My First Post In A Looong Time... :)

I could write you a poem
To tell you why I love you;
A list of all
The things that make you great.
And if you asked me
I'd write it right away,
Just for you to see
How amazing you really are.
But I don't want you
To compare yourself
To some list I wrote,
And let it shape you.
Because I could say a thousand
Great things about you,
But the most important quality
Is one you can't write down:
It's the ability you have
To be yourself,
Independently of lists,
Or labels, or stereotypes.
No, you are YOU,
In every possible way,
And YOU have become
A part of me.
So magnificent in every way;
Making me a whole
Just by being YOU.
Now, THAT is truly great.
peanlo peanlo
22-25, F
2 Responses May 12, 2012

Oh, and don't forget the 2x4 and the head pikes. GOTTA have those. :P

Yes yes I knooow!

That's awesome. I know he feels the same about you as well. :D

Aww thanks, Tuva :D he BETTER! Or I'll be getting the ritual painting out...