A Whisper

A soft whisper ever gently brushes my ear, I turn to listen and there is no one there.   I feel the presence of something familiar, It is odd and quite peculiar.   Many things that are put in my head circle around, Again, there is that whisper , what a whimsical sound.  Like the sound of a gentle breeze, A note that puts your heart at ease.    I try to listen closer to catch the tune, Yet it floats away like the wind carries a balloon.   There is an easiness about me, an outward calmness everyone can see.   Peacefulness like I have never felt before, I love the feeling and pray for more.   My heart is full of that peaceful sound ever gentle, I see the vision of an Angel.  It is then I know the whisper is something to sing, For now I know it is the sound of Angel wings.  

PS~let me know what you think please*  tmmarion

tmmarion tmmarion
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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Thank you so much..you are the only one who has comment so I am assume it was ment for you to read on this night..Have a happy and safe New Year.

I was searching for "something" to inspire me early on this the last day of 2009. How lovely is your poem, and I am indeed inspired! Thank you for posting. Happy New Year!!