♥*me And My Teddy Bear( Xmas Story)*♥

 I woke up in the middle of the night when i think i heard of something.Maybe i had a dream but im not sure.My parents r sleeping
so i started walking towards the living room.I saw my blue n white teddy bear by the door.
 -How did u get here?i whispered.

As i said that my teddy bear shook his head n smiled.I laughed.

- Chloe(thats my name),my teddy said i prepared a box for santa to find when he gets here.Look inside!

-Oh, thats my letter to him!And thats my drawing too!A list of my wishes too! i said suprised
My teddy would show santa my love for xmas n what i wish for.I was suprised but i loved my teddy n how hard he worked to make
this box too,i thought.

-Listen Chloe!he said n pushed the box by the tree.
I heard ''hi Chloe'' n saw colorful lights at the window.But i felt so tired-i felt my eyes heavy- n then i felt someone carrying me to the couch,
put a blanket on me n i slept.
 In the morning,i saw a xmas hat next to me ,which i loved wearing n some presents by my teddy bear.I hugged him n said
''if all kids have a teddy like u ,they r lucky.U r my present!'' n then i went to my mom n dad.I saw them hugging each other saying
''merry xmas'' n i knew my xmas was magical.
Me And My Teddy Bear
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thanku for reading it naomi*many hugs*im glad u like it

This is a very uplifting story Amy, one many little children would love. You may have a career in children's picture books just like BG said. Your words flow and reach hearts.<br />