Her First Submission - Part 3

Some years ago I was honored to have a woman give herself to me. She had never completely surrendered to any man before. Her job was with a high powered defense contractor making deals around the globe. She held black belts in 2 different martial arts and was an extremely in-shape runner. At 5' 4" and just 110 lbs she didn't have an ounce of fat on her body. Her hair was thick and full and her smile could stop a man in his tracks. Her breasts were small but with nipples that when erect could be see from the space shuttle. You could bounce a quarter off her ***. She admitted to loving sex so much that it scared her. The few times she had lost control in the past scared her so bad she vowed never to let it happen again. And then we met...

We met at a business conference she was attending with her fiance. I knew from the first time I looked in her eyes that she was submissive. We briefly flirted a bit when he was not around. I got her work number and email sometime during the conference. On the last day I gave her a hug to say goodbye but let my hand travel to the back of her neck as I pulled away. As my fingers caressed the nape of her neck I felt her shudder. I looked in her eyes and said, "I will be speaking with you soon." All she could say was, "OK."

Over the next month our long distance relationship blossomed as she opened up about herself. When I told her that I had to have her she didn't say no. In fact she didn't say anything. I told her that I understood how special she was and I would write about how I pictured us together. This is the third part story of her story...

Her First Submission – Part 3

As I sit next to you on the bed, the morning light is coming through the window. I love watching you sleep. The way your tousled hair is spread across the pillow. Your naked skin is so smooth in contrast to the wrinkled damp sheets. This morning is also very special because I can see all the dried *** on your face, your breasts and in your hair. I cannot help but stare with wonder as I see *** still oozing from your ***** and ***. You are such an amazing woman. I am truly lucky to have found you. But sadly, I must now awaken you, even though you have only had a few hours sleep. Today we have a schedule to keep.

I start rubbing your back in an attempt to wake you, but then I stop to consider a better way. You are so sound asleep I can see you are still dreaming. Gently I roll you onto your back and slowly spread your legs. I will use my tongue to bring you back to life. Your smell is intoxicating as I begin to breathe on your swollen outer lips. Slowly my tongue traces the outside of your womanhood. You are not moving yet. I slip my tongue into you only to be greeted by a multitude of different tastes, some familiar, some not. As my upper lip contacts your **** a low moan escapes your lips. You are still asleep but I am now in your dreams with you. Slowly teasing, a little bit at a time, your body begins to respond. Your hips are now starting to move, seeking more pleasure. As I look up across your beautiful body I see your exquisite nipples hardening. You are under my spell and that of the lover in your dreams. So I continue teasing your **** while enjoying your moans. Now it is time to awaken you. As I suck your **** into my mouth your breathing becomes shallow. Now I begin the tongue-lashing that always takes you over the top. Your legs tighten on my head and your back arches as your mouth opens to let out a loud groan. Then I feel your ***** start to spasm as your eyes fly open in confusion as you climax on my mouth.

Too bad I cannot wake you this way every morning. We have just enough time for me to slide up and hold you in my arms for a few minutes. I love the feel of your naked skin against me even when I am dressed. I love to hold you as your heart finally slows down. I then speak the first words of the day, “Good morning, Elaine.” Just as your smile starts to form a reply, someone knocks on the door. Silently I step to the door to let the room service attendant in with breakfast. “Please set it up over here next to the bed,” I say as he rolls the cart into the room. Instinctively you reach for the covers only to find that I have moved them to the sofa on the opposite wall. There is no way to hide anything, so you lay there completely naked. The young man doesn’t even see you until he is near the bed. He stops dead in his tracks with his mouth hanging open. To his credit he is able to hoarsely utter the words, “Good morning maim.” As you watch him set up the cart you notice the large bulge forming in his pants. Perhaps you should have a little dessert with your breakfast. As you sit up and start sliding across the sheets toward him, he looks like a deer caught in the headlights. This tender moment is shattered as I step up and say, “Thank you. Here is your tip.” He is still trying to stammer some sort of response as I usher him out the door. When I return you have a very pouty look on your face. The same look a child gives you when you take away their candy. I ignore you and sit down opposite you to eat. This is going to be a great day.

After eating we take the kind of shower that you hate. I wash every bit of you. I spend a long time making sure your breasts and nipples are very clean. I wash your ***** inside and out. I wash your *** inside and out. We finish with me washing your hair. The entire time you feel my hardness touching you but every time you try to touch me or wash me, I stop you. This of course drives you crazy. But today we have things to do. I watch you as you dry off. Your natural beauty and the sexuality you emanate never cease to amaze me. I step to the closet to bring out a thin spaghetti strap sundress you have never seen before. It is loose fitting and quite short. Your toned thighs will be highlighted today. Slipping it over your head you start to ask where we are going but then remember not to ask. This is an adventure. I put what is left of yesterday’s outfit and your shoes in a paper bag and we leave the remains of the room. What an incredible sight you are, as you walk barefoot across the marble floor of the lobby with the morning sun coming through the thin material of the dress.

Outside the front door of the hotel is a familiar limo with Mike standing next to it. A big smile crosses your face as you climb into the back. Once inside I remind you how much Mike enjoyed looking at you last night. In a brazen move you quickly pull the sundress over your head to sit naked in the back of the limo. Now I am the one to smile. Mike hops into the front seat and takes a quick glance into the rearview mirror then freezes. Now he is turning to stare at your beauty. You begin to rub your breasts and spread your legs to make sure he can see how wet you are. The real you is beginning to show herself. As we drive off you start to play with yourself while watching Mike’s eyes in the mirror. We both watch as you climax several times. Your eyes are closed as your mind is obviously replaying parts of last night. The drive is not long but you are surprised when we pull up to the airport terminal. Your mind is reeling as you slip back into the dress. “How can I leave town with nothing but this dress? I don’t even have shoes. How can I get on an airplane without any ID?” After we step to the curb Mike opens the trunk and brings out two travel bags. One you recognize as yours. He then hands you a pair of sandals from your own closet. Obviously he went back to your house last night after he dropped you off at the hotel. As I thank Mike you hear me say to him, “You’ll get your tip at the party when we get back.” Then suddenly Mike crushes you into his arms and kisses you deeply. Just as quickly he walks away and drives off leaving you a bit startled, standing on the curb. My voice brings you back to reality as you hear me pointing you out to the skycap. He is looking at your driver’s license and nods his acknowledgement.

A short time later we are boarding the plane to Miami. A beautiful red haired flight attendant welcomes us aboard but seems to linger for an extra moment as she looks at you in the short sundress. You can’t help but wonder what she is thinking behind her radiant smile. After take-off, you stretch out on the extra seats with your head in my lap. I cover you with the blankets and gently kiss your forehead as you fade off to a much needed sleep. A brief time later you awaken with the flight attendant licking and sucking your **** just as I did this morning. With a start you realize it is just a dream. I am gently touching your face to wake you as we descend into the lights of Miami. You have been asleep more than five hours.

Walking to the rental car you understand the sundress. It is perfect for this hot wet atmosphere. After putting the bags in the trunk we step to the edge of the multi-story parking garage to view the city lights spreading out before us. I hold you close to me and begin to kiss the back of your neck. I turn you to look in your eyes and ask, “Are you ready for the next part of our adventure?” “Yes,” is all that comes from your lips before I kiss you long and gently. I am once again holding your face and staring into your eyes as I say, “Elaine you must remember the phrase, “Red Light.” We do not yet know your limits. Tonight we may find one of them. If we reach it, you simply say “Red Light,” and everything will stop. But you must understand that you may use this phrase only once. Wherever we are, whatever is happening will immediately stop. You will then be dressed and driven to a hotel to sleep alone tonight. Your safety will always be my primary concern but finding more of the real you is why we are here. I do not believe that you have ever experienced anything like that which you will feel tonight. Will you trust me yet again?” You feel the tears well up in your eyes as you are overcome with emotion. Your stomach is in knots and your legs are weak as you speak the words I need to hear, “I trust you with my life.” In silence, I hold you tightly in my arms for several long minutes. It is time to continue your voyage of discovery.

Driving through downtown Miami at night is always an adventure. Tonight I will introduce you to the heart of Little Havana. We are on Calle Ocho headed for the Café Versailles. You look stunning as we walk into the restaurant. The smells of Cuban food surround you and the sounds of everyone speaking Spanish swirl around your head. This is an adventure for the senses above your neck. The meal is delicious, as is the flan for dessert. Tonight there is no alcohol to dull your senses or lower your inhibitions. You will need all your senses tonight. And there is nothing like a plethora of new tastes, sounds and smells to heighten your senses while filling your belly. The sounds of the salsa beat make your hips sway as we walk into the warm night air. As we approach the car I must once again stop to kiss you long and deep. This time there is a sense of urgency in our embrace. You are ready to be carried to new plateaus of pleasure. That is my mission tonight.

We drive through South Miami along Highway One then make a few turns before coming to a stop. When I open your door you notice the blue neon sign on the old brick building that reads, The Fallen Angel. That is the last thing you see before the blindfold covers your eyes. Before you can say anything I whisper in your ear, “Do you remember the phrase?” You simply nod as you feel your heart racing and your palms sweating. My arm comes around you as I guide you through the darkness. You start to shake ever so gently as you feel the cool air conditioning when we enter the building. I do love the way your nipples harden so quickly in the cool air. You hear a few voices around us as I bring you to a stop inside. I step away to leave you standing alone. You hear me say, “Reservation for Randall Mann.” A woman’s voice replies, “Yes, of course Mr. Mann. Everything is ready as you requested. I take it this beautiful blindfolded creature belongs to you?” Next you hear heels clicking on the tile floor and then the woman’s voice again, right next to you saying, “With your permission, Mr. Mann.” You are waiting for my reply but hear nothing. Then you feel fingers pinching both of your nipples at the same time. Your knees almost buckle at the sudden flood of sensations into your dark world.

Without letting go you hear the woman say, “Will you be dressing her in your room or would you like the staff to take care of it right here?” In your dark world you hear me say, “Right here would be wonderful. Elaine, take off your dress and step out of your sandals.” You slide the dress over your head. Your bare feet hit the cool tile. Never have you ever felt so naked. Every part of you tingles with electricity. Your head jerks around as you hear the front door open and the sounds of the street assault your ears. More people have just entered this room where you are so naked. You hear the woman’s heels as she leaves the room. You hear the voices of people you cannot see talking about you. You are on display. You feel that if someone just touches you, you will explode. Can this really be you? Standing completely naked in a room full of strangers you cannot see. Your own thoughts shock you, when you realize that you are hoping one of them will touch you.

You shiver as you feel my warm hand on the back of your neck. The warmth of my lips against your ear as I whisper, “Tonight Elaine, you will be mine, completely. You will have no will of your own, only that which I will you to do. You will never see anything until we step back outside. If you surrender to me in every way, you will be transported to ecstasies you have yet to imagine. We will explore every inch of your body, inside and out. We will explore the extremes of touch from light to harsh, hot to cold and fast to slow. People you have never met and will never see will be helping me tonight but I will never leave your side. If we reach your limits just say the phrase. Everything will stop and within minutes you will be dressed and taken to a car. There is no middle ground here tonight. No stopping and starting. No slowing down. It is everything or nothing. Do you understand?” Even though you are trembling from both fear and excitement, the answer is in your heart. You say the words I long to hear, “I understand. I am yours completely.”

Your heart feels as if it will burst from your chest, it is beating so hard as you hear the woman’s heels clacking back into the room. “Mr. Mann, if you would please inspect everything we can start dressing her.” You hear a few sounds of material moving and a few tinkles of metal touching metal. Then there is the smell of leather as you hear me say, “These look fine. I really like the lettering you used for her name.” The next sensation you feel is the body heat of someone standing very close behind you. A woman’s voice is whispering in your ear reminding you to breathe. You shudder when you feel her bare breasts touch your back. Another set of hands is now touching your feet gently moving them further apart. You feel soft leather going around each ankle. The hands move up to your thighs and stop. You are trying to will them to continue their journey upward but they stop to place another leather strap around each thigh just above the knee. You can feel the wetness between your legs start to trickle out. The woman standing behind you now places yet another soft leather belt around your waist. She then reaches around you to once again tease your nipples. While she is doing this the other set of hands is placing the leather restraints around your wrists. It suddenly bursts into your mind what each of these pieces of leather is for. Just thinking of all the possibilities is making you quiver.

You hear the woman’s voice urging you to touch each of the pieces of leather. As your fingers explore each piece you discover metal rings on each item. Your ankles, wrists, thighs and waist each hold a small reminder of your willingness to give yourself over to me so completely. The woman and her helper are now urging you to knee on the cool tile. “Elaine,” you hear my voice break the silence, “tonight you have given me the greatest gift a woman can give a man. By giving of yourself completely to me you have in turn freed yourself to experience pleasures beyond your imagination. What we do tonight, together, will forever be a part of us both. I have here the last item of your outfit. It is a leather collar with your name on it. This is the final step in the giving of you. As long as you wear this collar you will do everything I demand of you, freely and without reservation. As long as you wear this collar I will protect you and keep you free from harm. Do you freely accept this collar to be worn as a sign of your love and obedience?” The words echo in your brain as your lips attempt to form a response. With a sound just above a whisper you say, “I do.” You feel the woman’s hands lifting your hair out of the way. The warmth of the collar slipping around your neck is both frightening and exhilarating. The brush of my fingers on your neck as I tie the leather in place sends tingles throughout your body. As I take your hands and bring you to your feet, you hear my gentle words echo throughout the room for all to hear, “I love you, Elaine.”

The walk is short. The door sounds so very heavy as it shuts behind you. This new room has a distinctive sound or perhaps lack of sound, no echoes. The short carpet under your feet feels so different from the cool tile in the first room. In your darkness you think you can hear people breathing but perhaps it is only in your mind. “Lets start with something simple,” you hear me say. Suddenly you feel two sets of hands grasp your arms and walk you a few steps. These are the rough hands of men. Something is clipped to each wrist restraint and suddenly your hands are hoisted over your head. Roughly your feet are pulled apart and you feel your ankles being attached to something on the floor. No longer can you move and the fear is starting to take over your brain until you feel a familiar hand touch your face. As we kiss, you feel the fear escaping you, being replaced by a growing lust. While your soft lips touch mine the sensation of being tied with your legs spread starts to fill you. Your wetness is starting to run down your thighs in anticipation of what will happen next. As we break our kiss you feel a set of hand on each of your calves.

These men of your darkness are caressing your legs ever so gently. They are working their way upward at an agonizingly slow pace. You want them to hurry up and satisfy your growing desires, but you are not in control here. After what seems like hours they are touching the insides of your thighs. Caressing, teasing and touching ever so short of where you need desperately to be touched. You are rocking your hips trying get the relief you need. Now they are touching your buttocks and stomach at the same time. “Thank you gentlemen. That is enough for now.”

The woman’s voice sounds vaguely familiar as it shatters your private world. Worse yet, they are gone. No more hands driving your desire to completion. You start to cry out but a single finger on your lips stops you. The same woman’s voice simply says, “Ladies, if you please.” Once again you feel two sets of hand take up where the others left off. But these are soft hands. These are the hands of women. They are caressing your hips and working slowly upward. You feel as if you are going to burst if you don’t get some relief soon. Together, one in front and one in back they start to caress you with their tongues. The feeling is incredible as they start to lick you all over. The sensations surging from the small of your back jolt though your body like electricity. You groan as the woman behind you works her way up your back until you feel her breasts touch your buttocks. You know you will start to *** soon even without any direct stimulation. The woman in front is deliberately avoiding your breasts and is now kissing your throat. The woman behind is kissing the back of your neck. Then they stop. For one terrifying moment you think they are going to leave you this way. Suddenly, without warning, each of them sucks a nipple into her mouth and you explode.

The release is incredible as you try to push your breasts towards them. They respond by lightly biting and sucking harder. Then you feel the fingers spreading your lips and being shoved into your wetness. As you thrash about, climaxing in your restraints, your mind stops to wonder, for a brief moment, if I am enjoying this as much as you. Your senses are starting to return as you feel your ankles being released. Your legs will no longer support you as you are slowly lowered to the carpet. Large muscled arms scoop up your tiny body and hold you against a naked chest as you are carried across the room. You are placed onto what feels like a massage table.

The linens are soft and cool against your back. A set of hands now takes charge of each arm and leg. Some are men’s hands others are women’s. You feel warm oil being applied to each extremity and being massaged into your skin. You are floating in a sea of gentle touching as they rub the warm oil all over your body. The scent of the oil fills your nostrils as they slowly they work each of your muscles and stretch you out in all directions. As your arms are placed back at your sides the wrist restraints are attached to the sides of the table. Your legs are slowly bent at the knee until you feel your legs being placed into stirrups. As the straps on you ankles and thighs are being attached it hits you. This is not a massage table but a gynecology table. Just as this thought enters your brain you feel the lower end of the table dropping away leaving your ***** completely exposed with your legs spread wide open. Once again the fear is starting to invade your thoughts. But now nobody is touching you. You ache to be touched. The fear is replaced by the need to be touched. It is all you desire right now. You speak only one word into the silence, “Please.”
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