I Don`t Know About The Title

First, excuse me about my grammar and spelling
Second, I don’t know why I wrote something...
Third, thank you for reading.

Once upon a time, there was a crazy kind a female person and she likes to go her room all day. Lock up her self, feeling pressure and alone in her room but she got a friend, it is a laptop/computer/any games or just said network! She also talks to her self, even though she has made herself second friend. In the outsides world, she always got problems when talking to real body people, but she still proud herself. Also, she got real friends on her own, but sometimes she stops talking to them.

Why she lock up her room even have friends, people and family in her life? Is because she likes talking to herself and goes crazy sometimes. Her crazy imagination that she has dark sides, but near future her dark side disappear or haven't it.

All for that, it because she doesn't care what people said about her. She is being herself and she proud about that.

There, I wrote something.

LadyVivi LadyVivi
26-30, F
Dec 13, 2012