Morning Glory

The sound of running water coming from the shower is what wakes me.

I stretch slowly and sensually, the sheet drifting low on my naked breasts. The delicious ache in my muscles a gentle reminder of the amazing night we'd spent together.

The bathroom door isn't fully closed and I can catch a glimpse of you under the running water. The muscles stretched tight and hard under the skin across your shoulder blades make my fingers itch to touch you again. I know exactly what you feel like and taste like .. I can never get enough.

Sliding out of bed I pull an almost sheer white robe around my naked body. My skin is warm and super sensitive from all the attention you have lavished upon me, my mind racing with erotic snap-shots of the night before.

Needing coffee, I slowly wander through to the kitchen and start a fresh pot of the dark aromatic brew. You finish getting ready for work and join me in the kitchen. No words are needed between us, a single glance enough to convey everything that exists between us.

Leaning in you brush a gentle kiss across my mouth and whisper "You ignite me in ways I never knew possible .. I'll be home again before you know it". After one last lingering look you turn and walk through the kitchen into the garage.

Taking my coffee with me, I follow you into the doorway, leaning against the door frame as I watch you toss your jacket into the car and activate the automatic garage door opener. As the door slowly rises, you walk back over to me, slide your arms around me and drag me close.

Your hands slip low and cup my ***, resting gently on my curves. A shiver races up my spine as you mould me to the shape of you. My softer curves conforming to the harder angles that are all you.

Reaching up as high as I can, I brush my tongue across your lower lip before nipping it gently with my teeth. Your reaction is immediate. Even beneath the fabric of your pants, I feel you lengthen and harden, your harsh inhale loud in my ear.

Your arms tighten around me, crushing my sensitive breasts against your chest, your mouth coming down hard on mine .. staking your claim, owning me. As I moan against your mouth, you grind hard against me, making sure there is no doubt as to how you are feeling.

Pulling back, you look down at me, your eyes burning through me. You take my cup of coffee from fingers that are already trembling, tighten your fingers on my waist and spin me .. pressing me down across the hood of the car.

Palms braced against the cool metal, I wait .... and am rewarded with the hot feel of your fingers pushing the robe up my thighs and over my ***, exposing my nakedness .. and my desire for you. With one hand on the nape of my neck, you hold me still, the other delving between my legs, finding my wetness.

My knees go weak as your fingers plunder me .. driving deep without warning. The hand on my neck disappears as your fingers continue to move inside me. I gasp as I hear a zipper being pulled down and in an instant, your fingers are replaced with your ****. Infinately more satisfying than your fingers, I am already on the brink.

Gripping my hips hard, you start to move .. your thrusts rocking the car beneath me. The world disappears .. there is nothing but you, me and the fire between us. No tenderness .. it is raw and primal.

"*** for me Baby" you groan from between clenched teeth and I know you are about to reach your own release.

The sensations overwhelm me .. pushing me to the point of no return .. and I *** .. it is intense, it is powerful and it rocks me to the core, leaving me shaking beneath you, as you too, explode.

Your fingers tighten further on my hips as you *** .. you are going to leave behind bruises .. graphic evidence that I belong to you ...

Very slowly coming down from the high we have crested together, you gently pull out of me, the sound of a zipper loud in the silence. Your fingers slide between my legs once again and spread a little of our joined wetness across my ***.

Hands braced on either side of me, you lips brush my ear.

'Wear me" you whisper.

Pulling away, you walk around the car and slide in behind the wheel, our eyes lock across the hood as I slowly stand upright. "I love you" you mouth as I pull the robe closed around me, my heart beating erratically as you start the engine and reverse out the garage into the sunlight.

I stand in the cool .. and now very empty garage...

.. and begin the count down to the moment you return!

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7 Responses Jul 30, 2012

Great job MissSass.

Hmmmm that was hot!!!
Makes getting up for work so wothwhile ;-)

you are a very talented writer. make it seem very real

Thank you :)

Mmm can't wait for the next one. You are obviously getting plenty of action recently! Keep up the good work x

Can anybody Say Mills and Boons?

one of the best i've ever read :)

Thanks Shan .. glad you liked it :)

Cabin fever settin in. Good on you, girl.

Not sure about cabin fever hlpfl ... more like renewed interest :)