*untitled .

Pounding. I hear my feet striking the cement at a steady, even pace with every step I take.
Wondering who will miss me,
who would notice.
The un-promised tomorrow.
Everything comes at a price.
Changing my world with every footstep,
every stroke of the pencil.
Watching my fingers slide across the keys.
Love is watching...
Breathing, flowing through my veins,
tracing the imperfections seeping through my body like a deadly poison.
Wishing, hoping, trying,
to rid myself of them.
Trying to forget.
And I’m Running.
to find a better place
A light illuminates the slippery pavements I walk in the dark of night.
The crisp, cool breeze,
smells bitter sweet of summer.
Brings memories gushing back.
I’m fighting a war I can’t win.
With tears streaming down my cheeks, gliding.
Our eyes find each other, then the floor.
And I run.
An empty person behind your empty glances as our eyes meet.
And I turn and walk away.
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22-25, F
May 14, 2012