The Sky "StairWay To


just a sun peak volcano in the distant sky, as if seeing a "great force of endless energies" a deeper awakening

beyond, the hearts of humanity through an energetic oneness with unity.

as being a full moon gateway to other dimensions. Level of awakening the hearts of humanity ...a joyous time to be on earth, as we unite in lov, truth, light, joy and celebrate our freedom...

Pictures I took........... Nov 10-2011 ~For our Veterans here and ones in heaven~live in our hearts always! My Dad and my family killed for my Freedom~

The moon shot...I was lucky and got the reflection of the craters..

The sky looks like a volcano of storms... my plum tree in the corner ;) below is a road on the mountain, I call it my stairway to ~Heaven~ 
You are meant to be here have fun, get creative, fall in love, laugh, play, dance, cry, be grateful...and share your joyful heart with all those you lov...and the ones you will wealth of happiness! learn something new ;)

Amyangels~in our thoughts~
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Thank you all... Rainbow hugs lov, sent! Thanks for reading and lovely comments! ;)

This is really lovely Candy. :-)

Awwwwww! wow!!!! what a fitting tribute! :D I love reading your contribution! :D And the song! "ohhhhh! yeah!!! great choice my gorgeous darling girl"!!! :D <br />
Great post, babes! and i thank you so much for sharing!!! :D :D <>

Sis this is just are a glimpse of heaven and the comfort to everyone who knows you..hugs and love

Love the story, love the song!

Candy this is very pretty. The sky is like a volcano! Moon can see the crater !very nice sentiments=Tight hugs love Blue stairway to heaven song brings back memories XoXo

Just like my loving Tiger...saying sweet stuff...( Much Lov Sent to you and yours) ((((Muuuaaaah)))<br />
<br />
Silly cAnDy Missed you!!! big as the sea! <br />
<br />
Happy about your new big digs! Send you a map. :)