The Animal Inside

i find my self perpetually in a sate of some kind of inebriation, whether through lack of sleep or consumption but sometimes in these states i decide to write. i'll post the whole thing. the ridiculous beginning to the end. it may not seem like a story but there is one there

start writing now? kinda dumb. i've had a drink and now I'm simply waiting for the idea. won't come. i need sleep.
um……any way

a dog had a bone. it lost its bone. it found its bone. its happy. the end.
a cat fell out a tree. it found another place of comfort though it was more dangerous. it explored with caution expecting nothing but found something. another tree. the cat climbed the tree and found a new home.

the animal inside scratched the interior causing an obvious physical expression of the pain felt. it corrupted his life and in doing so it affected his decisions. after a while the pain became too intense and so it had to manifest itself through some habitual actions like biting nails or chewing the lip. before long the scratching effected his hearing and so he heard some and missed others. if it related to his pain the focus intensified and was mis-interpreted. before long this pain became apparent (at least to him) and effected his conversations. when he spoke he focused on the words he was using and how they may become mis-represented and so he became quiet. his silence was seen in many ways. some saw it as intelligence. others saw it as idiocy. it was the concealment of the animal who continued its campaign of internal attack.
the years went by and as the scratching continued the being showed more signs of the struggle etched into his features. the prospect of the animals truth ruined the physical form as it continued to influence decisions by causing the pain. one day he saw himself in the mirror and said aloud "what have i become?" he could not answer the very simple but complex question he posed himself so the animal answered instead.
shortly after that moment the animal quietened down. the man sat safe inside himself and the animal became the man. the truth became absolute and the fear and pain went. now his struggle wasn't the questioning of self as it had been for so many years but the questioning of others. the truth learnt by one may never be accepted by the others in his life. and so the struggle changes from internal to external and the man has to adapt his approach, animal in hand.
he entered a new world with fear in mind but the animal put confidence in his heart.
Doughgun Doughgun
26-30, M
Sep 8, 2012