Shadows And Fantasy 2

I unzip the bag you have left for me, holding my breath to see what it reveals. You have forbidden me to look until it is time to get changed and I have struggled with the temptation. Finally the clock tells me it is time .. and I reach inside.

My fingers brush against a smooth fabric that is resistant to my touch as I slowly pull it from the bag. I gasp .. it is a corset. Blood red with black satin edging and laces that trace up the front. It is stunning and I can't wait to lace myself into it. Beneath the corset is the same satin skirt from last weekend and a pair of stilhettos the exact same color as the corset.

There is no underwear in the bag .... only my cosmetics are left ...

With trembling fingers, I step out of my work clothes and into the black skirt and heels .. leaving the corset for last. The corset hugs every curve, the black satin smooth against my skin, the red a glaring contrast to my pale skin.

Finally laced, I look up into the mirror. I hardly recognise myself .. my cheeks are flushed and my pupils are dilated, the swell of my breasts rising and falling rapidly with each breath.

I am ready ...

Leaving the office, you are already waiting in the car park for me. Your eyes darken as you watch me walk towards you, taking my bag you run your lips down my neck and onto my shoulder.

"Perfect" you whisper as you guide me into the car, shutting the door for me.

Sliding into the drivers seat, you take my hand and place it high in your thigh. High enough that the hardness concealed beneath the fabric is impossible to miss. I move my hand higher, but you stop me. "Not yet" you growl "I have a surprise for you".

The tension is thick in the air as we stop at a house I have never seen before. You take my hand again as I leave the car, the other hand on my back, drifting lower to caress the curve of my ***.You open the door for me and I walk into a room awash in candle light, the shadows flickering against the walls and the drawn drapes. The room is not empty ..

Chase ...

Putting his glass on the table beside him, he stands and walks towards me, extending his hand. You place my hand in his and then draw me close for a searing kiss. Stunned, I can do nothing but respond to the slide of your tongue against mine. As you pull away, Chase leans down and places a kiss of his own on my shoulder before gently tugging me to the stairs.

My body follows his, my eyes follow you. You let me walk away from you ... but I am only 3 steps up the staircase before you follow.

I find myself in another room, a bed shrouded in shadow and mystery, the dim lighting creating an aura of intimacy and expectancy. A large wing back chair positioned off to the side is where you seat yourself, watching me avidly.

Chase moves behind me once again  .. his hands drifing over my shoulders to gently cup my breasts, the only barrier .. the fabric of the corset. My eyes clinging to you .. still uncertain. Last time Chase touched me it was quick, intense and primal. This .. is intimate ... personal .. totally different.

Your hand drops to your **** and you start to slowly stroke it through the fabric ... you are aroused .. unbelievably so..

Chase's lips find my neck at the same time his fingers find the ties of the corset, slowly pullling the strings until the corset starts to pull apart in the middle, my breasts eventually spilling free. My nipples bead the instant his hot palms cover them .. kneeding them, drawing the nipples away from me making them tighten even more.

Chase's hands disappear and I wait anxiously for what is to happen next. His shirt lands on the floor beside my feet, and then his pants follow .. he is naked, and I am getting desperately aroused.

He pulls me back towards the bed and sits .. me between his thighs but still facing you. My hands at my sides, I instinctively know that I am not to move .. just let Chase work. His hands on my hips slowly drag my skirt free, lifting one leg after the other to be free of it. It lands on the pile of his clothes before his fingers start tracing a line up the inside of my thighs .. higher .. higher ..

My knees almost buckle when I feel his fingers reach my wetness. He nudges my legs further apart and allows his fingers to explore even further. Sitting in front of me, I know you can see his fingers on me, sliding between the lips of my ***** to land on my swollen **** ... rubbing it in tiny circles that make my eyes want to drift closed. You have unzipped now and I watch avidly as you stroke you hard shaft, your hand following the rhythm that Chase has set for me too.

"Stop" you murmer, and I freeze, once again unsure. "She's about to *** .. take her now".

Chase pulls his hand away and slowly guides me down. I feel the tip of his **** pressing against me, seeking entrance .... slowly filling me ...

I moan, taking him in deep. As he slides all the way in, he reaches forward and lifts my legs, moving them to the outside of his own, spreading me open wide for you .. making sure you can see where we are joined ***** eating up his ****.

With his hands on my breasts, he starts to thrust. Slow and steady to start, hips rising to meet my ***.. **** sliding in steadily.

"Touch yourself" you command in a voice rough with arousal. As Chase starts to move faster .. thrusting, strong and demanding!

My fingers obey .. they must, I cannot deny you anything.  My head falls back against Chase's shoulder, my back arching, breasts pressing harder against his palms. My fingers flashing across my ****, brushing Chase's balls on each upwards thrust.

You stand up abruptly and move towards me .. replacing one of Chase's hands on my breast with your own, squeezing almost tightly enough to make it painful .. "*** for me Baby" you moan .. "Show me how good this feels.. "

Gasping .. "Yes" ... "Now" ... and I let go, abandoning myself to the intensity of what I am feeling. Chase's chest against my back, his **** inside me, his hips thrusting against me ... your hand on my breast ..

.. and I *** ....

My whole body shaking with the strength of my ******, my tightness clenched around Chase, spasms wracking every inch of me ... and then you *** too ... the hot, wet splash of your *** against my chest, coating my breasts and your hand, ruining the beautiful fabric of the corset that has pooled at my waist now.

Unable to contain it any more, I cry out your name and ****** again .. the pressure making Chase *** too, emptying himself deep inside me, his hard body flexing against my back.

It seems like hours that it lasts, the pleasure overwhelming my senses .. making my skin feel too tight and my bones feel like liquid.

You start shedding your clothes .. they also make it to the pile that is mine and Chase's. Your fingers tug loose the last of the corset bindings and you add it to the growing pile.

"Come" you command .. and Chase turns me in his lap and lifts me high .. holding me close as he follows slowly after you. His lips tracing the skin up the side of my neck, his tongue leaving a burning trail along my nerve endings before he claims my mouth .. hot, searching, rewarding ...

He follows you into the bathroom .. just in time for me to see you turn the jets in the super sized bath on ..

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Wow, not sure how many more I can take tonight! You have a way with words!

OMG! Your writing is delightful@

Thank you :)

Great story. Love every word!

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well done.. I was hooked from "pair of stilettos"... I love em.. and the words you wrote

Thank you Stranglehold!

Great quality ! Can't walk now....

Damn, Sass. I want some of that hot weather that built this in you. You have been smolderin for weeks.

There is more than just smoldering today hlpfl!!! The flames are burning BRIGHT!

and hot.