjoy, no doubt in her mind of will he last as all his delicate and subtle little movements unhurriedly driving her to a point of high ecstasy. Just being held at a point of elation not yet the final joy of her ******, but in her heightened state of sensitive only a gentle touch away, a touch that Shaun was happy not to give as her body quivered against his, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her, a stranger. His hands independently playing havoc with her body, sensing when to touch, how to, where to, how softly, how slowly, taken her to the point off no return and holding her there as she collapsed like a rag doll total in his arms as he placed a gentle kiss on the nape of her neck, the touch that proved to be the one to much, as an ****** surged through her wiping away any guilt that may off haunted her in the future. Safely held in his arms Tracy let her self enjoy the pleasure to the full, he seemed to be in no hurry as she started to recover from the orgasmic state he placed her in. Her arms started to take some weight as she pulled her self up to balance on unsteady legs still steadied by Shaun’s hands now on her hips Tracy wobbled her way back to the tool box and sat, eyes glazed staring at the floor watching it come slowly back into focus.

Sitting on the box recovering, the awkward silence only broken by gentle rain hitting the top of the van, “Wow, that was…..” a pause as she searched for the appropriate words “wow, you certainly know how to…..” searching “wow, where did you….” She looked up to see Shaun’s grinning face “Thank you. Just let me recover” She hesitated “a bit more” this was the point of no return she was going to have sex with another man “I’ll give you” she paused, a what? He didn’t have to have full sex with her. He wasn’t her hubby she could show gratitude in other ways like a hand, or two as her eyes fell to his middle; after all he’d only used his hands on her. Tracy could see the smile be replaced by a look disappointment on Shaun’s face “Sorry Shaun, but like for like, seems only fair” Tracy justified, feeling a bit selfish about using the man while thinking he wouldn’t last long. “Thank you madam” Like for like whirling through his mind “but I thought I hadn’t finished with you yet” as he stepped towards her bent down a lifted her feet up. Tracy had no warning and could do nothing to stop the surprised move as her arms went back to support herself, legs still being lifted, she was forced to lean back more feet now shoulder height Tracy could only give way and lay on the tool box which was just long enough to support her torso, her legs still controlled by Shaun hands being held on his shoulders at her ankles. In a state of shook at the suddenness of the move and new position “Shaun sorry if I’ve upset you” She looked up and saw his cheeky face grinning between her feet “I just” she paused that was not the face of a man who was upset “I just wanted to be fair for once…” he turned his head and kissed an ankle “Like for like” Tracy said not quite sure of the situation. Shaun turned his head and kissed the other ankle once. He looked down at Tracy hands gentle rubbing her calves inching their way along her legs to Tracy’s knees. Shaun lent forward sliding a leg either side of head, hands gliding along her thighs until his fingers found her knickers. He gentle pulled them down, paused, Tracy still not sure what he had in mind stared in eyes and saw no malice, She slowly lifted her hips allowing her knickers to be drawn along her legs as Shaun moved back and slide her knickers off over her feet and rested himself head back between her ankles and a knowing smile on his face.

He placed two kisses on a foot one just higher than the last he smiled and turned to the other leg “like” he said. Two more kisses place with care “for” he whispered while he turned his head and put two more kisses a little higher than the first. “like” he turned the kisses placed with millimetric precision “like” no two kisses in the same place “for” no part on her inner leg untouched “like” as he worked his way “like” along her calves “for” his hand massaging the outer “like” legs inline with the kissed spot “like”. Tracy lay there, savoring “for” each kiss. The slow progression “like” along her legs spinning her mind “for” was he teasing or going all the way? “like” he’d reached her knees, legs parted slightly “like” while enjoying the attention and uncertainly “for” of where he’d stop she knew she could not “like” return the favor while happy to “like” receive oral she never had been able to “for” give. Each turn of Shaun’s head now gentle “like” nuzzling her reluctant legs apart “For” Tracy resisting as her sense of fair play “like” demanding things had to be even “like” as much as she wanted “for” Shaun to continue along her inner thigh “like” she’d never could do oral “for” mid thigh her body quivering “like” the kisses speeding up as he “like” pleasured his way “for” to his goal with eager “like” anticipation Tracy in two minds “like” like for like echoing through “for” her head knowing the “like” pleasures about to “for” bestowed on her “like”. Tracy legs snapped shut holding Shaun’s head still. “Sorry” she whimpered as she looked down at his fish face squashed between her thighs “but” she paused was she really going to turn this down “I can’t….. I don’t do….I won’t….. I need to be fair with you. I never could…..return this…It’s not you….. It’s just I never could not even with my husband…. It’s….” her voice faded away as her legs muscles relaxed and Shaun’s thoughtful face returned. “Understood” as he retreated a bit then with a devilish glint in his eye “Lets just call it your birthday present” and buried his face into her *****. Kissing, tongue exploring. His hands moving up her body arms under her legs to play with her boobs. Tracy lay there supporting her legs with her hands at her knees. Again taking full advantage of the situation as she started to flick through her fantasy list, tart at the bar, a police man, a doctor, the stranger in the shop as Shaun continued to worship her, driving her to new heights of sexual ecstasy. A police man walked into a room. Shaun’s fingers rolling her nipples erect. The police man starts to *****. Shaun unaware of where Tracy’s mind was, tongue toying with her clitoris, quickly, expertly driving her wild building her body towards another ******. The police man down to his skimpy underwear performing just for her in her mind. Shaun tongue moving faster as he heard Tracy murmur undistinguishable noise’s of pleasure. The police man advances towards her ready to pat search her down his hands on her hips slipping down her thighs. The strong image in her mind blown away as her ****** streamed through her body. Shaun tongue gently playing to maximize her glorious pleasure. Tracy felt his hands leave her body as he wriggled his head out from between her thighs. She lay there on her back floating in orgasmic heaven not daring to move just savoring the moment to the full.

Tracy let go off her knees and slowly sat up on the box knowing it was Shaun’s turn “Shaun you deserve more than a hand job, but I’m doing nothing else with out a condom” she announced, seeing a chance to get away with a minimal amount of sacrifice. Tracy watched Shaun’s hand go to the top shelf and pass her a box with a lid on. She took the box and slowly opened the lid the box was full off assorted condoms. She casually moved them around as if looking for a certain type. Still looking at the box “Why so many condoms Shaun?” she asked realizing that there must off been many other women who’d sat on the tool box. “I don’t know. It’s my first day. When I sorted the van out I found them”. Tracy put the little box down, it was the end of her last excuse, she couldn’t go through with it even with a condom, and he’d have to make do with a quick hand job. Tracy looked up not realizing that Shaun had removed his pants. There he stood in his full naked glory, erect and hard, ready for some much deserved action. Tracy froze, what was it? she couldn’t put her finger on it. It wasn’t the size, though impressive. Was it the lean body or the eager look in his eye? No it was not one thing as it was the whole package when put together. She quickly grabbed a condom, “what the hell” she muttered anyone will do she thought, and passed it to Shaun. He put it on while she arranged some coats on the floor and lay down, legs out straight arms at her side with Shaun standing over her, waiting with a stupid schoolboy grin on his face. It was now or never as Tracy started to lift her knees, slowly sliding her feet on the floor as regret flooded through her not for what she was about to do but for the last two *******. Knees just parted. She knew that nothing could give an ****** better than the real thing. She’d remembered reading an article about “The female ******” Feet sliding uncertainly along the floor. The opening statement said “In prehistoric times a female would have sex more with a particular male if he gave her an ****** thus increasing his chances of fathering her children”. Feet just clearing the floor, knees hip distance apart. Shaun took a small step closer standing between Tracy’s raised feet. Forget the technical science bit ******* were nice anyway they were given but, why hadn’t she just made love to him straight away, had her ****** given to her as nature had intended? Shaun knelt down inside her opening legs her hands reached out and felt his lean body as leant forward placing his hands either side of her supporting his weight. Tracy could feel his manhood keen and eager ready to enter her. He whispered softly “Are you sure about this?” her hands resting on his back moving slowly down his body as she thought, technically she hadn’t been unfaithful, Her hands now on his hips, yes she’d bent the rules to extremes but according to the law not unfaithful. She could say no, but then she thought this needn’t be quality for him she’d make sure he was quick, shower him with passion and make the right noises at the right time, it worked with her hubby. Hands on his taught bum Tracy closed her eyes “Yes, I sure” opened legs and lifted her hips as she gentle eased him into herself.

As two became one, bodies moving in time as she matched his rhythm. A hand moved under her arm and lifted her head, fingers teasing her hair while he showered kisses on her neck. Her feet involuntary bobbing up and down in time with his perfect movements as a hand rapidly searching her, feel of calve along to her thigh searching for a place to give her most pleasure over her hip to her waist, searching, along her side to massage her breast a stifled moan as he found her nipple. His hand dropping, searching, stroking, massaging back down her body to her calves randomly flowing over her as she lavished herself on him, holding nothing back she worked him with a false “yes” and “oh” muffled through kissing. His quickened pace rewarded by a repeated “oh yes” his hand back on her breast teasing a nipple between finger and thumb “faster” she ordered her hands holding him tight squeezing herself to him as her shoulders just cleared the floor, legs lifted higher to give him more access. His arms now underneath her, elbows on the floor, hands under shoulders pulling her down, his face buried in her neck. Tracy prepared for her fake ****** whisperings “faster” in his ear. As he followed instructions Tracy responded with mutterings of joy but to her surprise they were not so false. She could feel the first little tingle of an ****** building deep inside. Her muscles aching everywhere but daring not to relax for fear of losing the perfect position and Shaun's quickening motion as her ****** built. For the third time that day Tracy’s pleasure was at the mercy of a total stranger as she gave up trying to satisfy him quickly and lay there, desperate to move her thighs to relieve the growing discomfort knowing if she did all could be lost. Tummy muscles taught from holding her upper body partially off the floor as Shaun worked away again his sole intent seemingly one thing, the total satisfaction of this lady laid before him. Eyes closed her body shaking with anticipation as she found herself taking full advantage of this man, her mind unashamedly away with another fantasy man heighten her orgasmic state, ready for Shaun to finish what he’d started. Shaun could hear little moans in time with his rhythm getting louder, more urgent as he worked, faster; his moved a hand to support her head while the other hand rapidly toyed with her nipple then run along her thigh searching, feeling for her sensuous curves , faster, then back to her breast. Tracy head supported, Shaun playing with her hair, opened her eyes and briefly meet his gaze before both pairs shut as they climaxed together her ****** overwhelming her as Shaun grunted his satisfaction before they both collapsed in a panting mass of exhaustion and lay there quietly as one for a few minutes not daring to move savoring the moment to the full, their bodies recovering, the silence finally broken by a “wow” from Shaun as he stood up to sort himself out. Tracy carefully closed her aching legs, still short of breath and sat up “your boss will be here soon” she announced embarrassingly while looking at her watch “we’d better get dressed and forget that this happened” as she tried to cover herself by folding her arms “as enjoyable as its been………..” she looked up at Shaun “I know, you’re married and it should never off happened” he finished, Tracy smiled “Well yes. Do you know where all my knickers are? I can see everything else” Shaun looked thoughtful as his mind cast back to the morning events each stage passed with a slight sides way move of his head and a lift of one eye brow “Behind the tool box” he paused “Almost certainly” Tracy stood up and shuffled her way to the tool box, carefully avoiding touching Shaun, why after what they had just done she wasn’t sure it just didn’t seem proper. Behind the tool box was a gap with the panel of the van to allow the lid to open, Tracy bent over the box to look and there on the floor in the bottom of the gap Tracy could see her knickers. Her arm would just fit down to reach, if she just twisted this way and that, but as her reached her knickers the twisting and reaching and slightly unsteady legs her other hand caught a bottle on a shelve, which toppled over, and landed on the lid of the tool box. It rocked, as if trying to decide if to fall or over stay upright as the liquid swilled inside. Then so slowly it fell, laying down inches from her face the liquid rocking to and fro pushed. Tracy looked on in horror as the thick liquid dripped from the leaking cap onto the tool box lid. The round pool of liquid slowly forming getting closer to her as she breathed in the intoxicating aroma, gear oil, old used gear oil. The smell of her dreams final found. Tracy could faintly see, through half closed eyes, Shaun picking up the bottle, she inhaled deeply. Tracy watched as the pool of oil trickled over the side of the tool box and dripped on her knickers. Her elbows either side of the small pool and inhaled deeply again, nose inches away. If her friends could see her she thought, she, this sophisticated lady, bent over a toolbox, being immobilized by the smell of oil. Not the lure of a nice perfume or aftershave but common dirty used oil. Tracy was vaguely aware of Shaun as he moved about, all thoughts off his boss turning up forgotten when she heard a little tearing noise and the faint sounds off a condom being forced on, another deep breath. Tracy felt hands on her hips, unable to believe that he was ready again, and a foot gently tapped her feet spreading her legs apart not able to or wanting to resist as Shaun entered her and she felt only to well that he was ready and very able to go again.

His hands stayed on her hips as he gathered momentum their bodies moving in time. This was for him she knew, never before had she had an ****** from this position, but like many things that morning she surprised herself. With the aroma of the oil, the eagerness of Shaun, or maybe the exact correct height of the toolbox she as bent over or was it her nipples gentle rubbing on the rounded edge of the box as her boobs gentle swayed in time with Shaun. Tracy had no idea what or why as her body accepted it first gentle climax, as Shaun worked away seemingly unstoppable in his pleasure giving, ignoring her moans as ******* flowed continuously, gentle ripples of pleasure flowing into each other, Tracy not sure where one started or even stopped, drawing in the oily vapor with each panting breath. She found herself in a unique situation of not wanting Shaun to stop but not being able to cope with her orgasmic heaven for much longer. Sensing his quicken pace she braced her self against the box for his final moments of glory. "Bang", Shaun stopped dead full inside her, both frozen in panic as someone on the outside had hit the side door. “You all right in there” inquired a voice. Tracy tried to stand up but a hand placed in the small of her back stopped her, as a feeling off ‘da ju vue’ swept over her as her ******* died away. Silence from inside the van “Hello” another bang on the door “All right in there”. “Yes” stammered Shaun “Fine, never better” he still held Tracy down. “Now listen carefully this might take some time” announced the voice “but as you know we had a break in and we think it was done by a previous employee who had a bit of a grievance, nothing was stolen but he’s removed all the ID tags from the spare keys. We don’t know which Key fits which van so I have to try them all, all sixty of them. Anyway I hope you have not been wasting your time Shaun while locked inside”. Shaun quickly thinking “No boss, I’ve been, been sorting things out in the van and I was very nearly finished” he replied truthfully “Why did the employee have a grievance Boss?” The man out side paused “Well let’s just say I found him in a compromising position with one off our customers. I played golf with her husband and it’s going to take me a long time to replace him, decent, reliable golf partners are quite rare nowadays” Tracy half smiled to her self what was it about men and sport. “Hey Shaun, Isn’t this near the place you were telling us about when you were a delivery boy, when some lady left a note and you had your first, well, experience” Quizzed the boss with doubt and mocking in his voice, Tracy’s ears straining to hear all clearly “Now what did you reckon that note said Shaun” Tracy could just imagine the boss standing outside reciting the note “Be quick husband back soon” a long pause “Ah yes that’s it, I’m in the dining……….” his voice trailed away to Shauns ears as Tracy whispered “room, hope it clears the debt” finishing the sentence to the obvious enjoyment of Shaun as she felt him twitching inside her. They both heard a “Click” as the first key was tried in the door and then drop into a box. A second key “Click”. Shaun making mental calculations, ten seconds per key sixty keys equals ten minutes; give himself a fifty-fifty because the key might be the next one allows five minutes to get them selves dressed. He had about three minutes with luck on his side. He slowly removed his hand holding Tracy down as he started to withdraw. Tracy throwing cautions to the wind “That debt was never quite cleared you know” teased Tracy. A brief pause before Shaun’s lust took over, hands back on her hips determined to finish what he’d started as he pulled her onto himself “Click” the third key fell. Shaun primeval lust took over as reverted to basic man; this was raw, rampant sex for him “Click”. He was there to satisfy his needs as he speeded up to beat the clock, “click” Tracy sensing his growing urgency bracing herself securely, against the toolbox prepared to take “click” his increasing demands on her body, as she was slowly pushed across the box, “click” there was no room for her to adjust herself to his increasing demands as she fought to keep her head from banging on the panel of the van, “click” her body could only accept and absorb what he delivered, when he delivered with his quickening pace “click” as his hands gripping tighter on her hips Tracy’s feet cleared the floor as Shaun prepared for the his finally “click” Tracy released a silent scream of pure pleasure, the power of the ****** twitching her arms together bowing the lid of the box liked cardboard in her arms as Shaun shuddered to his satisfaction, “click” with a foggy head Tracy was just aware of her feet finding the floor, her hips no longer clamped “Best get dressed and quick” Shaun whispered as he withdrew, “click” Tracy still dazed reached down and picked up her knickers straightened up turned round and sat down on the bent box knickers in hand not really with it as she bent forward struggling to line up her toes “click” each clicking sound bring her slowly back to reality as she wobbled upright “click” She gazed as Shaun thinking it’s not fair he’d just pulled on his overalls and boots and was safe, dressed and ready “Click”. Shaun snatched her knickers away and whispered “They’re covered in oil” He bent down passed her bra with a hushed “quick” arms in she turned for to Shaun fasten the clip as she settled her boobs in the cups. “Click” Shaun held up her blouse ready for arms to slip in “Click” Her fingers fumbling with the buttons as she slowly came back to reality the mussiness clearing “Click” as she stepped into her skirt offered by Shaun, “Click” and gentle pulled up her legs. Tracy settled the skirt in place and tucked in her blouse “Click” while Shaun eased up the zip “Click” She smiled and whispered a quite “Thank you” as he backed away to the other end of the van looking busy tiding a shelf “Click” and hiding Tracy’s knickers, she sat on the box while her feet found her shoes a hand smoothed her skirt and pulled it to it’s regulation length over crossed legs “Clunk” her shoe slipped off her heel and hung on her toes as the door slid open “Sorry Madam for the inconvenience can’t stay I must be somewhere else” “It’s OK” assured Tracy to the back of the head of the rescue man, as she shielded her eyes half from the sudden light and half to cover her flushed face “I’ve been looked after really well and Shaun been” a slight pause “the perfect gentleman, a credit to your company, most accommodating”. Tracy picked up her hand bag and wobbled to her feet grabbing the offered hand to assist her out from the van. “Still raining then” Tracy announced to no one particular “Thank you Shaun, you made being locked in a van most entertaining, in fact an unexpected pleasure”. Tracy fished out her keys from her hand bag and pressed the unlock button as the boss man escorted her to the car and opening the door murmuring various apologies. Tracy gratefully sat in the seat “no problem at all” she assured, as she watched Shaun’s van start to move away down the street “I’d recommend the experience to anyone”.

Tracy switched on her phone and noted the missed calls hubby, boss, private number while she thought about what she’d just done, guilt and pleasure fighting within, what was done was done and would never happen again, she vowed as her phone bleeped out a text alert while she checked her make up in the mirror. Tracy started the car and drove away to the conference center trying to think of a plausible excuse for her horrible boss for not being there on time. A few miles down the road the phone ran Tracy glanced at the phone resting on the passenger seat pulled into a lay by and answered it “Yes dear” she waited, could he tell from her voice? Had she changed? Would he ever find out? A long pause then a slightly slurred voice announced “Happy birthday” another pause “Did you get your pressy?” Tracy sat and pondered what it was going to be this year. “They told me it would arrive this morning well?” “No nothing yet and I’m on my way to work and I’m late must go, bye” Tracy could hear a little panicky voice “no, no, no, don’t go it’s not my fault they haven’t delivered on time”. Tracy sat and staring at the rain hearing her hubby drone on excuse after excuse, but not really listening as her mind flipped between Shaun’s van and her husband thinking there 364 days to organize a present to be delivered, Why leave it so late. Why lie, why not just say “I forgot” why pretend? “So as you see it’s not my fault. Tracy, Tracy you there still?” Tracy snapped a “Yes”, “My love” he enquired; here it comes thought Tracy we’ve had the not my fault bit now for the sweet talk. “What I’ve done this year is really rather special. That car of yours is getting older” Tracy heart skipped a beat “not as reliable as it should be” Tracy heart missed a beat thinking of new cars “and I want you to be safe while on the road” he slowed his speech as if uncertain as to how Tracy would react “so if up graded you to…….” A pause, cars models flashed through Tracy mind “…..The executive option with the home start boys” Tracy felt deflated but before she could explode a reply her husband quickly explained “They send out Two boys instead of one, They call once a week to check you over, make sure everything works as it should, attend to your body work and even do on site servicing when you need it where you need it, and even a weekly valet” Tracy’s eyes narrowed did he know? “You will be looked at every week to make sure it’s safe and sound and everything works satisfactory” Tracy remained silent, not a very romantic present, quite a practicable present, not as nice as a new car, but then a new car was not going to break down and the idea of a weekly check over had suddenly become very appealing. Tracy silence continued annoyed by the lack of imagination from her husband as she listened to the phone, but not hearing, him justifying the present, her present. “Thank you dear” Tracy broke her silence “that’s got to be the most wonderful present you have ever bought me” “It is?” Bob surprised, a pause before “Well I put a lot of thought it to these things you know…………” Tracy interrupted “Yes, yes dear I’m late for work must go will ring you later” and slammed down the cut off button with her thumb. Tracy sat there staring out off the side window, the rain stopped suddenly and bright sunshine broke through the clouds as the rays warmed Tracy’s face she saw a movement in the trees no her imagination muttering to herself as she went to started the car “Must be seeing things, right Tracy now for some fun in your life, Ho hum” Click went the engine as she finally turned the key. Tracy’s mobile vibrated to life as she glanced at the slightly recognized number as she picked it up “Hello”, “Morning Tracy, It’s the home start boys here we have a bit of a confusion here. It seems that you renewed your membership this morning and your husband upgraded about half an hour ago. Now which would you like to cancel?” Tracy sat in stone silence what a lot of thought and planning he’d done last minute pressy again “Hello Tracy? Which one would you like?”

“I’ll take the upgrade please” Tracy felt hurt by his lies. “Now Tracy would you like me to credit your account or there is another upgrade if you would like me put it towards that?” “What’s the next upgrade?” Tracy enquired “Well It’s the Gold Executive, same as the Executive but the visits are not limited to one a week. You can call us when you want, where you want and we are there” . “and there’s no limit” confirmed Tracy “No limit at all, we come sort you out, all the little niggles things that need looking after that our husband should attend to but can’t be bothered to do. To be honest from past experience our gold accounts call us out a lot for the first few months but as things get sorted it usually calms down…” “You mean the car gets more reliable?” Tracy tentatively asked. “Yes” came the reply. Tracy thought “Upgrade me please and can you send someone out? I’ve broken down and was just about to call you out”. “Of course no problem now let me see..............................

But thats the star
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Jul 24, 2010