Running Late.

We were meant to meet at the restaurant but you call to let me know you are running a little late so I decide to surprise you and meet you at the office instead.

When I arrive, most of the building is in darkness with just a few lights still on. I have been here before so I know how to find you.

I approach the door quietly and you don't notice that I have arrived. You are talking on the phone and I take my time admiring your perfection. Standing at the door my eyes linger over the strong lines of your face and shoulders. My fingers know intimately how your skin feels and I find my mind starting to wander in a rather naughty direction.

You look up as I tap softly on the door and the devastatingly sexy smile you give me makes me melt from the inside out. Moving further into your office, I pass around your desk and stand close behind your chair. Leaning in, I leave a soft wet kiss just below your ear, the musky taste of your skin setting my senses on fire. My fingers start a downward journey and I slip them inside the open collar of your shirt. Your tie is sitting on the edge of your desk and the top two buttons of your shirt have already been undone, giving my questing fingers free access to the warm smooth skin of your chest.

With my fingers still tracing tiny circles on your chest, I slide into your lap. Your eyes widen for a second before your arm wraps tightly around my waist. I can feel your heart beating against my palm and the warmth from your breath as you speak against my neck. Your voice hitches as I wriggle a little to get comfortable in your lap and I smile... I have a very wicked idea forming in my head and can't wait to see your reaction.

I trace my tongue down the curve of your neck and your fingers tighten almost painfully against my side. Shifting purposefully in your lap, I can feel a growing bulge and my own body responds to your arousal. My nipples tighten and I can feel a growing warmth between my legs.

Sliding my legs to the floor, I push backwards, moving your chair a little further away from your desk. Still on the phone, a small frown furrows your brow and you look at me with a question in your eyes. Giving you the most wicked smile I can manage, I slip slowly off your lap and onto my knees between your legs. Watching your face, I know the instant you realize what I have in mind and laugh softly as your pupils dilate.

With just one free hand you can stop only one of my hands as they slide up the inside of your legs. I lock our fingers together, trapping your hand and giving myself unrestricted access to whatever I wish to explore next.

Working your belt free before starting on your zipper, I can feel my heart race and the tensing of your muscles beneath my touch. While the building may be quite, not everyone has left for the day and the chance of being caught is still very real. Your voice cracks a little and a muscle in your jaw jumps as I free your hard **** from your pants. You struggle to release your hand from mine to stop what I am doing but I hold on tight.

My tongue darts out and moistens my bottom lip. With my fingers wrapped around the base of your thick shaft, I lean forward and just lick the tip. My focus narrows and all I am aware of now is the taste and the texture of you in my mouth...

... how silky the skin is as it slides under my lips but aware of the steel-hard strength it covers...

... the way your **** jerks as you feel my tongue slide over the super-sensitive tip...

... how hot you are as you hit the back of my throat...

I am suddenly aware of your fingers buried in my hair and I realize you have made a hasty end to your phone call. Looking up, I see how dark with passion your eyes have gone and I feel a tingle start deep within me. Our eyes never break contact as I start to suck harder, my wet mouth sliding up and down in an age-old rhythm. Your hips are moving now too, thrusting yourself further into my mouth, and I feel you swell even larger.

I tighten my fingers around you and suck harder still. You are close to the edge and I am almost desperate to taste you.

Your fingers tighten almost painfully in my hair and I feel every muscle in your body tense up. A deep shuddering moan escapes you just a moment before I feel you explode in my mouth. The hot, wet splash against the back of my throat, the spasms running the length of your **** and the salty taste of you on my tongue. I keep sucking, drawing every drop out of you ... making it last.

Your eyes drift shut as you catch your breath, my tongue softly licking up the length of you, cleaning you. Reaching down, you pull me back up into your lap. Kissing me deeply and pressing me hard up against your chest and almost crushing my sensitive breasts between us.

"Ready for dinner?" I smile as I stand up and pull you out of your chair......
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Ready for dinner? I'd be ready for dessert. You would have to promise something pretty special for after dinner to keep me from spreading your legs to get a taste the honey between your thighs. Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first! Thanks for a very sexy story!<br />
<br />
Bighands :)

what a wonderful present to recieve .That is a very **** hardening storie ,very nice and very hot.

Don't worry, it has its upsides ;)

Ohhh... you might benefit from that though xRocks so it cant all be bad!!

I just knew there'd be a caveat. It'd be interesting to hear Isshe's take on this story but -alas - judging by the sounds she's been captured by the chat bar.

Feel free to use my "plan of attack" xRocks .. only one condition attached though..<br />
<br />
... you have to post a follow-uo story :)

That was going to be the next comment, MissSass<br />
<br />
"Sorry Isshe, I'm running late, how about you meet me at the office..."

Planning on running late xRocks?

Isshe let's meet at a restaurant after work tomorrow night...

Oh MissSass that is very hot!!! Reading this has caused quite a physical reaction in me now.. I am sitting at the very desk that you describe in your story and am wishing your beauty would come walking in with "the look" you describe... Ooooh so nice...