Bond That Lasts For Eternity

  Eyes closed,deep wounds that noone feels,
bleeding since birth,
she lives for everyone n noone.
  She sleeps in the cemetery,by her angel which is one with her,
-her suffering feels.
  She remembers what she has built but shes
always bound to him.
  Her soul was connected with one touch,
 one sight,
  one nightmare,tears of youth
          .. forever holding hands.
  Bond of love that lasts for eternity.
amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
14 Responses Nov 24, 2010

Sounds like what I do...

yes .hugs*

*nods*thanku for reading..sorry made u cry*hugs*

oh idk that book,sounds interesting..<br />
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happy thanksgiving to u to Pg.

thanksgiving greeting foy you

Anna, <br />
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It reminds me of a book I read "The graveyard book" It is a story of a young boy who's parents tragically die and he runs away to a graveyard and is brought up by all the ghosts and gouls that live there...they all love him and it is about his rather strange life..brilliant book! Your writing is very dark here, poetic and image inducing, beautiful. AviX

*no words*

powerful Amy - visual and emotional<br />
<br />
Love,<br />

oh is ok heh..thanks *hugs*

why do u find it scary?the angel is someone who gave her love,all the memories ,even the bad ones connects them...maybe u find it scary coz of the cemetery?that shes always bound with him?or coz she was suffering since birth?what is it exactly u find it scary?


i just wrote to u in ur whiteboard!

hugs to u too candy*smiles*have sweet dreams

Sad yet very beautiful. very good writing! Big pretty rainbow of hugs smiles n lov sent..night sweet Amy Angel!!