"Now Baby"

My eyes are closed as I feel you fill me ..

I am lying on my back, knees raised high, your hands pushing them wider still as you slowly rotate your hips. I can feel every inch of you as you stretch me wide.

One of my hands is braced against the mattress, the other is slowly making it's way down my body. I started at my collar bone, my fingers tracing the path your lips and teeth had taken only moments ago.

I pause at my breast, my fingers circling my nipple. It is a dark pink now and beaded tight. As I allow myself to finally touch it, my back arches futher off the mattress, pulling your **** even deeper inside me.

Your eyes are on me, I can feel them burning against my skin... I know how much it turns you on to watch me explore myself. Knowing it will drive you wild, I pinch my nipple, pulling it tight and making myself gasp with the sensation.

Your answering moan makes my ***** flood with even more moisture.

My fingers work their way lower ... eventually reaching my most intimate part. With you already inside me, the folds are spread a little, my **** just peaking through enough to tease.

You work your hips a little more .. sliding in and out further. I know you are watching your **** .. the way it disappears deep inside me, only to emerge again, glistening with my juices.

My other hand leaves the mattress and I spread myself wide. I want you to be able to see everything .. I don't want you to miss a single detail of what I am going to do.

As you pull almost all the way out of me, I run two fingers down the length of your ****, coating them with moisture, leaving them slick and smooth. Very, very slowly, I circle my aching ****. 

You still, holding your breath as you watch me, your eyes transfixed by the sight of my fingers pleasuring my most sensitive flesh.

"Don't stop moving" I whisper as a shudder passes through my body. I am so close to ****** already, it will not be long now!

Moving my fingers faster, pressing harder, my ***** clenches tight around your ****. I love that tight feeling as it builds deep within me. My body growing almost frantic with the need for release. You know I am on the edge already, you can feel it inside me and in the way the muscles in my legs have gone rigid with tension.

A growl escapes from deep in your throat, your eyes hot and intense as you watch my fingers flying across my ****.

"Now baby" you moan...

The sound of your voice is my undoing and I let it happen. The heat spreading from the point where we are joined, the spasms of my ****** rolling down the length of your **** as I gasp your name. Your fingers tighten on my knees as you thrust hard against me .. the pressure almost at the point of pain .. making the pleasure that much sweeter. I feel your ****** grasp you ... taking hold and dragging you along the path you have just sent me.

I am falling .. calling your name ... spinning end over end as I feel you hot and wet deep inside me. Your rasping breath and the way your head falls back, the most beautiful sound and sight I have ever experienced.

Both almost boneless from the experience, you fall to the bed beside me, dragging me hard against your chest. Curves fitting perfectly against hard contours .. legs and hands tangled.

You are magic ...

You are Mine!

MissSass MissSass
31-35, F
4 Responses Jul 28, 2012

Perfection in the bedroom :)

hmm.. short and simple. and of course sexy :)

Sassy got her groove back. Smokin.

'bout time isn't it :) Been AGES since I last felt inspired to write anything! Feels so good to be "back in the saddle"!

Oh wow.. so wish that was me and you together.. then again I think I have dreamt of something like that between us before. What a sensual sexy story xxx