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i first heard of trolls quite some time ago and i still dont get it. all new people eventually ask what trolls are and its always some vague answer. ive never been privy to the people that seem to know about them. ive never seen one that i know of. i am a bit insecure like most new people and a little paranoid too so i sometimes even think that im a troll. so its kind of annoying.

this evening someone wrote in q&a they were calling trolls out to face them. it sounds very crazy to me because hes making such a scene you know. maybe he was a troll. now hes calling me a troll and he has no idea who i am.

i think trolls are a myth for stupid people to complain about when theyre bored. or they use it to be mean to new people. ive seen that too.

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Trolls lurk and pounce on the unsuspecting. Their aim is make life unbearable but like in fairy tales, ignoring them seems to vanquish them

Just another name name callers use in situation where the name caller lacks the intellectual capacity to engage in civil rational discourse.

I think a lot of people on here crave attention and that's the only way they know how to get it. A troll soul purpose os to argue for no reason and get a rise out of people, but you're right I'm sure a lot of innocent people get called trolls when they're not

There are many insecure people who cannot handle the Truth about themselves on here TOO... They usually resort to calling people who are not afraid to call out their B/s TROLLS... It is usually when they are caught out bullshaitting people; then they try to play the victim when they have been making others victims of their lying schemes.

You are not a troll, luckylassie. Far from it.<br />
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I agree with most of the definitions listed in earlier answers, and would add a couple more. Basically, trolls are "trolling", like one does when fishing from a moving boat: they dangle their bait, and hope that someone "bites". Basically, they are attention-seekers.<br />
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"Concern Trolls" are a little more subtle than the average troll. They are people who visit websites with different views to their own and post comments saying they agree with other posters, but have "concerns" about the direction in which the discussion is moving.<br />
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"Comfort Trolls" are people who do genuinely agree with the general views expressed on particular websites, but are genuinely worried about the prospects of their own favoured political party, sporting team, religious group, etc, and who are seeking reassurance from other posters on those sites.<br />
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Good to be having this discussion!

Holy ****, Dex, you nailed it.l
And RexHymens (ahem) is right. "Troll" is now overused and too generic.

The term was used for companies or individuals that search and buy patents in the hopes taking other companies to court for possible violations of that patent and settling out of court. Their idea of easy money. They are called 'patent trolls'. <br />
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The tech industry and on line now use that term when someone says something for the sole purpose of triggering a flurry of responses, typically to something they don't care about or already know. They are 'trolling' for responses and sturring up the pot. They don't really want an answer, they just want to agitate the conversation, forum, etc.

yeah, when members follow you around and leave nasty comments on your stories because they don't like your opinions, that's what a troll is. i had one try me on earlier because they didn't like an answer i gave in Q & A. basically calling me a hateful and stupid person because they thought i waz being rude to the person asking the question. to the point of checking out my profile just to leave a nasty comment on one of my stories. i deleted it and blocked them. there's just no need to be taking things so personally here when it's nothing to do with the troll in question.

usually i think that kind of thing is just a way for some people to vent. delete it, block it, but i bet most of those people arent trolls, its more like a one time thing. i could be wrong. if they did it repeatedly i agree it would fit the definition i believe.

you're probably right... i guess i'm lucky i haven't been targeted by trolls in a more meaningful way. i hope you continue to have good times with good people here though. thanks for sharing.

thanks all for giving your 2 cents. its very interesting