Red River.

Let it bleed ...
let the blood run
it'll darken the rising sun.

Where the red river will flow
I follow...
and use your ignorance as my boat
past the memories I float.

my loved one , is doomed to be the lost one
on the trail made of promises
as the frail hope breaks...
my love will kill you
your life it takes.

I don't feel you
there is nothing you could give me
I've made you empty
still I crave more 
'cause all that I adore
tends to burn from my touch
I can't recognize you no more
you've changed too much

I see you as danger 
and no longer my savior.
BloodOnLace BloodOnLace 18-21, F 2 Responses Apr 10, 2012

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nicely done. great imagery. very expressive.

Very nice. Floating on a boat of ingnorance in a river of blood is fantastical. The thought is calming to me.

Annuite Cœceptus.

thank you

Your quite welcome. The pleasure is ALL mine. **smiles**
Me and pleasure are pretty close. It's a BFF kinda thang. Lol