Why Do I Write?

I write. But why? I often ask it to myself and ponder over that shall i write or not?
I think i have got my answer and it's, because i love writing and it always makes me happy. I don't write for anyone or anything. I just write because i love to do that and i wanna do it regular without any hesitation. Oh, That's my Passion i guess. I made it my passion and it's in my interests. It's my hobby and my life. I live in it. I write graciously. I'm so glad that i got a chance to write. I wanna write about the things around me. I wanna write about my life. I wanna write about this world and the people i like. It's a biggest part of my life. It's natural and i can't change it yeah! So, I wish i can write till my life and i would write with my last breath. writing doesn't mean that you have a paper and a pen or a laptop and computer with you. You can write in heart, in your mind and in your soul. But once, let it all out..........
I just do this too. Anything which comes in my mind or i feel something so i wanna take it all out very eagerly. I can't stop writing. NEVER EVER! It's an inspiration and motivation to me. people write because they love to write or they wanna make money. But i write and my reason is very simple and modest. The reason is writing is half of my life and i can make it ever.
Write from Heart, Write From Soul, Make the best of your talent don't let it go anyway not for anything !!!!!!!!!!
cunny10 cunny10
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013