I Love To Write At Night...

Today, i realized that i can write better at night. Today i wrote something in day time and i couldn't find it so much interesting. i didn't know why but i kept on writing then after sometime i realized that i was writing in day time so i didn't write well. The thing is that when i write at night i feel more release and it makes me happy so i write more well.. that's true :)
so i just took a dicsicion to write at night. good for me =) Now it's Fun to write at night. Second advantage is that when i stop writing in day time so i won't waste my time of-cource and will learn learn learn. you know learning new things is my passion so when i stop learning at night and get some time for writing so i will get more ideas and i love to write in peace and comfort so i'd write better :) <3<3<3
I must say you all write at night :P:P:P
cunny10 cunny10
22-25, F
Aug 16, 2012