Valentines Day

The previous day was spent with Pj had it was an amazing day, I was aching from the sexual activity of the wonderful experience and now I was going to meet with eddie, eddie had been waiting patiently for me and was well aware of me meeting with Pj the previous day, she was excited to hear what we had got upto but was even more excited to spend some time alone with me. I had promised her a few things and I was not about to let her down. I was also excited, eddie is totally different than Pj in everyway apart from being Australian so this would be a totally different but equally sexy experince and I could not wait.......
I arrved at her appartment and she let me in, her gorgeous eyes bright and her lips welcoming, I kissed her softly at first and them progressed into a full on excitedopen mouth kiss our tongues tasting each other. We parted lips and she looked at me, so your wearing a suit today, special occasion? Nope just thought I would make the effort I replied. I was wearing a dark plue designer suit with a faint pin stripe bright white shirt and a dark pink patterned tie. Well you look pretty smart to me she said but now I want you out of that! She pulled on my tie learning me towards her and she kissed me again on tbe lips, she then slid my jacket off my shoulders and dropped it to the floor I lifted my hands up and held her face in my hands as we continued to kiss and my cuff links caught the sparkle of the sunlight. She removed my tie  and started to unbutton my shirt, my chest hair now on display and she ran her hands over it, you look tired she said have you had abusy week, she was well aware that I had the last two days had been hectic yet rewarding but she insisted in stripping me fully naked and stsrted to rub my shoulders. I was really getting aroused and she moved around to my front, I noticed that her nipples had become erect and I removed her top and bra while she continued to rub my shoulders and upper chest, I held one breast in my and and gently started to suck on her delicate nipple, I celt the nipple growing longer as I sucked and gave her other breast a gentle squeeze,  I was really enjoying myself my **** now fully erect and leaking precum, eddie ran her hands lowdr down my chest and graabbed my **** firmly with her hand, I was struggling to suck her nipple now but refused to  stop, she stsrted to pull my foreskin back exposing my swollen head which was glistening with my precum, she pulled away crom me sucking her *** and knelt between my legs and gently licked the precum off the end of my ****. That felt so so good, she stsrted to rib my **** backwards and forwards then started to take me in her mouth, inch by thick inch she took me fully in ber moutb sucking and licking pulling my balls and then cupping them as she sucked me. She knows how much I like my **** sucked and continied to enjoy my thick shaft bringing me to the point of climax, I breathing heavier and making sounds of delight, she must of know I was close and she slowed down, she took my **** out of her mouth and siad to me, im happy to have your load in my mouth but I have bigger plans for your big load.
I took hold of my **** and slowly *********** while she got herself ready for me, she seemed to enjoy watching me touch myself as i wrapped my hand around my **** and started to tug a little harder and faster, eddie got onto the bed and beckoned me over i climbed ontop of her and parted her soft ***** lips with my stiff ****, i started to **** her with slow deep motion enjoying every moment inside her, her ***** was tight and wecolming warm and juicy starting to grip hard around my throbbing ****, as i ****** her i leant forward and pinched hed nipples softly my hips building a rhyhm that was bringing us both to the point of ecsacy, i could feel by her ***** and the sounds that she was making that she was getting closer and closer to ****** this was turning me on more and i warned her i was about to ***, she screamed out, *** inside me *** inside me I want to feel you shoot your load deep inside my *****, I knew eddie was not using birth control and I was inside her bareback, but I could not pull out it felt too good and the situation was so sexy, aith one last thrust we both came, my body shuddered as I shot my full sticky load of *** inside her, I collapsed ontop of her and we embraced each other naked on the bed. 
Makes me wonder if I gave her the valentines gift she really wanted for me.......maybe we will meet again.
Happy valentines eddie xxx
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This is work in progress and will be finished over the next day or so!

Where did E go? Lol! ;)

Is it a problem?

Of course not :). Xx

I wi get to it later, been occupied by the wife x

Still no update? :(

Lol. Xx

All good things *** to those who wait!

Also the squeaky wheel gets the oil ;)

I wrote a bit more, difficult as im back in work today!

Thank you! I love it! It's sexy hot! ;) xxx

I thougt I would add a little of what you would like. And just to think we could do all of that x

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