Angel In The Snow

Laughing like children, as we lie on the ground, our lungs filled with joy as they make that oh so familiar sound,my soul is still somehow at peace, despite knowing the fact that this life is on lease.

An Angel in the clean new white powder is the shape we are making, great care not to step on it's winged like impression when we walk in the snow we are taking.

In this my special place where the suns rays make snow angels sparkle like glitter, the snow is fresh and beautiful, with no signs of human litter.

Please, come lie down in the snow next to me, we will make angels that sparkle, just try it, you'll see! It's something i used to love as a small little boy, using the snow as my own personal toy!

You will never be cold here though, even though there is snow everywhere in this place, you will never feel the cold pinch of old man winter as he bites upon your face.

This is a special place that exists for the few who choose to imagine, a place of serenity and peace where magical things can happen.

It matters not if you make your own personal Angel or one for a family member or friend, I've been making them for decades now and they help my broken heart to mend.
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1 Response Oct 31, 2010

Lovely. I love the idea of the angel and the pure white snow. Thank you for sharing.