A Typical Friday Night

Ebony - Vanilla - Ebony

Written by HedoZen & Chocolatbunne dedicated to our mutual lover Evvoyeur xxx

I have a sister that lives in the US her name is Chocolatbunne; we call her Choco because of her beautiful ebony silky skin. She and I haven't seen each other for about 2 years now. During our college years we shared the same room and occasionally would invite boys over for sex fun. We swapped sex partners or would sleep with them for a test to give access to the other. That was a promise we made to each other since our young age during the years we both played the roles of doctors and the neighborhood boys would be our patients. Our clinic was our home underground room.

Using different plastic medical tool toys we would explore the boys body parts and ask them questions. I recall playing or doing my first medical check-up on a boys penis. I got curious in why it became hard upon touching it. Don't remember if he was shy but surely seemed to enjoy it. I then decided to explore the penis with my mouth until a white creamy liquid substance dropped in my mouth for me to spit out and scream “What is that?” All shocked, we stopped, got dressed and left. I also remember asking our father what was the white substance that comes out of a penis when it’s in a mouth. Shocked and horrified, he and Choco looked at me as if I was not a normal person. My sister later got me to understand that we are in no way supposed to mention the clinic to our parents. Hey that was just one within many our funny moments.

After graduation, we took different paths so had to make a new pledge since it would have been difficult to sleep with those we'd encounter. Our word was that when one visits the other, the hostess has to invite a friend and we agreed it can be either a woman or a man for FFF or FFM 3some.

My sister and I are identical twins. We are impossible to tell apart. Wherever I have a birth mark she has it the same place. Our nipples are perfect matches and the light pink color of our ***** is the same. We took part in different group sex activities that involved identical male and female twins. The largest group we joined was 6 pairs of twins = 12 people in total. This group we found so large we all decided to change direction to a shared ************ gathering. We could touch, stroke, suck anyone we wanted but no ******* was allowed. That was an amazing experience but also confusing with so much identical folks. I remember ridding a man sitting facing him on a kitchen chair while a woman was on my back pinching my **** for extra stimulation then another moment their twins were doing me, got confused but it got me to ****** knowing I had the same but were not the same persons. We're into this kinda sex activity knowing lots of people fantasize about twins, let alone being identical.

This New Year I decided to visit my sister. She knows my only fix is on Caucasian men and women. It's inexplicable, it’s what it is. She knows this guy called Evvoyeur (Evo) who really enjoys eating *******. His biggest fantasy is to eat 2 black women ***** at the same time while ******* them simultaneously. She mentioned us to each other, did not tell him I was her twin and we agreed to offer him a night of our “Double twin sex high point climax”.

I was nervous walking up and down Choco’s house and insisting upon wearing my red corset with half my breast pumping out to make his jaw drop. She laced me in about 20 minutes before he got there and we finished watching the **** movie we had put in to trigger our horny-ness.

Evo walked in, hugged Choco and stared at me for minutes. He was stunned, confused, showing a happy smile, kissed Choco and said “You could have told me I’m having a double delight, thanks”. Hi, I said. I'm Hedo. Pleasure to meet you! It took him a moment to recover enough to exchange pleasantries. Inwardly, I was smirking, and Choco was laughing quietly behind him.
Evo offered to take us to dinner and not being fools, we agreed. I wore my corset and sat across from him who managed not to stare at my **** all through our meal. I also got a lot of appreciative looks from around the restaurant.

After we got back to Choco’s place, Evo prepared for a shower. Choco said she usually joins him but wanted me to have a taste of him alone to initiate foreplay. We cleaned a few toys and put a sheet down on the bed so nobody would have to clean up a mess.

I stepped into the shower quivering with excitement and made a footstep towards him admiring his bulge. I could see how big and thick he was. I wanted it. He reached forward and grabbed me by the waist, kissing me passionately, our tongues dancing as his hot breath mingled with mine. He pressed me up against the cold tiles on the wall of the cubicle and began kissing my neck, leaving me a complimentary love bite around the base and kissing all along where my skin rose up slightly over my collarbone. I convulsed slightly as his lips tenderly brushed my sensitive skin. I heard him chuckle slightly and before I could look at him again, I felt a finger roughly working its way inside me. I let out a small squeak as he hastily moved his digit in and out in short, rough strokes. He inserted another and pressed up against me so his erection was level with my crotch. He pushed me backwards into the shower cubicle to let his **** rub my ***. I felt myself aching with lust and growing hotter and wetter.

His **** was as big and as thick as I had anticipated and stood majestically erect. I fell to my knees, paid special attention to the head, licking and sucking and nibbling until I tasted just a hint of pre-*** on my tongue. I proceeded to suck a little harder and grew even wetter just hearing him moan softly above the loud spray of the shower. I placed one hand on his butt while the other holding his **** and ravenously took it in my mouth licking slowly along the underside of his shaft. I noticed a slight raise in the skin where the protruding veins wrapped themselves around the muscles. It was fascinating. He placed one hand gently on my head, signalling, and I rose obediently to my feet, looking him dead in the eye but saying absolutely nothing. I have not let him *** as this was foreplay.

Evo walked out from the bathroom wet, naked with a solid rock ****. Choco was already undressed as well and called Evo to dry his body. I laid down on the bed at Evo's advice and the two of them got out some cocoa butter massage gel. It was the best non-professional massage of my life! Choco worked on my legs and Evo got my back, with them trading on who massaged my ***. It was slightly sexy but mostly relaxing. I love the feeling when Evo would slowly and softly pass his tongue outside my *** line to get me excited.

After I was nice and relaxed, it was Choco’s turn. I focused on massaging her legs while Evo got her back. We also traded on massaging her ***. She's got amazing skin. So soft and smooth and she swears she doesn't do a thing to it. I love staring at it, lick and suck it... Giving her that massage was total bliss.

Once done, Evo and I started making out. He's such an awesome kisser. He was so warm, so hard he took me on my favorite doggie position. I loved it. He instantly began pounding into me slow, hard then fast or softly. My back and *** began slapping against his thighs with each movement and I started moaning loudly, every so often whispering, "Yes, yes!" and begging him for more.

Choco was taking care massaging his balls being behind his back. After a while, we switched places, and I got on my hands and knees to give him head. His **** was delicious! I loved sliding my lips up and down it while licking at the sensitive spot on the underside. I even managed to deep throat him a few times which was no small feat, let me assure you!

While I was giving him that *******, Choco climbed around behind me and started fingering me. I'm big on having my g-spot played with and she knows it, so she was massaging my favorite spot while rubbing my ****. After a while, she pulled out a ***** and started to **** me with it. It was so good; I couldn't keep sucking Evo’s ****! Then Evo decided he wanted to feel me back from my inside and started penetrating my candy **** again. I got nicely ****** with his thick and pink ****. It was a blur of pleasure.

Next, Choco lay down while Evo ate her magnificent ***** and I sucked on her fabulous ****. Her breasts are bigger then mine, which makes them nice to play with. I licked, sucked and pinched at her nipples until Evo and I made her *** from multiple stimulations. Listening to her moan and breathlessly talk to us was so ******* good I tell you.

Since it was the first time the three of us had played together, Evo and Choco agreed that I should get most of the attention and boy, did I ever get it. They tied me up with a two-point harness and blindfolded me. They helped me into a laying down position on the floor and Evo dove immediately for my tight to make my **** wet while Choco slid a feather over my skin. After a few minutes, she grabbed an ice cube and began to rub it over my body. I let out a soft moan of pleasure, and then a gasp as the icy wetness touched my hot moist center. Evo sucked the ice cube into his mouth for a bit, to get a taste of me, before playing it over my ***** again and again with his hands. He warmed me with his tongue, before doing it again. All the while, Choco was playing different soft things over my skin--velvet, satin, silk, and then sucking my nipples in between. Evo ate me until I came, tugging at my bonds ineffectually and I was moaning loudly.

We then curled up in the bed under the covers to snuggle, with me in the middle. Evo was behind me, and kept playing with my nipples and **** all night long, making it difficult to get any sleep. Finally I did, but it didn't feel like very long before he was kissing me awake, **** hard as a rock. Choco was still asleep, and there was something about being ****** with someone asleep next to us that seemed deliciously wrong and wonderfully erotic at the same time. He pulled me into the doggie position and started to **** my tight *****, all the while telling me how sexy I was and how tight I was. Choco woke up soon after we started, and purred a good morning, all the while watching. I managed to whisper a good morning before ******* hard around his ****. He kept ******* me until his own release, slamming his **** into me and pushing hard as he came.

We got up and went to a local diner smelling sex before Evo went home. Choco and I went back home for me to get a shower and stayed the rest of the week of another trio with Evo before my departure.
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People...he & I are Gemini's is why we are sooo hot intense!!!

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