Devoid, Defeated, Defiled

Aroud my foot I feel an icy touch.

Long fingers cold, hard and rough.

I try to fight but have no strength.

His hold drains me, leaving me weak.

The fingers tighten their ugly grip.

I feel the hot searing pain of flesh being ripped.

As he pulls me down into the dark emptyness.

Deep into the haunting Abyss.

He then carries me down the river of dispair.

Leaving my soul in need of repair.

Weary from the tears i cry,

Is there no escape? No respite?

From this place of broken dreams,

Of horrid sufficating, fantasies?

Where my empty soul is in desperation,

Taunted, by the demons,

Trying to escape this desolation.

by Chelle.

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Aug 24, 2012