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He was back.

She could see him quite clearly sitting in the shade of the big tree where he usually had his lunch. His newspaper, folded still beside him, unopened.

It had been almost a week since she had discovered him watching as she and her husband had an impulsive intimate encounter right in front of her ground floor office window. The shock of finding him watching them had only lasted for a few seconds, turning very quickly into red-hot arousal. Just the memory of being caught was enough to make her heart race...

... and now he was back again.

Almost every day since, she had worn something short and tight to work, and today was no different. Her skirt only just long enough not to cause gossip in the office. Underneath was another story though, something she would normally reserve for a special occasion with her husband.  Silver and black lace that made her pale skin look creamy and undeniably touchable. Barely there, it highlighted rather than concealed her intimate parts.

Never before had she been so tempted to do something as naughty as all the thoughts racing through her head. Should she? Could she?

She swiveled her chair around, angling herself towards him. Seeing him lean forward, his focus narrowing in on her, was all the encouragement she needed. With her door already locked, there was nothing to stop her now, except for her own inhibitions. Today though, her body was over-ruling her head.

She could feel the heat and moisture pooling between her thighs already and very slowly ran her hands from her hips down the front of her thighs. Moving her hands back upward again, taking the hem of her skirt higher until she was sure he could get a glimpse of her silver and black g-string. Still not making full eye contact with him, she was fully aware of the bulge in his trousers when he shifted his position.

Her hands moved back down her thighs, but this time stopped just at the point where she could slip her thumbs beneath the lace of her damp panties. Holding her breath, she slowly started to inch them down her thighs until they moved past her knees and slid down her calves to pool at her feet. Her legs falling open as her hands found their way back to her very hot and ready *****. Just as one hand cupped her mound, she looked up and finally made eye contact with her watcher.

An almost electric current passed between them. Both knowing something intensely sensual, an illicit interlude, was about to happen.

Her fingers started to move. Very lightly tracing tiny circles over her sensitive ****, wet with her own juices. The other hand cupping her breast through her shirt, her nipple a tight little bud pressing against her palm. His hand moved too, rubbing against the hard **** she knew was hidden beneath the fabric of his trousers.

"Show me" she whispered, desperately wanting to see how she had affected him. Reading her lips from where he was sitting, he pulled down his zipper and allowed his straining **** to jump free. Almost breath-taking in all it's glory, she moved her fingers faster, feeling her ****** beginning  to build already. His hand taking up a rhythm that matched hers, sliding up and down his ****. They watched each other, feeding on each others arousal even from a distance.

Her skin tight and tingling, her heart beat racing, her ***** starting to quiver .... she was so close. Her tongue darted out to moisten her bottom lip, her teeth tugging on the sensitive skin. Sliding two fingers inside herself, she made sure they were very wet, before returning them to her ****. Rubbing faster, pressing harder, she was on the brink.....

"*******" she mouthed again, hoping he understood her.

The spasms started deep inside her, spreading outwards, setting all her nerve endings on fire and making her gasp. She watched him as he watched her. His face tightening and his hand keeping pace with hers, his ****** exploding over him at almost the exact moment as hers washed over her.

Both slowly calming, they shared a smile almost more personal than what they had just experienced together.

Bending forward to retrieve her discarded panties, she took her time sliding them back up her legs and covering her still sensitive *****. By the time she looked back up again ...

... he was gone.

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You are very good at this. I envy the person in your real life who gets the benefit of your imagination.

I felt like I was there in your story MissSass!

Hello you :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Oh wow getting hotter

Thanks uyk ... glad you enjoyed it :)

great story! so very well written and arousing!

Did I? I hope you liked it!

you got your groove back =)

I'm sure I could fill that vacancy for you xRocks .. just imagine the story I could write then!

Now if ever you happen to be walking past our window while we're putting on an inadvertent show... be sure to come back and sit under the tree when you're having lunch... We could use a decent stalker around here.

Thankyou all for commenting ... I'm glad you enjoyed the second chapter.

Great story, and very well written. I need a cold shower. Or an exhibitionist in the office next door.

If I was so lucky. And I would be more than willing to do my part

wow god you are one sexy woman!!!

hOT Hot. Thank you. my keyboard is all wet and sticky again. Thanks.

Very Hot<br />
what a nice way to start my morning nice and hard after reading one of your steamy stories.I somehow believe These are not all fiction they are just to seamy not to be reall!!!