Nothing Is Why Should Worry Be Absolute?

Some of my most peaceful moments dawn over me when I realize that nothing in life is as important as we think of it to be. Everything has a relative importance. Nothing is absolute. You think that you need a great salary package to be happy, but that’s not true. You think that pride and self respect should be protected at all costs, but that’s not true. Afterall like the saying goes, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent..and this is true for everything in life…we are given a stimulus, how we react to it is upto us. Most of us do what others do. Its normal to worry over flunking so you worry, but if it were a world where everyone told you to relax, wouldn’t you be a lot less worried. Soo it is all relative. This I say not out of sheer despair or disappointment, but instead it is one of my strategies to cool down when my mind is shrieking about deadlines missed, people I might have disappointed, work left undone…well the priorities are different for everyone depending upon your age and stage of my life..

Right now the factor that effects me the most is how am I perceived by my fellow beings..did I mistakenly offend them? Will they not talk to me anymore? And so on? And then I imagine the worst in every scenario…every scenario that scares me and has my mind screaming like a siren….what will happen if I lose my boyfriend? I will survive..
What if I am thought of as mean and selfish? I will survive…what if I flunk? I will survive…nothing is as bad as it all depends on how we see it…and it is not easy to think this broadly all the time..most of the time I am perturbed by my surroundings…someone did better than me at a task, I am jealous of her and the next thing I know I am asking questions about jealousy on ep…someone gives me cold vibes or doesn’t seem to like me, I am highly disturbed by it!
But my defense mechanism is to snap out of this mayhem every once in a while, find that switch to my thoughts and switch it off for a while, let the thoughts come and go like one metro after another none of which I intend to board. For existence in this world is a fact, giving meaning to this existence is the essence, not the existence. And its cool to take a break from giving meaning to my life every once in a while…for if I didn’t give it any meaning, will it really be that bad? If I don’t go ahead and participate in the rat race to achieve all that I idolize, virtues like excellence in work, respect, mastery, perfection, if I overlook the high standards that I have set for myself and so have so many of us, will it really be that bad? For if I simply exist, it is not going to make me sad. The absence of sadness isn’t equivalent to happiness, but then again, who said I want to be happy all the time? All I am looking for is some peace…are you?

At times we just take things too seriously…so what if Pakistan doesn’t like India? So what if people believe their religion is the best? So what if not everyone likes you? So what if you lose money in shares? This I say not to devalue your problems or out of lack of empathy, but my point is nothing is as bad as it seems. Like Edison said genius is one percent inspiration and 99 % perspiration, similarly a problem or predicament is 1% occurrence ( of the disaster) and 99% sufferance created by our minds. In the ruckus called life, we forget the most important we have, ourselves …
Nishitaa Nishitaa
26-30, F
Apr 25, 2012