Serenity My Gardens

Welcome to my autumnal garden of paradise delights

At times it can be dark, beauty smoldering joy, amidst riotous flowering moody colors.

Soon bright serenity and pristine comfort.

Be willing to dirty your hands freeing your mind !

Feel the grass wet on bare feet, cool mist pollinate your mind.

Like flowers in bloom, soul climbers foster the power of their imagination.

Keep deepening being in the flow, as if lubricated by Angel oil.

It feels great, having wisdom to tap into artistry of life.

Increasing freedom to our spirits and solace to our souls.

We plant seeds sharing our wisdom and compassion.

For those we love and those whom we might meet ...

I took these pictures my trees,roses and ****** ..clouds...

For our thoughts...
The waters within us
Spirit is like water
is our source of life!
We connot live dry.

Flowers in field below...are at the end of my street!
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Thank you MB. sorry late to reply no updates ! Hope all is well! :)

All is well! I hope the same for you! Thank you.

yes, all is well...cute avi! thank you *Blessings*

Thoughtful and touching...

how does your garden grow.this season,beautiful lady? seasons of your life...

Wow, how beautiful your words and the pictures. I also enjoyed immensely the words in your profile; "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise! So I am changing MYseLF! _by~rumi. Just a wonderful visit to your page as I browsed around randomly. Thanks for your inspiration......bc

wow ! very beautiful ! thanks for sharing ! love gardening ! :-)

<p>Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos of your garden and the cute little birds! all the wonderful colours.</p>

thank you to visit @ comment! Love the beautiful birds ,all nature is breath is magical...come and garden :)

you r so lucky

we all are! t/y hugs!

You post such awesome things! You keep being you, it's super great.

Hi, sweetie pie :) and you keep being you! Thank you!

What a beautiful and inspirational post!

Makes me wany to run home and cultivate my roses


You are inspiring :) Thanks Tiger! xox
my roses are so lovely this yr...

bet yours are too...

I thinl ypur beautiful spirit inspires them

Love the bird waiting on the tomato cage.

yes, a baby humhum...good eye is a tomato cage...thanks for visit...

It's like the bird knows that there's supposed to be tomatoes in it and is just waiting. Or maybe it seems that way to me because the birds in my yard are waiting for the tomatoes to ripen. I grew extra this year just for the birds but they'll have to wait another week.

These r th places or place we look for n long in life ..

Where u can b one with urself ..

Jst close our eyes n feel



Beautiful! true i love what you said! Blessings! love,hugs! XOXO Dear Lovely friend!

<p>Do you have a empty room? have keen eye,draws me in .....take expert pictures</p>

Well I might :) hugs!

Big hugs my wanderingsage! ;) <br />
<br />
ItsWindy Thank you for reading, kind comments both of you ~ appreciate so much!

Truly beautiful! Thank you for this story. Your words and photos totally create a feeling of serenity.

Awe!!! I wish you were too..In a way you are my lovely Sister...Thank you for reading and nice comment! Blessings sent! ;) (((MORE HUGS LOV SENT)))) truly is a blessing I cherish ;)

You are awesome my dear sister.Wish i was there.

S.T. Big hugs Thank you ...<br />
<br />
S.wind Rainbow smiles lov sent!!<br />
<br />
A. Kuruk Big hugs :) <br />
<br />
Cowboy Lets riverdance!<br />
<br />
Lov, hugs to you all! <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
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Aweeeeeeeeeee Thank you my Lovely..made my heart dance..You are just so inspiring too and post stories that really make me think ;) (((((HUGGIES BACK GIGGLES))))) such a LOV!!!! X's ;D ;D<br />
<br />
<br />
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Such loving comments WOW!!!!

You!! my gorgeous! :D write the most beautiful words and post the most awinspiring photos! they are absolutely beautiful! :D I adore your fantastic garden! it, reminds me of its author! and photographer! :D And i thank you so much for sharing!!! oh! wow!! just wow!!! Thank you my beauty! :D :D <> <br />
<br />
((((((HUGGIES!!)))))) X

Wow hon nice shots and poem,,,like to walkin your garden hugs :)

Doll beauty took me there,such a beautiful imagination- Big bear hugs love your *Prince XX XX-take awesome pictures!

You write so beautiful using few words,love the pictures XXXX So beautiful you are!

**warm smile**<br />
...change... funny how such a simple word can conger the loftiest hopes or the most dreaded fears... the most welcome friend or a dreaded enemy...<br />
<br />
just a thought...<br />
<br />
may your winds of change be warm for you..

Tiger, My thoughts are in changing with the season ;) <br />
Thank you for reading, always thoughtful caring comments!<br />
<br />
Rainbow hugs sent to both of you!

what colorful, fragrant, sensual, peaceful pictures your words paint on the canvas of our thoughts...<br />
<br />
Mmmmmmm, breath in the brisk refreshing scents of Autumn

You're cool !Yes, the pic's I have been doing some learning *wink* tis fun...Thank you Ms Poet :) kiddos! :) X's