Stepping Upon A Path Of Light In The Midst Of The Gloom.

In the darkness, darkness all around, can not see what is up, down or sideways except for pools of soft blue light that did nothing to dispel the gloom. Most of the small pools looked like stepping stones, but here and there were larger pools of light that were large enough upon which to lie down.

I looked back, and saw the same sight going off into the gloom, and looking forward saw the pools stretch into the infinity of the gloom. Thus I found myself looking into eternity: no start and no end in sight. Nothing to the left or right, so I determined to step forward and not go back since I was already headed that way. It was as if I had dropped from the gloom upon this spot.

I then stepped forward onto the next small pool. When I stood there, I suddenly was enlightened with a thought. That thought cleared my mind and gave me strength. I knew that I was not alone. I felt the presence of an Entity, a loving Entity that enabled me to understand why I was there and what the Entity was doing: creating me to be as that Entity planned: the best being possible given my earthly experiences.

Thought, pure and simple, no frills or extraneous elements. Pure bliss did this thought give me. I then understood that each of the small pools were individual ideas or thoughts, and the larger pools formed a nexus where all the previous light focused and reached a critical mass, and one large concept arose. I then realized that those pools behind were my past and all the True knowledge learned in my earthly life. With confidence I stepped into that large pool knowing this was my future.

I lingered at that large pool until I was fully refreshed. The large pool as an oasis in the midst of emptiness quenched my thirst with knowledge and understanding, and fed me with the fruits of the trees therein which gave my essence substance.

Then I felt the breeze caused by the force of the next great thought. That was a notice that the thought was near at hand. I prepared to hear that thought, and then I heard its call. It beckoned me forward, forward into the gloom to the next sunny step.

And so I walked on until I saw a light, a bright haze of light at first. That light was like nothing else I have seen, and it drew me forward, and forward more. I arrived at the source of the light, and looking into it. I felt peace and joy. I felt comforted, safe. No pain, no fear had I. I knew I was home.
trew123 trew123
61-65, M
Jul 16, 2012