It was late. Maybe past one in the morning.
I was layin in bed when he touched me...
his hand sliding down my tummy.... my side.... down my panties....
I gasped.... the hand curled around my **** in response.
  "I can't sleep.... Tell me a story?" He asked coyly.
  "What?" I asked slightly shaken.
  "A story, you know... like a bed time story." He grinned pawing at my box.
  "What kind of story?" I asked.
  "I don't know... it can be once upon a time or whatever... you're the writer...."
I thought. I thought hard but. I couldn't stop feeling him touch me.
his hands moved, knowing me so well. And his soft kisses on my cheek didn't help.
  "You better start or I'll take it away..." He threatened playfully.
  "NO! Please, I can't think..." I whined.
  "I know..."
I begged him not to take them... but he didn't care. He had  no sympathy, and I was so horny I begged and begged but he didn't care.
finally he gave in a little, he put  his thumb just on my ****. I started to think fast.
  "Once there was a girl..." I started.
  "Was there just a girl?" He asked with mock awe.
  "No there was a boy too..." I said half laughing at our game.
  "He had a friend..."
  "And what did the girl like the boy and his friend to do for her?"
I thought... what on earth would I want the boy and his friend to do for me?

  "She liked to watch them together... naked..... boy kissing boy... their soft lips...their palyful and pretty tounges... their muscles tight with need... their lips would come together so eager for her, their bodies would touch but their hunger was for her." I took a breath. "Both boys liked imagining it was their girl they were kissing, it excited them... But sometimes it excited them to give her something nice to watch.."   "And what did the girl do while she watched?" He interrupted, apparently bothered slightly by the image.
  "Huh?" I asked.
  "Did she do this?" he played with my ****. "or this... show me what she did?"
I moved my hand over his... I put his fingers in deep... I made him touch my breasts.... my feet squirmed into the sheets and I started to sing with ******.... my toes wiggled into the sheets... I started to *** and then....
he stopped...
He kissed me on the cheek...
he turned over.... I waited for him to touch me for a minute then.... I scooched up next to him and put my hand down his pants... he moaned....  he moved back toward me....
  "Baby... tell ME a story about the boys and the girl..."
  "What about?" He asked.
  "tell me what they did to the girl?
He squirmed....
  "I can't think..."
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