Sing Me A Song

Before I knew you love didn’t exist
Now when you sing those songs
When you give me that look
I know what love feels like

It makes my heart stop
I’m in awe of your perfection
Never felt so sure of anyone before
I just need you here by my side

Come to my side and sing me those songs
give me that look of yours
make me believe in love

Can’t you just come here now?
I’m sick of the constant tiptoes
We both know what’s there

It’s clear when you sing those songs
That feel specially written for me
It’s obvious when our eyes lock in that stare
I need to be with you

How could you make promises of tomorrow
Then leave me alone for so long
I need you here with me
To sing me a song

Without you love does not exist
I slowly break down
Don’t let me shatter
Come hold me and sing me a song
NatalieMarie1cc NatalieMarie1cc
22-25, F
Jul 20, 2010