All It Takes Is Two

It is raining... the sound of the rain on the roof creates a warm and intimate mood in the room.

Even before you touch me, I can feel the heat radiating from your body. My skin is craving your touch and I reach for you but you push my hands above my head, leaving me totally at your mercy.

The moonlight outlines the curves and hollows of your face ... the shadow from your hand drifting over my naked skin so intense and intimate I can almost feel it.

Finally you touch me. Your rough fingers tracing  my collar bone before following an invisible line from the hollow at the base of my throat, between my breasts and down to my belly button..... circling the little hollow before dipping inside. With a feather-light touch, your hand moves lower. Your fingers drift over my belly and just skim the super sensitive skin of my lower lips.

Already I am wet and ready. My knees fall open to your exploration ... inviting you to discover more. My back arches as I feel your fingers dip just inside me. Knowing exactly what I like, you move your sticky fingers back up to my ****. Rubbing in gentle but steady circles, you start to play my body. Very slowly increasing the pressure as you hear my breathing start to quicken.

Your mouth finds my nipple, already hard and beaded with arousal. The hot and slick feel of your tongue against the sensitive tip drags a moan from deep inside me. My hands clenched into tight fists ... still held still above my head. I know better than to move them....

Lying on your side, you slide your other hand underneath my ***, cupping and squeezing it before working your hand higher. Sliding two fingers into my hot and silky smooth *****, you start to finger me... slowly at first, matching the pace of your other hand still devoting attention to my ****.

My body begins to move of it's own accord. My hips lifting... pushing myself harder against your hand. Increasing the pressure and friction against my ****. Every muscle in my body is tight and trembling... aching for the bliss of release. So close now, you can sense it and take my nipple deep in your mouth... sucking hard just as you push your fingers inside me as far as they will go.

Toes and head the only part of me now touching the bed... I ***. Shaking and gasping, I ride the waves of pleasure, your hands and mouth pushing me higher and faster than I ever thought possible. It is almost too intense ... finally I move my hands, trying to push your magic fingers away from my ****. It is so sensitive now that even the lightest touch is too much for me to take.

Before I have fully recovered, you slide both arms behind my back and roll... pulling my on top of you. I gasp as I feel the hard length of you pressing against my thigh ... almost burning me with the intensity of your arousal. Pulling my legs up, I straddle you. Tucking my knees in tight to your sides as I rock my dripping wet center along the length of you ... teasing .. inviting....

Unable to wait any longer, your hands grab my hips hard and hold me steady ...

You hold still for what feels like an eternity ... pushing the limits of your endurance and self control... before plunging the whole length of you deep inside me in one hard thrust. You groan as you feel my smooth ***** envelope you, welcoming the way you stretch and fill me ... and you explode .... pumping hot and hard deep inside me. I rock back and forth along the length of you, taking everything you have to give me, the sticky sweet slide a little piece of heaven all on its own, before collapsing against your chest.

The sound of our erratic heartbeats mingling with the soft and steady fall of rain on the roof ....  
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10 Responses Oct 24, 2010

Thank you all for the encouraging comments! Inspires me to write some more!

Brilliant story. My goodness the story and pic reminds me of something I have seen and watched. Brilliant in every respect. Very NEOZ.....

I can feel your desire.

Just reliving a memory coachdude.... but yes, I did get hot writing it all down. Somehow seeing it down in words made the memories that much more vivid.

That is the best. Well written and hot! Please write more.

having this kind of mind to write this is a very sexy thing, good sex starts in the mind and the physical stuff follows as part of nature. MissSass you are so sexy

Hmmmm AP ... now you mention it, I think you may be right. I dont think I have written anything in the third person before... might have to try it and see how I go.<br />
<br />
JB and Sammi ... so glad you enjoyed reading it :)

That is one of the hottest and best written erotic pieces I've read in a very long time.<br />
Very well done!<br />

Love this one, just wish i could taste you sweet juices x

God my balls are gonna burst!