The Next Day

The phone rings, "hi baby, you promised to meet me today", yes I had, we had met up yesterday but  we had to go one on one this time. "Sure thing babe, I can come and meet you in an hour in the cafe", "sure thing see you there".
I got myself ready and made my way there, excited and hurried looking forward to a little more fun. I arrived at the cafe, she was already there her back towards the wall so she didn't see me come in, she was wearing a black skirt with light coloured tights and sexy thigh length boots , a white blouse and her coat was position on the back of the chair, her blonde hair was shining in the sunlight braking through, she looked sexy but classy and sophisticated just as I knew she would, I crept up behind her and gave her a soft kiss on the back of her neck, mmm she said, ive been waiting for you.
I sat at the table and the waitress bought over our lattes, I stared into her eyes while we slkke about the day before, I was lost in tbe beauty of those eyes so sexy and mysterious she had a perfect smile and I felt all warm and fuzzy just being with her, we continued discussing the previous day then sbe dropped into the coversation that she was not wearing any panties she reached for my and and guided it onto her lap then along her thigh till I could feel smooth silky skin near her opening, go on touch me she said, I move my hand closer and could feel that she had no knickers on, I further guided my hands along her thigh upto her ***** and felt a warm wet opening, my **** was instantly hard and I smiled at her, man this woman is a dream! We decided that we needed to go to somwhere private, settled the bill and we left holding hands. She took me back to the place she was staying at and wasted no time in getting comfortable, I took off my coat and relaxed on tbe sofa, now that we were alone I could smell ber purfume, it was a clean fresh scent and started to make me feel horny, she removed her coat too and we embraced, I felt pure desire, this was a moment few could match it was the embrace of a man and woman tba really enjoyed each other, there was love between them although both were married it was a different kind of love, they both love their partners but this was a lustful kind of love wereby both needed each other in a different way, a way wereby neither judged each other,  there was history between us and this was just adding to the story of their special friendship.
I started to gently kiss her neck, this was driving us both crazy, i was not gling to rush things and wanted to enjoy the moment, i started to breath heavy and she must have felt my heart banging in my chest, I continued to kiss around her neck making my way to tbe back again, I started to un button ber blouse slowly and started to gently kiss her on the lips, I turned my head slightly and opened my mouth so we could french kiss, I was bearly controing myself I wanted her again right now as I had the previous day but kept telling myself this has to be a moment that lasts a lifetime, she sould be flying back home in the next few days and I may never get this chance again. I slowed the pace, man this was not easy but I pulled my lips away and got back to kissing her neck making my way back down towards her now exposed shoulders, I kissed her soft perfect skin and slipped off her blouse, she was weari g a white lace bra that fitted perecly around her very ample breasts I put my hands around her hips and pulled her close to me and we both looked deep into each others eyes, this seemed to last a lifetime and was a special moment shared, if ever there was a look of mutual desire this was it a longing blissful deep look into each others soul. We kissed again and I then slipped off her skirt and tights, I had removed her sexy boots. She was now standing there infront of me in just her matching white lacy lingerie,  I admired her female form and stood back a little to take it all in, why dont you take some pictures for us she said, of you I replied, yeah why not I know you love my pics on EP and I dont have anyone to take more for me. This was an offer I was going to turn down, she is a seriously sexy woman and to add to the pic collection would be an honour.
She pulled up a chair with a high back and lent on it seductively pushing her chest forward showing her cleavage tastefully, I took some pictures of her in different poses some from the front some from the back, I finished with a magnificent pose of her from behind, she was kneeling on the chair facing away from me with her beautifly rounded *** pushed out, she was twisted around from the shoulders facing me and looked like a dream, I have a surprise for you she said, really what's that, wait there, ok I replied, she went into another room and remained there a few minutes and re appeared wearing a black corset, it was the same one I had seen in her album and it drove me crazy, oh my I said, you like it she replied, oh yes even better than the pics! The corset was amazing really showed off her curves she turned around and showed me the laced up back, it was not totally done up as she could not do it herself and there was no one else there to have helped her, I took a glimpse of her butt as she turned around it was peachy and perfect, I took a few pics of her in seductive poses using the black and white setting on my phone camera, she looked amazing the pics were artistic and erotic, black and white photos were her favorite and they done her justice, I was going to enjoy these pictures for many years to come. Babe you look a little tense you ok I said, I. Ok just a little stiffness in my shoulders, well would you like a massage, oh yes please she replied. I untied the corset and got her to lay face down on the bed, she was totally naked and I was still semi clothed, there was some scented oils on the bedside table and I started to use it on her shoulders, this was totally turning me on my **** was straining to get out of my pants and this was becoming uncomfortable, im going to ***** off I said, lol ok I was wondering why you were still clothed she replied. I took no time to remove the rest of my clothes, I mounted her from behind sitting on her *** as I worked her shoulders, my **** was rock hard and was sliding up and down between her *** cheeks as I leaned forward massaging her back and shoulders, steady she said I think your going to slide that  in my *** if you carry on doing that! My **** was ouzing precum and was lubricating entry into ber ***, is that a lroblem I said, not at all she replied, I carried on massaging her and sliding my **** up and down her *** at the same time, it was so sexy and sensual I was kissing her from time to time on they back of her neck she was moaning with pleasure but I knew I could not hold back much longer I needed to be inside her I was so turned on I could have just *** all over her back, this time I needed to *** inside her.
I rolled her over on the bed and positioned myself between her thighs. Her breasts exposed to me and looked amazing, her nipples were erect and i placed my finger and thumb of one of them and tweeked gently, i kissed her on the lips and then positioned my mouth over one of her fully erect nipples, i gently sucked and clamped my lips fully on her nipple, i pulled my head back streching her nipple longer while still in my mouth then let go, her niplle stayed stretched and was glistening with my saliva.
I pressed my hips forward slightly, my **** was already pressed against her ***** lips and I easily penetrated her, I eased myself in slighly noticing her exposed and very swollen ****, she gasped as I lernt forward futher my **** going in around an inch, mmm she said I pused further still just aittle at a time to tease her, I pulled back slightly and decided I needed to taste her sweet *****, I withdrew my **** and positioned my head between her thighs, I eased my tongue inside her and tasted the sweet musky juice,  I run my tongue  over her **** and nibbled slightly she rolled her head back in pleasure I entered her again with my tongue. Deeper this time rolling my tongue up and down left and right she reached down and rubbed her **** as I savoured her femanine taste.

I carried on for some time till she was at the point of climax, I repositioned myself ontop of her and eased my **** back inside her, this time deeper and deeper inch by inch, she was enjoying the thickness of my **** and I was upping the pace, I could feel my ****** building and she was clamping my **** hard sith her lussy muscles, she was breathing hard and my heart was racing, *** inside me *** inside me she shouted im gonna ***, well I could not disappoint her could I we were both moving around as I was tbrusting deep inside her, her fingernails were digging into my back giving me a pleasurable pain, then with a final thrust I came deep inside her, a massive load of my *** shoot deep inside her willing ***** causing hef own intense ****** we both moaned in sheer pleasure and I collapsed ontop of her, we kissed and embrased, this was just the start of the day and there was obviously plans for later.
Pj was smiling she had done what she had wanted to do and had i was not disappointed. 
Till next time x

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Corsets .. massages ... intimate moments ... all the right elements for the perfest fantasy!!!Can't wait to read the next installment!

Lol your vetting greedy now lol, are you not satisfied ;-)

Phwoar! So hot it burns 😉

Lol gonna write another one later about another special lady

;). With s special guy?