Maya, First Part

As I walk through the room the icy stares of passer byers slashes my skin like a knife. The hate that they give me is so intense. Aren't us foreigners suposed to be the wanted? Lauren and Dayna walk along side me, returning the icy glares to the crowd. Michael Joins up with us. He is smiling. He has on his tux, and Lauren, dayna and and I have on our prom gowns. If this was suposed to be my night I do not think it is. What did I do wrong?

Later I find out it wasn't me, It was michael. All the girls had wanted to go out with him that night. Classic. I had not excepted that. they were not mad at me, but at michael. They said he wanted attention. I brought him home and walked around the fountian and sat down. I watched my horses from the Mansions garden. Why? I had said to michael. The world hates you. they hate me. Why couldn't you have made an easy dissision. Why couldn't you have had the courtasy to save us from the pain and ridicul? he said, I have waited for someone like you, and when you came I thought it would be ok. No one ever gave me a guide to living. I smiled. ringrazio il mio amore I said. He smiled and walked away to the waiting limo.

That night I had a dream of love and passion. A boy my age came down from the clouds like one of those cheesy movies. He was surronded by a glowing circle of light. I expected to see Michael, but instead I saw another boy. Another boy I knew. My best friend. I walked over to him, and he brushed my hair away from my eyes. Daniel lead me up a spiral stair case, up into what seemed to be my room. But then he froze, and I heard a gunshot.

The problem was the gunshot was real. I ran to my window and saw a man at my neighboors house. Of course he was dressed in all black, how classic. I ran to my phone and dialed 911. They responded quickly, coming to my neighboors house in 5 minutes, at which time the man, or women, was already in the house. I ran out with my knife I had gotten for my sweet sixteen. I pulled myself onto the porches roof and started to climb up the side of the house. I climbed in through the bedroom window. He hadn't been there yet. I heard no sign of struggle. Held my knife with a tight grip. As I eased down the hallway, I heard someone begging. "Please don't" He said. "Please don't kill her. Please. I will do anything!" A cold voice responded. "Have Silence! You have said your peice. I will take her life if I need to." "Please Don't!" He sobbed again. A gun shot echoed in the room with the last of his cries.

I burst into the room, like they do in those cop shows, except in my world, the man whipped around, his face stunned a girl much younger than him could even be in that house at the same time as him. He smiled. More like a smirk. "Wipe that look off your face." I spat at him. Keep your cool Maya, I told myself. Of course he smiled more, I had predicted that much. "Why a little girl" His Icy voice carried out in the night like Lord Voldemorts. Problem was, this part was real to. This man was speaking to me, and I couldn't stop. "I am not little. Now put down your gun" I commended. "Why would I listen to a little girl like you?" he sneered. "I have shot thousands of people and I have never been caught, what makes you think you are any different. Another life will not matter." He lifted his gun. His finger on the triger.

I ducked as he shot, and kicked the gun out of his hand and across the room. He leeped at me and grazed my sholder with his hand. I dodged again and punched him in the stomac. His hand knocked me in the head and I stumbled back, my vision blurred for a moment. I kicked at him, hiting him in the side of the neck. I kicked his gut and he toppled over. I stepped on himand placed my foot on his chest. I watched as he faded and passed out.

The lack of noise must have worried the police saying they came hurrying up the stairs. The expressions changed from worried to confused as they saw the gun lying across the room, and the man on the floor who looked like he had been killed. I walked away from the mans body and picked up the screaming baby, craddling her in my throbbing arms, quietly humming to her as the police made the nursery into a crime scene.

I woke up in an office chair in a room. A woman was there, typing away at a computer. I looked at her fingers run aroung the keyboard. "Why am I here?" I asked. She looked at me. "Ah good, you are up. Let me bring you down to Jeramy. He is our Autopsist. You had quite a blow to your head. I am surprised you weren't knocked out once he hit you." She stood up, and so did I. She was so odd. She treated me like I was a child. I had fought before. Heck, this time I never even used myy knife. For some reason though, she wasn't acting as if I killed him. Maybe I didn't. Maybe he escaped.

After walkingg in scilence through a maze of hallways, we were in the autopsy room. The man I expected was Jeramy was middle aged, with dark hair and big brown eyes. "So this is she." He said. "My name is Maya." I said, politely of course. "Well then Maya will you mind if I take a little check up on you? I am surprised you aren't sitting on one of my tables dead. You were lucky." These adults. "sir," I said. "Not to be rude or anything but I have fought of my fair share of people. That is why my family and I moved to America. We had a hope that I could live a normal life. I have lived in Italy, Germany, Isreal, Pakistan, and now America. This bruise upon my forehead is nothing." "I am going to look, Maya. If you are hurt we will give you medical attention, If not you are free to go back upstais with Agent Sanchez"

He shone a light in my eyes, did some random tests with a probe and took some blood samples. I went back upstairs. "Uh, agent Sanchez, do you mind if I go to the bathroom, I haven't gone for a while." She dissmissed me with a wave of her hand, not even looking away from her computer. I walked down towards the bathroom, but stopped when I saw me and my information on a tv with 4 agents standing around it. I walked, quickly and quietly up behind them. "That is so outdated" I said, a grin upon my face. One of the men jumped and put a hand to his heart. "God, you scared me" He said. "Did you expect me or something? Well. I have also lived in Isreal, Pakistan, and Now I am a US citizen. My father is dead and I attend Montegue High in Virginia. If you need anything, You can call this number" I handed the Oldest agent a green sticky note with my numbers on it. I waved goodbye and walked back to Agent Sanchez's Office.

"Why are they doing a background check on me." I demanded of Agent Sanchez. "You people are so stupid. I just intervined because the dang police thinks standing around the front door of a house will prevent any harm that can be done. I am here while I should be in School. I just had my freakin prom and could fight him off while your people stand around a TV screen pondering my past that looks like it hasn't been updated since I was six" She looked up at me. It was one of the first times I had seen her look up from the screen. "You were involed, kids have been known to lie" she said. "Are you kidding me! I was taught basic fighting skills by my dad before he was killed doing God knows what in Mossad. I can Probably shoot people better than any of the agents in the agency but all it seems you people can do is stare at screens suposofly helping people. I am so sick of American ways!" I ran out the office door until I got to the bathroom. I stood, looking at myself in the miror. Keep your cool I told myself. I stood there, my head bent. I pulled out my iPhone and looked at my dads name. I hit the red button, and his name vanished.

As the town car pulled up to the front of our house, I sighed in relief. "Thanks" I said and gave the driver a small smile and a $20 tip. I ran up the stairs of the estate. "Ma!" I yelled after I shut the door. "Ma I'm home!" No answer. I went up the two flights of stairs into my moms room. Not there. I walked into her bathroom, not there. I called her cell. She picked up. "Oh my gosh thank God you are alive Mom. Why didn't you at least leave a note?" "Honey, I just went out for some coffee but then I met this man, Dave. Dave Matchetini. He is so great. So we got talking and so he brought me out for lunch. I'm Sorry I scared you hun, I was just having such a good time. I haven't been so happy since your father was alive." There was a pause and a giggle. "I will be home tonight Maya, can you manage" I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Yes mom." I hung up. I walked over to my mac and went onto google, typing in Dave Matchetini. I clicked on the first link.

Dave Matchetini, 29, was arrested by the FBI for the murders of Ashley Craigen, 41, and Jammie Fairs, 39. Matchetini was given a life sentence in prison, but was realeased during a trial on June 14th, 1998. (Information is not allowed to be relesaed to the public) On October 8th, 2006, Matchetini was arrested for an attempted murder, but was yet again released in trial on April 26th, 2007. Since then, Dave has not been heard from.

I grabbed my phone again, and dialed her number. "Ma!" "Dear, can you call back later. I am sure it can wait" She hung up.

This is all I have written so far. I will post more
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